Caterham, Barcelona, 2012

Caterham CT03 to debut at start of Jerez test

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Caterham, Barcelona, 2012Caterham will have their new car ready for the first test session of 2013 at Jerez.

The Caterham CT03 will be revealed in the pit lane on the morning of the first day of the test.

The team has chosen the name CT03 as last year’s car was the CT01 and the first product from its road car partnership with Renault will be called the CT02.

A spokesperson told F1 Fanatic they expect to confirm the identity of their second driver before the launch. The team has already signed Charles Pic for this season.

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13 comments on “Caterham CT03 to debut at start of Jerez test”

  1. So now we have.. six consecutive days with in total eight launches, followed by a four-day test session? We’re being spoiled!

    1. All this spoiling unfortunately for me is on the other side of a big exam on the 27th! Can’t wait for it to be over…

      1. Same problem here actually: my final exam is on the 1st of Feb, so I’ll miss the first three launches :(

        1. Ha, soulmates, although I finish the last one off on the 25th – one way or another.

          Also, not many are interested on this site, but I also eagerly await the Super Bowl, which will be contested during this six-day span as well.

          Last, but not least, I think we can expect an announcement from Lotus as well fairly soon as to when the E21 will be unveiled. That will make it nine in six days. (I’m unsure about Marussia, especially in the light of the most recent story.)

        2. @andae23 Think of us who work full time, we’ll miss them all! D:

          1. @andrewtanner awww :P

            In all fairness, it doesn’t really make a difference if you’re working or not, for most of those launches there is no livestream anyway.

    2. Yeah but unless you’re really really good at watching Sky Sports News 24/7 it doesn’t look like we’re getting any improvement on coverage from last year.

      Send Ted and Natalie over there and do a 30m-1h notebook every day!

    3. I’ve only got seven hours of school to contend with, I feel for you! I think I’ll only be able to watch the live streams for the C32 & the RB9 however but the RB9 is my most anticipated release so I’m quite fortunate I think!

  2. How funny would it be if they signed Glock as their new race driver alongside Charles Pic :)

    1. He’d be a good pick up if they can get him I think.

    2. @me4me – that would be quite funny actually: Marussia’s driver line-up migrating to Caterham after Marussia just lost the 10th place in the constructor’s championship at the last hurdle, talk about rubbing salt in the wounds!

      I think actually Marussia may consider signing Petrov: if they say that they need money (which seemed to be implied in the statement they released) then Petrov can bring a certain amount of funds yet still provide a similar level of stability in the team which they have now lost with Glock, as of course Petrov has 3 years experience (obviously he wouldn’t be quite as good as Glock in that respect but he does of course bring funds). So perhaps Petrov & Chilton at Marussia and Pic & Glock at Caterham?

    3. I have a sneaking suspicion though that they will sign Van Der Garde…

  3. that’s really a lot of new cars coming up.

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