2013 F1 testing day 6 in pictures

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013

It’s day two of the second F1 test at the Circuit de Catalunya and all 11 teams are in action again. Here are pictures from today’s test.

More images will be added here.

F1 pictures

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8 comments on “2013 F1 testing day 6 in pictures”

  1. Williams seem to be testing a stepped version of their nose.

    1. And Mercedes seems to be testing a non-coanda exhaust.

    2. Redbull nose!

      1. wow – messed up that link! also meant fit the aero rack and the vanity panel at the same time!

  2. Some really lovely shots in there!

  3. Sauber seem to be testing a “DRD Device”.

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