Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013

Jamey Price’s Barcelona test two gallery

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013

Jamey Price produced another smashing set of pictures from the pits, paddock and track at last week’s test at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Here’s a selection of some of his favourite images from the last pre-season test of 2013.

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Images ?? Jamey Price/James Moy

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11 comments on “Jamey Price’s Barcelona test two gallery”

  1. Thoroughly enjoying these pictures of Jamey’s. That photo of Franz Tost – amazing!
    The lines drawn on his face hopefully aren’t reflecting how bad the car is..

  2. Lovely stuff again. Particularly like the light in the shots into the clouds, and the colourful Force India pit crew.

  3. Great selection of pictures, long live Jamey Price and his camera! The pics of Hamilton, Chilton and Sutil are excellent!

  4. I don’t get this whole blurred to hell = artistic thing. I guess wanting to see stuff is old fashioned.

    1. Good that many of the pictures are beautifully clear then, right?

      Personally I like the ones with low light, like the Marussia on track or those with spray in them.

    2. A hybrid of the two styles may be more to hyour liking…like this cracking image of a Porsche 956.


  5. Fantastic! One of my favourite things about F1Fanatic is the excellent photos.

  6. That one of Franz Tost is awesome (didn’t think I’d ever be saying that about a Franz Tost pic). Was he doing his best De Niro impression for the camera?

  7. It would be perfect if the page is not refreshed every time I click the next button.
    Great shots.

  8. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    6th March 2013, 7:25

    The shot of Felipe is amazing

  9. I like Price’s work but I wish he didn’t watermark the images with my initials, let alone my initials rendered so-big!

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