Red Bull’s record pit stop and more Malaysia videos

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix fans' videos

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Red Bull’s record-breaking 2.05 second pit stop for Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso’s early retirement were caught on camera by F1 fans at the Malaysian Grand Prix.


Jules Bianchi and others enter and exit the pits during practice.

Race day morning

It’s one of the hottest races of the year but don’t you dare try to take any water into the track.

Pre-race build-up

But once you get inside these chaps are on hand to entertain you.

Turn one

The field rush into turn one with Sebastian Vettel under attack from the Ferraris but Mark Webber is poised to pick them both off.

Turn three

Two corners on, the track is even wetter and Fernando Alonso is struggling after making contact with Vettel – you can see the sparks from his front nose in this video.

Alonso crashes out

Alonso tried to stay out with his damaged front wing but was forced into retirement when the damaged wing collapsed under his front wheels at the start of lap two.

Red Bull’s record stop

Red Bull claimed a new record for the fastest ever pit stop when they changed Mark Webber’s tyres on lap 19. This video shows them completing the four-tyre change in 2.05 seconds, according to their own timing.

Webber leads

Webber presses on in the lead, chased by Vettel with the two Mercedes bearing down on them. And we all know how that worked out…

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  1. That pit stop was pretty fabulous.

  2. I wonder if anyone captured a different angle of Hamilton’s gaff?

  3. Alonso desperatly tries to keep going on and on and on until he realizes the car is stuck in the gravel trap, but he’s trapped.

  4. The video of the Red Bull pit stop shows Vettel’s tires being changed, I’m pretty sure.

    1. Yeah, I don’t see any yellow on that Helmet. It looks like Vettel

      1. I think it’s just the black t-cam, which I believe is indeed Vettel.

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