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2013 Chinese Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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265 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix”

  1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    14th April 2013, 9:43

    bad qualy = terrific race
    don’t know whether complaint or congratulate to Pirelli

    1. Ive seen better races. Probably an 8. But I took a point off for the poor quali.

      1. I rated it the same. Solid race. Indeed the qualy and the first few laps of tyre nursing were a letdown. Exciting end with Hamilton going all out not to let Vettel pass. Unfortunately no real fight for the lead all through the race.

      2. @jleigh you’re meant to rate the race, not race + qualy.
        i gave it a solid 7.

        1. @sato113 but what if the qualifying effected my enjoyment of the race?

      3. i gave it an 8 because vettel did not end up winning the race with the luck he has!!!, good to see the championship back on track btw 4 drivers.

      4. Quite good…. some good bits… but also a fair bit of boring filler…

    2. I officially hate 2013 tyres. 7 laps on a set of new tyres and they’re gone? That’s too much!

      1. Traverse (@)
        14th April 2013, 10:10

        I agree, F1 is becoming more artificial by the minute. The “And it’s GO GO GO!” of Murray Walker used to mean race until the checkered flag drops, now it means nurse the tyres for 95% of the race and then (maybe) race for the last 5%.

      2. I agree that right now the tyres are more annoying than exciting. Whether Pirelli should be put to the wall depends on whether the teams can actually get them working better as the races go or they are just unworkable.

        1. Unfortunately, we are going to have the soft tyre in Bahrain as well this time with the hard tyre. Maybe the temperatures there will help, but I doubt it. A tyre should last more than 10 laps after qualy, otherwise you are just punishing the fastest guys by dropping them into traffic where their tyres suffer even more.

          1. I think Jenson summed it up after the race. He basically said that there was no point stopping people overtaking him or even defending his position because he was on his own strategy and he was going to end up where he ended up. In other words he spent 2 hours racing nobody but still got 10 points. I also believe quite a few others (including Vettel) were also running on their own most of the race too.

            They are really not racing wheel to wheel anymore – it sucks badly. I gave it 3.

          2. @baron
            That’s how F1 has always been- two cars on completely opposing strategies have never had nor will ever have any reason to waste time racing against one another unless they expect to be near each other come the end of the race (or if doing so is beneficial for a team mate). Button not defending strongly was the result of being on a vastly different strategy, in a car not capable of finishing near the cars which were passing him, and is not a fault of the the tyres. Vettel was on another different strategy.

          3. @baron
            I think the reason why two cars with different strategies never raced each other in china was simply that the drs was so powerful. It was automatic overtaking when you got close enough to the car in front.

            Drs should be adjusted so that the cars enter into the next turn after the drs straightaway side by side and not so that one car can effortlessly drive past the car in front of him just by pressing a button on the steering wheel. It was just very anticlimatic when a car got within 1 second of other car and then he would just effortlessly zoom by. It was just boring.

          4. @matt90, once upon a time there was only 1 strategy, race from start to finish. That’s the way I would like it to be again.

          5. That would mean only 1 tyre compound and no re-fuelling. Wanting that is fair enough, but I meant that strategic racing is hardly something new- it’s been a factor in F1 for a long time.

      3. While I do like a bit of tyre deg and the variety in strategies that it promotes, I too feel that things are starting to get a little out of hand. Credit to Red Bull on the strategies they employed though; it almost worked for Sebastian and Mark would have been up there had he not crashed and later retired. The DRS wasn’t too bad at this race, though the effect of it did seem a little too strong.

        Anyways, onto some sort of rating:

        5 | Starting value.

        +1 | Exciting start.
        +1 | Webber’s alternate strategy and climb through the field.
        +1 | Vettel’s final stint and all-out chase to catch Hamilton.

        -1 | A lull in action around 70% in.
        -1 | Artificial racing (defenders having no chance, be it tyres or DRS).

        So yeah, a 6 overall. Seems right as the race was above average but not exactly something I’ll be talking about a few months from now (unlike the last 10 laps of China 2012).

        1. Good assessment, I think.

        2. That’s what I gave it as well. Had Webber not retired it could’ve been an even more exciting race, it would’ve been fascinating to see how his strategy could have worked from the pitlane. Despite the lack of safety car periods, I think he might’ve been able to replicate Vettel’s drive in Abu Dhabi.

      4. @jcost that’s more about pirelli bringing the wrong compound though. or perhaps the soft needs to be stronger. in general the 2013 tyres are fine.

        1. @sato113

          Maybe those softs should go for good. When people decide to pit after one lap just to get rid of them says a lot.

          I don’t want the durability of last generation Bridgestones but I don’t want paper tyres either!

      5. @jcost

        People complained that the tyres were too similar last year,

        If you want two sets, one which last and one which is fast, and you want the gap to be wide. Yet you also want several pit stops. Well… mathematically there’s not much room to move!

        1. @mike

          I don’t like those softs. Tyres should allow drivers (the stars of the show) to race flat out for a reasonable time, i.e., 10-12 laps then they should have 4-6 laps to nurse the tyres. I don’t want to spend 2 hours watching FORMULA PIRELLI.

        2. I can’t stand this racing. It’s a pathetic march of old women trying not to hurt their delicate little tires. Disgusting.

          I watch Formula 1 to see them RACE. If you want more pit-stops, then mandate three different tire compounds per race or simply say you have to do 3 tire changes. I’m already sick of this whiney excuse for racing.

    3. Yes, any qualy should look bad after a great race. I think if Pirelli might be onto something, the gap between the 2 compounds was very high and in the end the option suited qualy and I think the race possibly wouldn’t have lost that much if the option wasn’t mandatory.
      8 for me, from lap 26 the lead was pretty much fixed as Raikkonen seemed to suffer with under-steering. I chuckled when he jumped out of the car and saw the state of that, who knows if there is some promise there.

      1. @peartree

        Problem is, the race was exciting significantly due to the different strategies being played out. Without both sets being mandatory, you wouldn’t get that.

    4. Great gamble by Kimi & Lotus to retain the broken nose…

    5. And this is relevant in the rating of the race in which way exactly?

      1. Saving tyres with the hope for a better race strategy put Vettel and Button immediately out of the race for the lead early on.

        1. A strategic mistake – not an argument towards a low rating

          1. …in itself

    6. I can’t believe people liked this one. DRS completely ruined it. There was no fight for positions, overtaking was just a given.

      It spoiled racing away from the DRS zones (appart from turn 6). No one was challenging anyone outside the main straight and the back straight. It’s completely put of my mind how they manage to set DRS zones at 1) the longest straight in the calendar, 2) the 2nd longest straight on the track, that’s just 2 corners away from the other one. It was just way too powerful.

      I’m a DRS critic, but I think used right, it has a lot of benefits, and it makes racing closer. But this was too much.

      A race without overtakes isn’t a race in my book. Not if the overtakes happen midway through a straight. It was good until Alonso and Massa left a powerless Hamilton wondering what the hell had just happened on lap 3.


      1. I agree. The tires have essentially replaced refueling. Overtaking is either due to a difference in strategy or DRS. Just a 2hr time trial at this point.

        1. Overtaking is either due to a difference in strategy or DRS.

          So remove those and you have zero overtakes?

          1. Honestly, It just boils down to the DRS. Without it at least there would be true overtaking. It’s the combination of DRS and tire management that seems to make it boring.
            In the end it is the same old argument of relying less on aero grip and more on mechanical grip. I don’t think there is a perfect solution unless you go the route of the same car for everyone, which takes away what F1 is about anyway.
            I guess I’ll just continue to complain about DRS.

      2. DRS turned a race into a time trial. Tyres actually the scapegoat in the end.

        How this ‘race’ is averaging 8/10 at present only thy Lord himself knows.

        How many more years of DRS must we endure? I don’t understand F1 anymore.

        1. +1. I thought that last season was a disaster, but this one, it seems, will be worse.
          Will repeat here:

          How many more years of DRS must we endure? I don’t understand F1 anymore.

      3. Mark had a dismal weekend, but let’s hope that he keeps his form to show that he can be a mean stone cold racer.

      1. Yeah for me the tires are just playing too much of a role here. I think they’ve gotten so paranoid about having processional races that they have gone too far the other way. It’s too much of a lottery, imho, and we are too often watching passes that are not based on one driver outdriving another, but rather one driver being on far better tires at the moment, or using DRS. There is a happy medium, but I know there are posters that will use the arguement that if we didn’t have these tires then we’d have processions, and I just don’t buy that. F1 can do better than this, and right now, between these tires, and DRS, I think we are seeing drivers as passengers much moreso than we should be seeing, in what is supposed to be the pinnacle of RACING. Personally I like to think of F1 as gladiators out there duking it out on the track, but instead we are seeing a race between which team, and/or side of the garage, can manage tires better. Sure tire management has and is and always will be a factor in all car racing, but it shouldn’t be the overwhelming factor.

    7. loved how much the tyre strategy worked out, made for some really great racing.
      As many have mentioned the entire weekend was let down by the qualifying, Q2 was just about watchable, the other two a complete waste of pretty much half an hour!
      Well done DC for padding it out!!!

  2. lets wait for the many investigations going on post race……its not over yet!

    1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
      14th April 2013, 9:52

      you’re right. but it will be a shame if RAI, VET, VER, RIC got penalty because FIA doesn’t provide good telemetry to assist drivers.

      1. You say that, but the majority of the field managed to do it, so why not them? Why should the others who complied be put at a disadvantage?

      2. Seems that most drivers comply with rules despite poor telemetry, if they gained a thin of hair breaking the rules, there’s no moral reason to let them go free of penalties.

        I’m expecting reprimands.

        1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
          14th April 2013, 10:10

          yeah, right.
          it’s down to FIA though. I agree that there’s no moral reason to let them go free of penalties.
          but as a certain driver fan (not Vettel of course), I hope not this time :)

          1. Its the FIA’s job to enforce the rules through penalties, not prevent rules from being broken in real time.

            Automated DRS locking/unlocking should be seen as nice-to-have’s, and not the FIA’s responsibility.

          2. @joshua

            Exactly. Drivers would be punished if their pit lane limiter stopped working and they didn’t stick to 100km/h.

        2. firstLapNutcaseGrosjean (@)
          14th April 2013, 10:31

          @jcost At the Spanish GP, last year Vettel received drive throught penalty for that. Now if the stewards decided to judge after the race, then I don’t think is a major problem.

          1. firstLapNutcaseGrosjean (@)
            14th April 2013, 10:47

            Or, maybe they decided to do that because they didn’t have telemetry working and they needed data from the teams after the race…

      3. Even if they get penalties, Vettel is the only one not going to loose a place I think (that is, if Button also gets a penalty or if the penalty is only 20s (not 25s))

        1. @aremis

          Kimi was under investigation as well.

      4. It s great to be a fan but somehow the rules are to be observed by alll! In the meantime Webber got 3 grids penalty and Gutierrez got 5!!!
        Anyway, good luck for your driver next Sunday!

    2. Let us all hope that just ends with the FIA telling their telemetry supplier to finally get everything working.

    3. I think a 5 second penalty to them is fair enough. Don’t know if anyone would lose a position from that.

      1. They shouldn’t choose a penalty specifically that doesn’t affect any positions.

        1. What? Why should they do that? If someone loses position then tough luck. It’s their fault they open the damn thing under yellow flags in the first place.

          1. I think I misunderstood your comment. Made it sound like you wanted them to apply a 5s penalty so that it doesn’t affect positions.

            Looks like 20 or 30s are the only options available for time penalties, though.

    4. I don’t really think there’s much reason to punish the drivers unless they blatantly and knowingly violated the rules – this one’s on the FIA in my books for their repeated inability to get the telemetry working!

      1. It’s not like the yellow flag was hidden from them or they weren’t informed they shouldn’t open it with yellow flag. So yes they did “blatantly” violated the rules.

        1. @solo

          they weren’t informed they shouldn’t open it with yellow flag

          How do you know that? Do you genuinelythink a driver would knowingly give himself a penalty?

          1. @vettel1
            Like @solo said, the yellow flags were being waved and every driver knows not to use DRS under yellow flags.

          2. @blackmamba all I’m saying is if the drivers saw the yellow flags and the like and the knew they were expressly forbidden from activating DRS, I’m sure they wouldn’t have. Nobody deliberately gives themselves a penalty (well, unless you’re Schumacher)!

          3. @vettel1 When the drivers are clever enough to spot the subtle changes between the flags being waved to gain an advantage (remember Brazil 2012?), they obviously should be penalized for using DRS when they are not supposed to do so under yellow flags, aren’t they?

          4. @seahorse – that has been cleared up: they didn’t spot the yellow flags because they were green!

    5. that has nothing to do with the rating of the race itself though does it?

  3. 9/10

    Enjoyed it a lot even if it lacked a battle for the lead.

    1. I think I will vote that way as well. It had action, incidents, catchup, defence. A couple of crucial moments of DRS and no real fight for the win were just about the only thing missing.

    2. I voted 9 as well. The different strategies made a nice race to follow. Webber out, Sutil out and the languish of Massa were the down points for me.

    3. 9/10? 1 mark down from a perfect race? i dont think so…

    4. 9/10 for me as well. I simply loved how both Ferrari mugged Lewis once DRS was available; Sucked watching Webber go out (this guy needs to leave RBR); Massa completely lived up to what he has me accustomed to; Kimi amazingly botched it up by himself and finally, a genuingly happy podium, no tension whatsoever!!

      On a sidenote: Don´t let Coulthard handle the interviews ever again. The guy is as exciting as a loaf of bread! :/

  4. 7/10. It was a good entertaining race. Variety in strategies, lots of battles and a thrilling end. Though the DRS was a giant weapon and spoiled most of overtakes, stilll it was quite good

    1. This was my thought as well. I liked watching the different strategies, but the DRS made the cars ahead too vulnerable for my liking. Would have liked to have seen an extra lap to see a Vettel vs. Hamilton battle, but think it probably would have been spoiled by an easy DRS pass.

    2. 7/10 as well, but not just because of DRS, but because of some strategies (like Jenson letting people past). Without those crashes, I am afraid that it would have been less entertaining and dramatic. And +1 for Kimi.

    3. @dimitris-1395 Sums up my views rather well.

  5. 8/10 DRS made the overtakes far too easy. Enjoyable race with many strategies to watch but they need to sort out Quali.

    Well done Alonso & Button on his 2 stopper

    1. @bobby-balboa

      I voted 8/10 too. However..DRS may have made it look easy to pass…but as Martin Brundle said, the camera angle into turn one doesnt show what a mean task is to pass there.

      1. I thought he said that after Alonso nailed Vettel (I think) under braking to the corner after the DRS straight as in he left it to the last min so it was tight.

        I take that as meaning the other DRS passes were easier.

        I would rather have DRS passes than cars stuck behind each other as they can’t follow close enough but you would think after 3 seasons they would have a grasp of it now

  6. The late charge by Vettel was the only real highlight in this otherwise average race for me.


    1. completely agree.average until the last few laps.

  7. Average race with stunning finishing laps. Thrilling chase from Vettel.

  8. Traverse (@)
    14th April 2013, 9:44

    Fantastic climax to the race! Hamilton did a great job to hold on to that podium place, Alonso also showed his class today. 6/10

    On another note, I think that’s the last time that Mark Webber buys a ‘Rearwheel revenge O’ kit’ from ACME (he should’ve gone for the ‘Dick Dastardly signature series’).

    1. i seriously laughed for two minutes at this. too, too funny.

  9. That was a great race 8 or 9 best race of the season thrilling finish. Redbull screwing with Webber wasn’t good though.

  10. Tense right until the end. Alonso was incredible! Massa, who was right behind Alonso on the first lap, finished 41 seconds behind him. I think that sums up that partnership. Massa quick in qualifying, but completely useless when it comes to race pace.

  11. I’m a Ferrari tifoso but to watch cars going around trying to get their “target” lap times and not fight is not my kind of f1 anymore

    1. @ducatiusa Shout louder mate, Bernie is not able to hear you…

    2. I would like to know which drivers are you refering to? I for one, didn’t notice that.

      1. Traverse (@)
        14th April 2013, 13:57

        Practically every driver.

      2. Every one of them yep!!!

    3. +1

      Most people disapprove super hard tyres but make them so fragile is not of my liking either. Tyres are suppose to be relevant in a F1 race but not the most important thing.

    4. Traverse (@)
      14th April 2013, 14:00

      +1 When you hear a driver (Button) ask his engineer whether or not he should race against another driver, you know that F1 is going in the wrong direction. F1 won’t attract new fans (or keep the ones it currently has) if it continues down this path.

      1. sadly yes.

      2. It is becoming a tradition: major rule change, couple of great seasons, and then back to boredom of strategy

    5. I don’t get why people complained for the artifical qualifying of a couple of years ago when drivers didn’t drive to their maximum potential because they had different fuel loads depending on the real strategy, so you had to largely disregard qualifying to get a good chance in the race, but now that qualifying is perfect and the races aren’t people don’t. Button asking: “Do you want me to fight?” was the highlight of this situation: drivers are doing their own races by themselves and only collaborate with their engineers, but don’t take notice of the other cars. I enjoyed plenty of races in the past years when tyres didn’t last 5/6 laps, when after a pit stop you knew that if all went well the finishing order would have been pretty much that one, when pitting once more meant losing 20 seconds. Today Alonso was ahead of Vettel having stopped once more, and that wasn’t only due to the different starting positions. At one point instead I thought Vettel was holding the upper-hand on Alonso, but then he had to stop once more, and I had to switch off my brain until the last laps because what was going on at the time was of no use to read and forecast the finishing order. Massa pitted one lap after Alonso and lost two positions, which then led to him anticipating his secnd stop, getting stuck behind di Resta and finishing 5 positions behind his team mate who had been a few inches ahead before they pitted. Different strategies are surely a nice addition, drivers staying longer on one compound but driving relatively slowly (Perez) and drivers sprinting in a pair of laps on a new set (Vettel) are nice to watch but this year I think it’s gone a little too far.
      The race itself was good and had some nice non-DRS overtakes (DRS helped them but they happened after the zone), such as Kimi’s ones on the outside of turn 1, or Alonso and Vettel at turn 13. I gave it an 8/10.

  12. 7/10 for me. A lot of passing, some of it a bit artificial-feeling. Great drive from Ricciardo though. And a well deserved win from Alonso.

  13. great drive by Button and Vettel too, well done
    to Ferrari and Hamilton too

  14. fantastic race! shame about the qualifying and lack of running (which they really need to sort out and not use this great race as an excuse for it)

    1. I’m really sorry. I don’t mean to sound out of order.

      But please can you explain how today was the ‘perfect’ race?

      How long have you been a fan of Formula One, if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. What makes you think how long you follow F1/ are a fan of F1 should change your enjoyment of a race @ecwdanselby?

      2. and he didn’t say perfect, did he?

        1. good race, but overtaking was too easy. There is no longer anyway the other driver can defend 6/10.

        2. Erm, by definition, 10/10 is ‘perfect’ or ‘faultless’.

          If you answer ten questions correctly in an exam, that’s a ‘perfect’ result, because there was no room for improvement.

          @bascb – Bit of research, mate. I’m stunned someone would vote this as the perfect race, therefore wanted to know what they’re comparing it to.

          If they’ve only seen a handful of races, it’s a lot more understandible.

          I think it’s a perfectly acceptable question, and like I stated quite clearly, i’m not trying to upset anyone, yet a bunch of you are getting your knickers in a twist over it, for whatever reason! :)

          @ash356 – Please refer to the comment I made about my opinion being more important or superior. Missed that bit.

          I’ve tried my best to CLEARLY state that, and I quote, I am not trying to ‘be out of order’.

          I’m simply asking a question, one that I feel is relevant.

          1. Actually I would think that its more likely for someone who switched off F1 during the Schumacher years from boredom and tries watching a race again now to see this as a perfect race than anyone who has seen many races last year, or even this year @ecwdanselby, but I understand what you mean a bit better now.

            Still maybe instead of a rather confrontational comment, it would be better to mention that compared to many really good races in the past, even in the last 3 years, its hard to see this one as outright the best. Maybe even provide examples of races that get closest to a perfect rating so as to help @bsnaylor find better comparison.

          2. Like I said, I certainly didn’t mean to come across confrontational.

            I wouldn’t have wrote that first sentence otherwise, I would have just had a go at him!

            I genuinely wanted to know about what F1 he’d seen to compare it to, because it’s all relative at the end of the day.

            But fair enough. Didn’t want to argue. I just wanted debate :)

  15. Trenthamfolk (@)
    14th April 2013, 9:49

    A highly enjoyable race, lots of strategy playing out and great performances all round… shame for Webber, but it wasn’t to be the fizzy drinks weekend. Superb work from Filipe’s master (never thought I’d be pleased to see Alonso win, lol) and even better we don’t have to suffer the ‘finger’, the whooping of ‘we did it’ and Horner stating the bleedin’ obvious over the radio… 8