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Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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287 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. thats what i call RACE Piralli!!!….wheel to wheel racing!!!….loved it!!!!!

    1. I don’t call much wheel to wheel racing at all except when Hamilton failed to overtake Webber. Gave the race a 1. I don’t care if it’s Monaco, it was not exciting at all all. It should not be judged based on past even more boring Monaco races, it should be judged vs. all other gps. To say Brazil 2012 is 9/10 and Monaco 2013 is 8 or 9 is insane. Only good pass was Perez on Button. Lots of crashes if you like that kind of stuff but Crashes are not exciting to me, that’s not what racing is about. Everybody was going so slow, at one point van de garde had the fastest lap and vettel showed on his second last lap how much everyone at the front was holding back. I don’t understand why anybody would give more than a 6 or 7, perhaps vettel or Mercedes fans are happy with the result but the racing was boring.

      1. I bet you missed diResta’s overtakes at the beginning as well

        1. He missed Sutil on Alonso and But as well

          1. James Allen (@jamesallen1705)
            26th May 2013, 22:41

            Sergio Perez on Button/Alonso/Raikonnen (almost)???? Hamilton vs Webber was a joy to watch, and the quality of the overtakes showed that actually, F1 needs less overtaking not more, the solution: remove DRS, which would stop the dull motorway style overtakes and reveal who has real overtaking skill/bravery

      2. My humble vote is 2.
        Monaco should stop hosting F1 GP and do some classic retro cars rallies. Absolutely boring race, looking forward to a real race track.

    2. I think you’re confusing wheel-to-wheel racing with nose-to-tail precession. The only wheel-to-wheel anything was when one car hit another car.

      1. yah..sorry!..but what I meant was the race wasn’t boaring as they usually are at Monaco..enjoyed the overtaking done by Sutil,Parez and Kimi..

      2. Haha..that’s a good correction. Only wheel-to-wheel, or better, wheel-over-wheel today was the incident involving Grosjean and Ricciardo.

    3. Someone kick that Tv Director’s winkie.. Utter ********..
      Did not show Kimi’s Last 5 Lap..

      1. Exciting nose to tail action, but frustating cover for TV viewers. We missed some good move like Button overtaking Perez in the first part of the race and Raikkonen recovering drive to point finish position.

      2. The worst was for the Maldonado shunt. There was a yellow flag for 20 seconds, then they show a Marussia with a broken front wing crawling to the pits. Another 20 seconds later they show the crash – how the hell could they have missed this? The barriers were strewn allover the track!

        1. @mike-dee

          So they picked up an indecent within 40 seconds? I dunno, that sounds impressive! haha

    4. @sushant008 Seriously if this was a sarcastic comment and supposed to be Joke I am fine.

      If you really meant this was Wheel to Wheel racing. Well No comments.

      Just an Okay Race. Good to See Rosberg win. he deserved it. Otherwise other than Perez and Sutil’s pass nothing much in the race. IT was just a tire procession. Even Alonso had lost a lot of pace altogether. Mark Webber summed it at best.

      I must say Yesterday’s Qualifying can be rated higher than the race today.

      Still I gave it 6 Just for the fact that it is Monaco.

    5. @sushant008, you must be referring to the second race, the no pit-stop 30 lapper with less tyre-management than the 40+- laps of time-trial style tyre management that preceeded it.

      Or perhaps you just like crashes.

  2. Best Monaco GP in a while: the red flag was a godsend for allowing racing towards the end and of the few faults I can find the driving standards were not particularly great and the first safety car period was prolonged too much unnecessarily. Overall great race though, I’d give it an 8 or a 9!

    1. no not really, the red flag dampened the racing a bit as they all got fresh tyres. They would of been more on the limit without the red flag.

      Romain shouldnt be allowed out the house let alone near an f1 car

      1. Without the red flag, they would have all been on a tyre conservation exercise towards the end and I highly doubt we’d have had as much overtaking. They’d have been far less on the limit without it.

        Grosjean was pretty terrible though, he should’ve committed to the inside far earlier than he did – it was a completely unnecessary mistake and one that shouldn’t have happened. Räikkönen also caused a collision with Perez IMO, of course nowhere near as drastic as the other Lotus driver though!

        1. As opposed to having them all on the same age tyres? Can you imagine Webber hanging on for what 55 laps on his tyres? We’d have seen more action I think without that free change!

          1. +1 @lights out

            there would of been a point where the tyres would of gone and created racing. The red flag just put us back 15laps again therefore not much racing.

            and just as it looked like it was coming good again we had the final S/C.

            so imo it took away from the racing, but only a little bit

          2. @lightsout I disagree, as that would have not been racing in my opinion. If they’d passed him that would’ve been not through skill but through Webber’s inability to defend, which is what marred the Spanish Grand Prix for me.

          3. I’ll reply to myself as I can’t reply to @vettel1 directly. :P

            I disliked the Spanish GP – however Webber did stop first, so he should have to pay the downside of that. 55 laps on a set of tyres is plenty for me, and they should wear out eventually! Putting everyone back onto the same reset was bad this year and it was bad in 2011 (when Vettel got a free stop ahead of Alonso/Button).

          4. @lightsout it ruined it in 2011 primarily because there were very little laps to go though. It was fine now I think because it was early on.

        2. Nick.UK (@)
          26th May 2013, 15:51

          @vettel1 Most of the overtaking was before the red flag though wasn’t it? The red flag had no real effect, as everyone got a reset. When everyone has the same advantage it’s the same as nobody having an advantage. I would have rather seen everyone trailing with no grip than everyone driving around as normal. There was a bit of fighting from Hamilton but he still got told to stop, all the other moves were from accident opportunities and also Alonso suffering from narcalepsy at the hairpin.

          1. Not really @nick-uk, the only major thing that happened before then in overtaking terms was Perez on Alonso if I remember correctly. I liked that element because we had overtaking, not passes because somebody’s tyres were spent!

        3. So you agree, Monaco Grands Prix of the future need to be only about 30 laps long?

          1. @ajokay, either that or tyres that last 78 laps.

    2. Figures why ‘@vettel1‘ would give this race a 8 or a 9… An 8 or a 9?? please man, a solid 6 is more than enough here. If you think yellow flags, red flags, safety cars, incredibly ambitious (read:stupid) passing moves, etc… are worth an 8or9, you don’t like racing in my opinion!
      Would it still have been an 8or9 if Perez would’ve hit Vettel in the back?

      1. @gwdewilde we didn’t have a tyre conservation exercise, which probably exemplified why I liked the race as much as I did. I have acknowledged though the poor driving standards in my comment, which I shall draw your attention to.

        Why would that matter though? The whole point is that you rate the races objectively as an F1 fan…

        1. Best example for that was Vettel. He gave everything to overtake Rosberg and didn’t think a minute on conserving tires. Just didn’t have the pace. Oh wait! But then he did a 1’16 on lap 77 ;)

        2. Sorry, Max, @vettel1 , I totally disagree with you here. The whole race was tyre conservation. Vettel tried to overtake in the first lap and then backed off for the rest of the race because he knew he couldn’t overtake without taking crazy risks. We were robbed of a proper pit stop “overtake”, which would have meant at two laps of full on racing at least. Vettel and Webber lucked into P2 and P3 due to Hamiltons mistake, and that was it for the top 4.

        3. @vettell1, “we didn’t have a tyre conservation exercise” that explains it, you obviously fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the re-start.

          1. @hohum

            It was exactly the same after as well?

          2. @hohum yea pretty much, I zoned out for a whilst “the spring was being coiled” ;)

    3. Nick.UK (@)
      26th May 2013, 15:45

      Yeah I adjusted my score to reflect the fact that it was Monaco. I gave it an 8.

      The only thing that brought it down for me was that Vettel did not appear to be fighting for the lead and Webber didn’t seem to be fighting against him. Of course they are entitled to run their own race, but it was a shame to see them driving in their own little bubble. That said I doubt they would have made it passed Rosberg, and from looking at the chaos for everyone else who was trying to overtake (bar Sutil – who was amazing today), it was sensible to just take a 2-3.

      I also docked a point for the FIA not amending the red flag rules. Tyres should only be allowed to be changed where the weather changes in my opinion.

      Overall it was a fantastic race I thought. Flawless from Rosberg & Sutil. I was very annoyed Perez didn’t manage to captitalise on what had been an epic performance until the last 1/4 of the race. Likeiwse VDG… how.. how did you screw that up so badly?! You had a great starting position on a track where you cuold have fought to hold it easier AND a dozen cars in front all retired and STILL he did not improve his postion. It might match his best result, but that was Caterham’s best chance for a point down the toilet.

      I really want to see Kimi’s last lap…

    4. @vettel1 Yeah I agree. I voted it in the context of it being a “Monaco GP”, so I rated it pretty high.
      I liked seeing the midfield drivers really fight for it: Perez, Sutil (who was brilliant today), di Resta etc.
      Seeing wheel to wheel racing at Monaco is fairly uncommon, and the reason I didn’t vote it higher was because of no real challenge for the lead. As much as I love and respect good racing, a little bit of recklessness spices it up a bit..
      There were many occasions in this race that I actually yelled out in excitement.

      1. @nackavich me too with the yelling, particularly with the overtakes on Alonso (but that’s me just being evil)! ;) Agreed though, there was plenty of good racing if not a bit too reckless on occasion, which is what prevents me from giving it a perfect score. The safety car had a little too much of an influence as well because of that.

    5. +1.
      Just because it is Monaco, awesomeness is doubled. And there was plenty of it. Some proper overtakes, crashes, red flag ….. altogether, a very exciting race.

    6. @vettel1 really? I will think that 2011 Monaco with Vettel, Alonso and Button fighting for 30 or so laps was better…

      Drivers still getting the order not to race (Vettel, Webber, Hamilton) this was BORING. I gave it a 1. If it wasn´t because the accidents the race would have being worst…

      1. @celeste the red flag ruined it on that occasion. I think drivers were actually pushing rather a lot: apart from Vettel up front, Hamilton was hounding Webber, Perez Raikkonen and so on.

      2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        26th May 2013, 19:04

        @celeste were you watching a re run? the race was great, except for the red flag. gave a 8

        1. @omarr-pepper yes I was, I got so bored I turned off my tv and went to cook waffles, they turned out delicious if I said so myself… borin race…

          @vettel1 This doesn´t seem to me like they were allowed to push

          Radio Hamilton: “Trying to get past man.” Radio Mercedes: “Yeah, we need the tyres at the end.”

          Rocky “Alright that’s enough, you’re not getting any points for that” n Vettel “But satisfaction of not driving 77 laps slow”

          Webber radio “Look after the tyres more where Hamilton is not a threat”

          So boring race, 1 point for me, still have waffles if anyone wants…

          1. @celeste I’d take up your offer of waffles if it weren’t for some massive geographical distance between me and you I presume!

            Of course it’s all relative: they weren’t pushing by 2010 standards, but they were by 2013 which is why I liked this race. It’s still not absolutely ideal but I enjoyed seeing proper overtakes for once!

          2. @vettel1 sadly I never had like to rate on a curve system…

          3. Rocky “Alright that’s enough, you’re not getting any points for that” n Vettel “But satisfaction of not driving 77 laps slow”

            They say that to Vettel almost every race. He always pushes in a fast one near the end.

            If anything, it’s indicative of Red Bull not pushing as hard as the tyres would have let them.

      3. @celeste, I gave it 2 more than you because race 2 (re-start to finish) was pretty good.

  3. You know what? that was one of the most enjoyable races I’ve seen this year. Ten from me.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      26th May 2013, 19:06

      @bendana under Monaco standards, you are right. Kudos for Perez and Sutil or entertaining us… and a kick for Grosjean, Chllton and Kimi for their irresponsible drives.

      1. if you’re sarcastic, I don’t get you. Kimi irresponsible drive? Really?

      2. Omar kidding, right? Just read the other comments, cba explaining same thing over and over to all blind people.

    2. I personally didn’t find it that amazing (but then again I was working this afternoon so have only just watched the BBC highlights), although had I been watching the race live I’d probably given more than the 6 I gave it.

      And @omarr-pepper I agree with you kinda on the kimi bit. Great come back drive tbf, I love how the commentators were saying how he’d lost his consecutive points record and he makes back the places in the final few laps. But he should have left Perez more room. Yes it was a late move, but even so he started to move to the inside when Perez started to go and kept closing the door until there was half a cars width left. Anywhere else, okay, but Monaco with a handful of laps left, use your common sense and either try outbrake him and maybe cut the chicane worst comes to worst, or just let him by. Don’t put both of you in a situation that will hurt both of you (as it did)

      1. Thats fair enough – I honestly enjoyed ti enough to rate it that high.

  4. 7. For Monte Carlo, it wasn’t thaaaaaat bad.

    Sure it was tedious at times. But what else do you expect around here?

    1. Same. The first half wasn’t all that great but it started to pick up after the first Safety Car. Some good overtakes and the race wasn’t all about tyre wear or DRS. Not a classic but not terrible either.

      1. it was all about tyres but was a good race.

    2. I expect higher quality celebrity representatio, that’s what. There was a serious celebrity deficit. Minus 3 for that. According to the NBC promos, which showed Will Smith about 10X, I expected to see more than David Hasselhoff and Cameron Diaz. Hasselhof is barely a celebrity so that was really scraping the barrel. Diaz is past her professional prime. We can usually at least count on the Jamiroquai guys to show up.

      Next year we must have at least Bieber, the Dalai Lama, Vladimir Putin, or a celebrity roster of equivalent aggregate fame.

      1. Excellent comment!

      2. What was Bernie thinking.

  5. Boring.

    1. What race were u watching? Porsche Supercup?

    2. I really don’t get that: there wasn’t much tyre conservation, there were plenty of proper overtakes and a good strategic element. Bad driving standards for some but that was how F1 should be otherwise!

      1. there wasn’t much tyre conservation

        You’re kidding, aren’t you? The whole race was an exercise in it (perhaps the universality of it made it less noticeable).

        1. Only at the start: relatively speaking, the rest of the race was pretty flat-out! If we look at last race this was far better in the tyre conservation respect.

          1. ‘The start’? You mean up until the first safety car? And then at the restart until 3 laps from the end?

        2. @ajokay start as in the first 25-odd laps yes. We only had a few laps of it though after each respective safety car, so it was fine.

    3. Same. It was extremely boring and tedious. We were lucky to see several manoeuvres.
      Secondly, there are 3 racers that I would not like to see anymore in F1: Pastor Maldonado (even if it wasn’t all his fault, he is always in position to make a mess), Romaine Grosjean (a crushguy) and Sergio Perez (the less we say about him – the better).

      1. and Sergio Perez (the less we say about him – the better). Indeed, what an idiot. There is a difference between racing on the limit and racing like an idiot…

      1. Watching cars follow eachother for 70 odd laps is boring. I literally fell asleep for the first time during a GP in the last 5 years.

        1. The first 20-odd laps were a bit lazy, but like Martin said, it was like a spring being pulled. And when the spring was released (after the first stops) it was hard to turn away.

          1. @nackavich that was a great analogy I though from Brundle, and summarised it perfectly. So rating it down for the start isn’t completely just, but I can see where the point is coming from.

          2. the spring wasnt really released sadly. The red flag + s/c put pay to that. Buts thats racing

          3. I was not referring to only the start.

        2. @joshua-mesh

          So you didn’t fall sleep during Monaco in 2012, 2010, 2009 then? great ! well done !

          This always happens here… what do people expect from such a track?

          1. I dont rate tracks based on what I expect from the track itself. I rate it in comparison to the tracks it shares the calendar with.

          2. @joshua-mesh my point is that this wasn’t the biggest snorefest in the last 5 years… for a Grand Prix it was average, I admit. Maybe even on the boring side, but there’s been worse and you’re overreacting saying that it was the first time you fell asleep. Maybe you didn’t sleep well at night :P? (kidding, don’t take it wrong)

            I do rate tracks based on what I expect from them. I know that at Monaco it’s difficult to overtake. Hoping something else it’s just lying to myself… you should do that too. You can expect the racing we see at Canada, maybe, at a track like Monaco.

            There’s some surprises, like Valencia last year, but you can’t expect that to happen everytime.

      2. Why?

        Did any meaningful action happen at the front? One could have literally strip positions 1-4 from the race and lose nothing. It was manage, manage, manage… to race, well, they forgot about that.

        That the young and rash in the midfield created some carnage (quite predictably) should be enough for this to be considererd good racing?

        1. I was asking for his opinion, I wasn’t contradicting him.

        2. You have to justify your ratings IMO, so Keith was right to question.

    4. I totally agree. The most boring race this year.

      1. I agree. It was monotonous.

        Good overtakes from Perez and Sutil added some interest, as did the crashes, but the rest of it was the most predictable and tedious race I’ve seen this year (if not for a couple of years).

        1. Agreed, very boring. Monaco shouldn’t be part of today’s F1 calendar. The history and glamour feeling shouldn’t be enough to keep it in. Time to update the calendar and actually go to tracks that suit the set safety regulations and measurements for F1 track.

      2. Boring race. I also believe Monaco should not longer be in F1’s calendar. The drivers can handle the race to their limits but it’s no good to watch 10-12 cars follow its other for 80% of the race. I know it is “prestigious” grand prix but we’re not here for the prince and the movie-“stars”.

    5. Very. Dull first have of the race. Second part only spiced by moves from those that didn’t care about scoring points. No attacks from the guys leading the championship apart from Ham’s couple of shy tries on Webber.

    6. Ben (@scuderia29)
      26th May 2013, 19:27

      i completely agree…cars driving slowly to make a strategy work with the odd (sometime often) amateur mistakes. Perez was a joke, at first i was enjoying his driving but then it got silly, how he thinks everybody should just move out the way for him when he attacks a corner like a raging bull was stupid, and when someone did avoid an inevitable collision (alonso) he was told to give the position to him! how can the stewards favour anyone that makes a mad dive up the inside, avoiding a collision with a mad man is now punished, ridiculous.

  6. My rate: 0 or -1

    Monaco should not be part of F1 seasson any more. This GP is just awful, disgusting and boring. A chain of yellow flags, safety cars, red flags, slow motion cars/ race, an unsafe circuit.

    Not even the start is good enough.

    1. My thoughts too, the few dry race overtaking opportunities often end in disaster so what’s the point of racing there ?
      Perhaps Bernie’s ‘soak the track with sprinklers’ idea isn’t so bonkers…
      Gave it a 5, nothing to see at the sharp end.

  7. And today Perez officially joined the crash-club (aka Crazy-GP2-club) with Maldonado (3 crashes this weekend) and chairman of the club Grosjean (4 crashes this weekend).

    Kimi was on team radio that Perez would have crashed with him if he didn’t avoid it and couple of laps lated Perez finally managed to do it.

    Perez – do the GP2 style :(

    1. @f1lauri I thought Perez’s driving was rather good. He forced none other than Alonso into submission, he was a bit touch-and-go with Button but still fair and Räikkönen didn’t give him the space in my view – that was his fault, not Perez’s.

      1. It wasnt bad driving. But neither was it good. He really didnt give Alonso any space there, went forced Kimi to go straight through the chicane and a few laps later, hit the wall because he tried to pass Kimi, who was already turning.

      2. What space? he wasn’t even next to raikkonen at that point!

        1. yes. he was. Raikonen closed that door too late. Perez had nowhere else to go except that wall.

          1. Perez was already too late and would’ve forced them both *again* in the run off area. See my comment below for more.

          2. Raikkonens REAR wheels bumped into Perez’ FRONT wheels, how on earth did Perez even think about trying to be alongside into that corner.
            Its the same kind of “overtaking” I always disliked in Kobayashi, putting yourself in a place with great force so the other one can only decide to crash or not get the corner anymore is not racing in my eyes (drivers like Kimi, Alonso, Hamilton or others are able to do it differently) but I’ll have to accept if other people enjoy it. I hope Perez will get reasonable (he has been like this all season) or join Kobayashi as an ex-F1 driver.

        2. @gdewilde respectfully, were you actually watching the race? They had both committed in the braking zone, so you can’t return with Perez should’ve backed out. He had the front of his car alongside Räikkönen, then he turned in. Perez had absolutely nowhere to go and couldn’t do anything about it, so he hit the barrier and Räikkönen. It’s pretty clearly his fault, or a racing incident, in my view.

          1. Quoting Richyb since he said it all:

            Disagree with that strongly sadly.

            The only reason some are weirdly trying to place blame at Raikkonen’s door is because we as viewers KNEW Perez would be up for it – Raikkonen is under no obligation to stay further right PREDICTING Perez might try the move and be accepting to it – and indeed when it came down to it Perez barely even had a wheel alongside Raikkonen by the corner. It is down to Perez to decide the appropriateness of an attempt – the problem for him is he has to commit so early to the lunge, that it leaves him no time to react to what the car in front is perfectly entitled to do: until Perez has actually shown any ability to pull alongside, Raikkonen can drift across where he likes towards the braking zone.

            Perez begun using that move to intimidate other drivers, it became pre-meditated nearly to the point that it didn’t matter when he utilized it; and the Raikkonen attempt was proof of that, he got far too carried away eventually. In the same way analysts criticise drivers conceding positions for using run-off areas, drivers these days can seemingly launch out of nowhere too knowing that they, AND the overtaken driver can flee across a run-off. Had Perez tried such an ill-timed moves before 1998 at that chicane, he would have been launched up in the air by the raised kerbs that were once there – and might we remember that crane barrier at the exit, has already been pushed further back because of an accident was in…

            There’s a worrying ‘computer-game’ culture emerging with some of these young drivers – Marco Marquez did a similar move in a MotoGP race recently on Jorge Lorenzo – in that it doesn’t seemingly matter anymore if you can’t stop the vehicle, and equally use your opponent as the brake, as long as you lunged you nose ahead of the other driver, that somehow gives one an automatic moral high-ground as a ‘valid’ overtake.

            Motorsport in my mind has never worked like that, ever. And heaven forbid should it start to.”

          2. @vettel1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g80-CFe7_Ko
            Look at the incident from Perez’ onboard camera at the end of the video and tell me where he was close enough to make the move? Nowhere..
            He was aiming to do a kamikaze Kobayashi move on Kimi’s inside but he was waaay to optimistic and Kimi closed the door (which he is allowed to do at that point)

            1) He performed a brilliant move on Button there
            2) He did a half-move on Alonso (It is very simple to put a driver in a position where he is going to have an accident if he turns in = Alonso)
            3) He was nowhere near Kimi before the breaking point…

          3. The only way in which I see it being Perez’s fault is if he was too opportune on the brakes, but I don’t think he was going ridiculously fast. Raikkonen simply shouldn’t have turned in on him: if he was indeed going too fast then Perez wouldn’t have made the corner and would’ve had to give the place back anyway.

            As it stands though, Perez had his car alongside Raikkonen’s when he turned in, hence causing the collision. It was probably a racing incident, but I think that fact is unavoidable.


            Its the same kind of “overtaking” I always disliked in Kobayashi, putting yourself in a place with great force so the other one can only decide to crash or not get the corner

            I think that’s perfectly legitimate: as long as they afterwards make the corner it is actually a very good move as it virtually guarantees you the position. I don’t see any problems with it personally, but it’s not something I would try on someone like Maldonado!

          4. So @vettel1 if Perez was to do that every single lap until he actually got it stick, would you say that it would be right thing to do for Raikkonen (or Alonso or any other driver) to drive to the run off area to avoid collision? That would mean “Please, Perez, break always later than me and give me back the position if you can’t keep it in track, if you can, the position is yours”. That kind of behaviour isn’t something that should be encouraged at all in F1, deliberately making a move knowing the other car HAS to drive off the track to avoid collision. If that would be encouraged, then everyone would do it and we would have a demolishion derby in our hands instead of Formula 1. And to your first line, yes, he was too late on breaks and too opportunistic with his chances.

      3. firstLapNutcaseGrosjean (@)
        26th May 2013, 15:55

        Perez fault. He is just another kamikaze. No mind at all.