Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2013

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2013

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 596
2 Mercedes 360
3 Ferrari 354
4 Lotus 315
5 McLaren 122
6 Force India 77
7 Sauber 57
8 Toro Rosso 33
9 Williams 5
10 Marussia 0
11 Caterham 0

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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28 comments on “2013 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Vettel single handedly won the WCC for RBR

    1. @ialtair and by a long way xD 6 more points and he’d have won the WCC championship with 1 race to spare !

    2. Amazingly, even if Red Bull would have entered all 19 races with JUST Vettel (so Webber not able to “steal” points from the others), Mercedes would have just clinched the title with 400:397 points against Vettel. Ferrari with 391 points an Lotus at 340 really did not stand a chance against Vettel this year.

      And so it shows, Webber still contribute to that WCC!

  2. YES!!! Mercedes 2nd!!! Nico did a good job in recuperating Lewis’ cheese penalty. Even more, Lewis’ floor was damaged. FIA should find some replacement jobs at the races next year. Massa and Hamilton’s penalty were absurd..

    1. I found that penalty harsh . But still great job Mercedes benz :D :D :D

    2. Massa and Hamilton’s penalty were absurd..

      I’m sorry – WHAT?

      You’re half right. Massa’s penalty was a joke but Hamilton’s penalty was spot on.

      Why exactly was Hamilton’s penalty absurd? He collided with another driver and took him out of the race.

      If you think that’s absurd, then I guess you think Hulkenburg’s penalty for taking Lewis out last year was equally absurd?

  3. Happy for Webber, shame for Ferrari, they could have had 2nd.

    Justice for Marussia, after 2012, too.

    1. No justice but a flawed system: only for zero points scoring teams one place higher (13) over a season outweighs 3 occasions one place lower (14).

      1. only for zero points scoring teams one place higher (10) over a season outweighs 3 occasions one place lower (11).

        See what i did there? The System is fine.

  4. YES!!! Marussia made it!!!

    1. Btw, some record breaking stuff by Chilton today!

      First rookie to finish all his races and only the fourth driver to finish all the races of the season after Michael Schumacher (2002), Nick Heidfeld (2008) and Kimi Räikkönen (2012).

      Let’s get him the DOTW :D

  5. The Top Three Championship finishers on the Podium at Brazil. Not sure when was the last time this had happened !!!

      1. @kingshark in 2010 Alonso did not make it to podium in the last race. It was Seb, Webber and Rosberg.

        1. Your first comment asked for the last time the top 3 in the WDC were together on the podium at brazil, not on the last podium of the season.

          Also, in the last race of 2010 it was Vettel Hamilton Button, not Vettel Webber Rosberg.

    1. That’ll be the 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix… Webber won (3rd in WDC), Vettel 2nd (1st) and Button 3rd (2nd)

    2. Pointless side note, their car numbers were Vettel: 1, Webber: 2 and Alonso: 3…

  6. YESS Mercedes :D . Rock on in 2014 !

    1. Yeah! Hamilton for the title!

  7. I’m sure in true Mark Webber fashion he will just be ****** that he has to attend the end of year awards now!

  8. Horrible, Heikki ended up last in the championship. Shows you just how wrong these two races went, probably ending his F1 career.

  9. Nobody says something about the Hulk?

    He moved one place up to take a top 10 place in the WDC, before the two Force India drivers! Great job mate :D

    Good job by Jules Bianchi, finishes first of the smaller teams drivers, ahead of a very disppointing Heikki Kovaleinen. Wondering what Valsecchi could have done.

    Happy Marussia finishes ahead of Caterham, they did a massive job by finishing ahead with an underpowered Cosworth engine. :)

    Also a great season for Lotus, especially if you compare their budget with that of McLaren!

    And great job by Vettel to secure both WDC and WCC :D

    1. I hadn’t even noticed that! Great job from Nico.

  10. Happy for Mark Webber, still a little bit of umbilical cord intact with F1, having to appear in the award ceremony for finishing the season on 3rd. Having said that, I loved Webber’s ‘Taking off the Helmet’ act, it looked wonderful. I always wondered how an F1 driver would look without the helmet driving a car.

  11. Is Kovalainen not 21st? He finished 14th twice, Chilton and vdG only finished 14th once? @keithcollantine

    1. Indeed he is.

  12. It’s amazing that after coming second in 2007 and winning his title in 2008, Lewis only manged 4th place in WDC.

    2009 5th
    2010 4th
    2011 5th
    2012 4th
    2013 4th

  13. Salute to Marussia for keeping the spirit of F1 alive. Nice interview by Croft in the Marussia garage after the race. The team were ecstatic and you would think they had just won the championship. They had excellent reliability for a team at the not so sharp end of the grid. They set a record with Chilton and Bianchi showed all season long that he belongs in F1 and deserves a seat higher up the grid. Great job by the whole team! I have become a fan.

    This is why F1 should not resort to customer cars or rich teams with three cars. If the profits are properly shared with all F1 teams efforts like these would be rewarded and reinvested to make teams more competitive for an all around better F1 show.

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