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  1. When he lost the championship to Lauda, many started saying that Prost was a choker and would never win the World Championship. But I would hardly say that 7 wins in 1984, including winning the last 2 races, is someone choking. What more could he do? He had to win the European and Portuguese GP’s and that’s exactly what he did. And really it was more good fortune, such as Mansell’s brake problem at Estoril that handed Lauda the 3rd place he needed, that helped him win (though that is only 2 races, there were 14 others and Prost did have his share of mistakes and mechanical misfortune). He would prove them wrong in later years.

    Prost has the nickname “The Professor”, but I once heard Murray Walker say that among the other drivers he had the nickname of “The Terrorist” because he would usually be nowhere in qualifying, yet come race day he was usually the quickest, even when he had an inferior car. His 1983 Renault team mate Eddie Cheever once said that no one ever worried about Prost during qualifying, unless he happened to be on pole or at least the front row. The time to get worried about him was at the end of the race day warm up when the name A. Prost was usually at the or near the top of the time sheet with a time that was much closer to his qualifying pace than those around him. It was then they knew that he had qualified in his race set-up and would be hard to beat.

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