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Mercedes reveal interactive 360-degree video of W05

2014 F1 season

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Mercedes have published an interactive 360-degree view of their W05 in action.

The video above of Nico Rosberg driving the car during a filming day at Silverstone can be rotated through 360 degrees while it is playing.

This is the first time such a video has been made using a current-year Formula One car. A similar video of Sebastien Buemi driving a Red Bull in Norway was released in 2012.

Click on the video to begin playback. You may notice a pause before playback begins depending on your connection speed.

2014 F1 season

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25 comments on “Mercedes reveal interactive 360-degree video of W05”

  1. I may have just experienced more F1 related pleasure watching that than I did watching all of the 2013 season…

    1. I loved the sound! Sounded like a roaring beast!

      1. The onboard sound is a million times better as far as I am concerned. Not just because the new engines sound better, which they do, in my opinion, but also because the little mic can capture it better. On the V8 onboards the noise was a little annoying, partly because the mic probably maxed out and did not relay all the texture of the sound in good detail. Where here is seems not to be the case, probably because the new engine has all kinds of texture at different frequencies and different volume.

        Remains to be seen how will they sound in the FOM onboard cameras.

  2. I loved the sound! Sounded like a roaring beast!

  3. Sounds ok but, I´m not impressed, I still think the Ferrari power unit sounds waaaaaaaaaay better!

  4. This terrible sound it is more motor bike than the car.
    This is not Formula 1 car.

    1. You do realize that was the first shakedown of the car and that they weren’t running at anything like full tilt at any stage during that video right?

  5. Stereographic view is somewhat hilarious to watch

  6. Very, very cool. It would be extremely cool if this could be live in the future (this will have to wait five or ten years until the technique is ready for that). Also, I didn’t know they used the club circuit for their shakedown – makes sense though, less distance to recover the car ;)

    1. @andae23
      it would be extremely cool indeed! however, even if the technology will become available in 5 to 10 years time, it’s gonna take FOM another 5-7 years to realize they could use it and adopt it, given their recent history.

      1. @andrwef1 So true, unfortunately :(

  7. That is ridiculously good.

  8. The sound will be much better from the FOM in-car cameras during race weekends as the mic’s are placed to maximize engine noise, Plus there positioned away from wind noise & are higher quality than the one’s on these rig’s which use several GoPro cameras.

    GoPro cameras tend to distort the audio slightly & are especially prone to picking up a lot of wind noise which further distorts the audio.
    The British F3 TV people tried to create special housings to eliminate the wind noise when they moved to GoPro cameras for there in-car shots & they succeeded to a point but it was still a problem.

  9. David not Coulthard (@)
    19th February 2014, 12:52

    Where is the video uploaded to? I don’t use Flash and I’m not getting anything (I wish everyone moved to HTML5 or Mediagoblin or something!)

  10. It does sound like a slightly muted MotoGP bike, but somehow, the whining it makes… it gets cool, somehow.

    I think it’s a lot more enjoyable when you start thinking what’s going on in that Power Unit. I also prefer raw power like in the V10s (no way you could hear the wind with those eargasms makers), but it’s sort of a concept that gets translated into this, and you really enjoy it. In direct comparision with the V8s, I’m hugging this new sound like a kid does to his teddy bear.

  11. runs too slow on my laptop. 2 frames a second with stuttering sound. is there a non 3d link, where it is just straight ahead so it loads faster?

  12. Sounded a lot different on board versus all the fan videos I’ve watched from the grandstands.

  13. This is so cool. It just goes to show how much FOM could have been doing to make F1 better for the fans but can’ be bothered with it. Just keep milking the cash cow…

  14. He is wearing a watch.

  15. Did anyone notice Nico’s designer “watch” – printed onto his LH racing glove. As if anyone would think that is real.

  16. Sound is good. Not as good a V10/8 days however better than an Indycar. I just wish they didn’t have the low RPM cap. Id love to hear one of these current spec engines wined out.

  17. Anyone know the name of the short Silverstone layout they are using?

  18. YESYES! :}

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