Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Albert Park, 2014

2014 Australian Grand Prix championship points

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Albert Park, 2014

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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26 comments on “2014 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. McLaren’s first time leading the constructor’s in nearly 2 years. Great job by Williams and STR.

    1. In the same note, is it the first time Marussia is ranked #9 in the WCC ?

    2. @Keith
      I found a different order for 0-point finishers in official f1 website here

      It seems the order is dictated by whether disqualified and the order in which they finished the race or were excluded…

  2. McLaren looking in good position with the return of Ron. Would have liked to see Ferrari up there and fighting hard, but they got beat by one man as usual… a red bull man I mean. Different man, but same team. They need to work harder.

    1. It’s more like they got beat by their own electronics more than anything else. We’ll see what’s the “real” situation when people don’t have car issues and fight from lights out 100%.

    2. Another disappointing year for Ferrari, they are behind Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull and maybe even Williams.

      I don’t understand why I was such a fan of them during the Schumacher years … with such a budget, why do they fail every year?

      1. One race does not a season make

        1. Exactly. Stop overreacting already, peeps.

      2. Because during the Schumacher years they head the Dream-Team, and it did feel magical. Now it’s mostly mechanical and corporate.

  3. after difficult winter, Red Bull is ahead of Ferrari!

    1. Being a Ferrari fan, I’d say that was a big surprise. Would appear that Ferrari have considerable issues to resolve in order to try and regain some sort of competitiveness. Kimi looked like he had his hands full – car looked at times almost undrivable.
      Not overly impressed with the current sound of F1 nor the excitement of the first race!!!

      1. I hated that engine sound. It felt like I was watching a different motorsport series. Plus, it sounded like a very loud vacuum cleaner.

    2. 3 Renault engines on the top 10, only two Ferraris.

      I’m glad the Renault bashing has ended :)

      1. On the other hand, 5/6 Ferrari cars finished, while only 3/8 Renault cars did.

        OK, one of those DNF’s was driver-induced, but if you don’t count that one, that’s still a majority of DNF’s.

        Renault have improved, but they’re still a long way away.

        1. All Ferrari-powered cars finished actually, only Bianchi was not classified because he was 7 laps behind Rosberg with his clutch / stalling problems at the start.

          1. Yeah, I noticed it later.

  4. :Daniel is up there !!

    1. Well I think I spoke too soon . Which brings me to another question , is the time mentioned for my comment right ?

  5. what about penalty points? ;)

    1. Kobayashi seems to be the first to pop that point tally :)

  6. Ferrari is a very difficult car to drive…could feel Raikkonen just cruising around and learning the car..thats it

  7. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    16th March 2014, 14:25

    So sad to see Ric with no points. Well. Rules are rules and even when it seems harsh, it’s good to encourage them. I just hope the rules to be applied in the same strict way for everybody from now on. (I read the explanation and it’s definitely RB’s fault, they were warned so they knew this could happen).

  8. Shouldn’t Max Chilton be 13th in the driver’s championship? Just wondering.
    Mclaren suddenly get a double podium and Williams have already doubled their points from last year.

    1. Well done Williams, with just one driver!

  9. Wait, so now that both RB drivers didn’t complete the race, that means they’re very last in the championship. Wow, it’s been a while since RB haven’t been out of the top 3, actually I might research when that was. McLaren looks very reliable this year, they haven’t had much of problems over testing apart from at the first one, they could win this championship just because the other teams fail to finish. Mercedes seem to be miles ahead of anyone else in speed, even when the red bull is breaking the rules it still didn’t close the gap to Nico, the question is how many races until someone other than Mercedes win a races, that isn’t just because both cars fail to finish.

  10. your new rules are one sided, so red bull wont win every thing. red bull will still be on top at the end of the season. the cars sound ok. you just have to get use to it.

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