Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

2014 Canadian Grand Prix championship points

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Mercedes 258
2 Red Bull 139
3 Ferrari 87
4 Force India 77
5 McLaren 66
6 Williams 58
7 Toro Rosso 12
8 Lotus 8
9 Marussia 2
10 Caterham 0
11 Sauber 0

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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102 comments on “2014 Canadian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Its starting to look really good for Rosberg. I wish I had his luck ! Amazing.

    1. Hopefully that luck evens out through the season

    2. Uzair Syed (@ultimateuzair)
      8th June 2014, 20:53

      It’s really unfair for Hamilton. Rosberg should get 2 DNF’s to balance it out.

    3. Luck of champions?

      1. Definitely, the championship will be over soon. Another bad result for Hamilton and it really is game over. I wonder how long it will b until Rosberg gets full team focus. After todays race I wonder if they want to control the races more.

        1. And one DNF for Nico and a Hamilton win and he retakes the lead of the championship. We’re not even close to halfway through the year yet, still a lot of points to play for.

        2. based on pit stop times and car reliability this season, Rosberg has had the teams focus all along. even up pit stops and reliability and HAM would be blowing ROS away.

          1. Nico’s poor second pitstop today was the only reason HAM got ahead.
            They are not focusing on 1 driver – bad luck is not equal, it is random that’s how it works.

        3. Toto has hinted that they might look into using team orders, it makes perfect sense as it appears the other teams have caught them up.

          It won’t be easy for Hamilton to accept being a number two but it is a team sport after all. Don’t forget this team has given him the best car by a country mile, it’s just a shame he’s up against a man in devastating form in Nico Rosberg.

          1. @ Damonw, actually no. Rosberg is not on devastating form. He has yet to beat Hamilton on pure merit. Aus, LH dnfed, Mona, we know what happened. Then here in Can, he escapes being forced to yield position after cutting a chicane and LH dnf again. Please tell me where he has beaten LH. Qualifying? Do you pay attention to context or just the wins alone?

        4. Paul (@frankjaeger)
          9th June 2014, 1:24

          What are you on about? Nico could easily have 2 DNF’s to come. Lewis has already had 2, if these would have been avoided he would be smashing Nico

    4. There might be some influence of the driver to either keep the brakes alive or not, so I´m not sure it´s completely down to luck this time.

      1. I’d wager you have no clue.

        1. Well, it could be, given that the issue was the brakes overheating and that Nico was using more forward bias. I guess we will find out in the next week I hope.

      2. Maybe Hamilton having to push much harder to catch an unfair advantage also played a part.

        1. Sort of agreed on that. However, finishing behind someone who had an unfair advantage gives more points than not finishing at all.

          1. A bunch of ifs and mights….
            Wonder what would have happened if HAM got past ROS after he cut the chicane and had clean air.

        2. @f190 Spot on, Lewis was clearly the better of the two today

      3. @crammond what are you talking about, Ham is a driving god, and Ros is the Devil playing tricks and schemes…

        And it’s getting tiresome that people (such as BBC commentators) continue to be surprised of the even performances between two evenly skilled drivers…
        There are some differences between them, and one will come out on top, it’s as simple as that

        1. “And it’s getting tiresome that people (such as BBC commentators) continue to be surprised of the even performances between two evenly skilled drivers…”

          Having a driver of the own nationality fighting for the championship allways hurts the quality of the TV-coverage quite badly. Having had a stay in germany as a non-Schumi-fan throughout the 90s and early 2000s, I know that, but it´s quite surprising (and saddening) to see it having such a huge effect on the BBC-coverage, which was the best throughout the last years.
          Unforunately, the US-coverage is hampered by a lack of F1-knowledge, so I tried the austrian coverage lately. It´s quite neutral (and not, as some may expect, RBRish), having Wurz (Williams) or van der Garde (Sauber) as co´s, but it seems like a very low-cost operation, no background-info at all, just a commentator and an occasional guest-co commentating the world-feed and nothing more.
          So which coverage to switch to if one wants a neutral (or maybe with some heart for the underdogs) commentating with as much info as possible?

    5. AbuDouble could help Hamilton claw back the 2 DNF deficit.. Maybe it isn’t such a bad idea!

  2. Cut and chose to fly through the corner with no punishment, maybe anyone that’s leading should do that to gain lap time.

  3. Damn, Alonso lost his 3rd place :(

  4. I lterally could cry my eyes out i no that is sad but this is wrong guys his talent is not 1xWC material. This is so unlucky Ham is not going to always be faster but he will probably end up with more wins yet not win it is really sad.

  5. Nico cheats the rules again

    1. Acording to the FIA, its not cheating if Hamilton is the one getting screwed over. Nico got pressured locked and straight lined the corner while Hamilton had to take a chicane. Strange ruling.

      1. I laughed so much at how fast he went through the chicane ! He gained at least a second which Hamilton had to push hard to get back. Seemed pretty unfair, but after the comments from stewards in Monaco im not at all surprised. Too much focus on other elements coming into rulings is making it a bit of a joke.

        All they need to say is : did he gakn an advantage ? Yes.

        Id bet my house that they thought it would ruin the race and have a huge impact on the chamionship so just gave a warning.

        Stewards should focus purely on the incident and not other factors.

        1. Given Hamilton almost lost a championship after being heavily penalized the supposed (slight) advantage he gained for cutting a chicane despite giving the place back (Spa 2008) you have to think the stewards make it up as they go along.

          Worse, though, was how much time (laps) they needed to make the decision. Can’t they make them stronger coffee or something?

        2. I dunno, what would you have them do? Drive through? That’s too harsh. A final warning is light but, better than a drive through I think.

          1. @mike that’s exactly what the new 5 second penalties are for. Lewis could have then back off to cool the car, possibly preventing his DNF, knowing he could easily pass Rosberg in the next stop… Which he did anyway. For me if you set the fastest lap of the race by cutting a corner a penalty has to be given.

          2. I agree. But my feeling was that Hamilton had to press Rosberg then, when he was making mistakes, but the team told him to back off pending the investigation – which proved a reasonably big waste of time. Not that it probably made much difference to Hamlton’s race.

          3. Its so clear by the time taken that other factors were considered. He made a mistake, but if that was grass he wouldnt have gone so fast through there. Something has to be done really as making a mistake is now an advantage and that cant be right. Im all for improved safety but its a joke whem a driver accelerates through a corner after making an error. Maybe a small kerb there to stop flat out short cutting ?

    2. Why? Because his brakes started to fail earlier?

    3. Nico straight lining the chicane had no effect on the outcome of the race, I agree that he shouldn’t have made as much of an advantage as he did, however considering their issues in the race can it be ruled out that the lock up was an early indication of the brake issues suffered by both Hamilton and Rosberg.

      1. The stewards can’t see into the future. It was an unfair advantage.

      2. Nah, the brake issues didn’t materialise ’til much later. Guy has the truth of it.

      3. Maybe it did. How do you know Hamiltons retirement wasnt caused by having to push harder to catch back up to the unfair advantage Rosberg gained ?

        1. If trying to make up six tenths caused a brake failure then a failure would have been inevitable.

          1. It did have the effect of Rosberg:

            A/ getting well out of Hamiltons DRS
            B/ Kept Hamilton in Rosbergs very hot air for alot longer

          2. Not true, Rosberg slowed up at the first corner.

    4. Exactly what rule did Nico break?
      Do you think the slight gain in time was worth the huge flatspot and dirty tires he ended up with?

      Regardless…Based on all the laps afterwards, HAM was able to get close but not pass, so ROS didn’t really gain anything. The gap was soon eroded back to what it was and then HAM was still stuck behind.

      If you can find any instance ever of a driver getting punished for going through a chicane (the first time) and making a slight time gain, I would be quite surprised.
      I seem to remember that HUL did a similar thing twice at Monza in 2010(?) and was not punished, but was given a warning.

      1. Then let’s get rid of chicanes altogether if taking them is optional.

        I’d accept it if he made some attempt to slow the car and make even a slight right-hand movement but he just gunned it and broke the DRS. Cheat!!

  6. I don’t think anyone would begrudge Hamilton the championship on the double points gimmick if the current situation stays similar.

    1. I had the exact same thought!

    2. I intend to begrudge everything to do with it. Stupid rule.

  7. Nice for ric for again getting the best strategy followed by team orders that have him the advantage again.

  8. Exciting race but for the wrong reasons for me with hamilton have to retire again.a race im sure lewis would have won after coming out in front of rosberg after 2nd pitstop .

  9. High time Rosberg had a DNF and Hamilton had a win. He is really riding his luck, the way he straightlined the chicane today was beyond cheeky.

  10. How many mirrors has Hamilton broken to deserve such rotten luck?

    1. I thought breaking mirrors brings good luck? But then I am not up to my superstitions!

  11. Button is quietly having a very good year, up there in 7th, with the car that he is a very good showing so far.

    1. Yes, indeed… He shouldn’t even be in the top 10… Their car is only 7th fastest.

  12. Rosberg straightlined the chicane gained an advantage but got punished. Would love to see it if it was the other way around.. Hamilton lost a race in 2008 for that…
    Hamilton got ahead of Rosberg but had a mechanical faliure.
    The championship is Rosbergs to lose.

    1. *wasn’t punished

    2. Dion (@infinitygc)
      8th June 2014, 21:31

      It reminded me of what Facu Regalia did in last year’s first GP3 race in Abu Dhabi.

    3. Ben (@scuderia29)
      8th June 2014, 22:23

      he gained about half a second, you want to give him a drive through for that??

      1. Erm, Hamilton was right on Rosbergs gearbox upto that point, then was 1.5 seconds behind after it.

        It had the effect of getting outside the DRS and keeping Hamilton in the hot turbulant air.

        How can anyone possibly not think Rosberg didnt deserve some sort of penalty of absolutly flooring it off-track and setting the bloody fastest lap of the race.. incredible.

  13. Williams should have a lot more points than that.

    1. It seems to be a theme: in 2012 that was very much the case also.

      1. It was a bit of a Maldonado finish by Massa – throwing away a good points finish.
        I know Bottas was slowed by cooling issues and didn’t tyres as fresh as Felipe’s, but I suspect in the same position he’d have at least brought the car home (and still had a shot at Perez)

    2. I agree with this.
      And at least to me it is interesting to see how Massa shows considerable better pace than Bottas during races, but he so far has been unable to convert that into points. Without Massa’s pace, Bottas now has double his points. If Massa is unable to revert this scenario, the year will be lost for him as Williams probably will concentrate on the guy who brings home some points.

  14. I did not expect McLaren to still be in front of Williams before or during the race, swell job from Button, as Massa fails to prove his naysayers wrong once more.

  15. There are some things for merc to learn from this gp . Once both cars had a problem , They should not have ben allowed to race . Lewis is just so unlucky . He pushed the car and the rear brakes got cooked . Then Merc learn from it and Finish rosberg in 3rd . It always irks me that Ros seems to be getting all the benefit . Benefit of luck , benefit of doubt . But its fair .Nico is cheeky . But has been fair . So hope luck changes hands for a few rounds. Me hoping for more luck is also fair if everything else is.

  16. Not many finishes – Chilton may have cost Marussia consecutive points.

  17. If Rosberg wanted to play it fair, he should have left Hamilton through

    1. There must have been some talk in the drivers meeting with Charlie before the race, like “1st time=warning, 2nd time penalty”. That´s the only reason I can imagine for Ros not to give the place to Ham, cause otherwise he (like all of us) would have expected a penalty. And a penalty would have surely hampered his chances to beat Ham far more than giving the place back 1-3 corners before the next DRS-activation.

  18. Masterclass drive from Rosberg, made sure Hamilton couldn’t get near enough so the DRS would be successful. To hold onto second with such a massive problem as got to go up there along with the drive of Schumacher at Catalunya in 94. The guy is looking unstoppable for the title!

    1. Dan