Felipe Massa, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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244 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. 10/10

    I need immediate medical assistance after watching that race.

    Formula 1 is the most incredible sport in the world.

    1. As an Aussie, I think I woke the whole neighborhood screaming at the TV at 5:30am..
      11/10 for me. Amazing race, what a brilliant sport!

      1. Good one! I think it was worth it for them :-)

      2. They needed to know!!!

      3. I’m so happy for Ricciardo, seems like a genuinely nice guy.

        They should make the Mercedes run without ERS for half a race again, turned that race into the best race of the season.

      4. PERTHection 10/10

    2. Great race. Two things I’ve learned today:

      1. Daniel Ricciardo is already a better driver than Mark Webber has ever been (Yes, I’m not jumping to conclusions!)

      2. Lewis Hamilton loves double points!

      1. Ric is better than web maybe by a little bit. He is also getting the treatment webber never had. So that goes long ways. Just look at vettel the other side of the coin sucks. Ric did not deserve this win.

        1. Why would you say he didn’t deserve it? Because of reliability issues from Mercedes?

      2. You cannot compare the two. Although in the same team, very different situations.

      3. @jcost veeeeeeeeery different situations for comparision..

        1. In fairness we can’t compare Senna to Vettel, Hamilton or whoever but we do this all the time… @fer-no65 @xtwl

          Let’s be real, comparison are difficult in any sport and it’s even harder in F1 but bearing this in mind I still see more in Dan Ricciardo than I’ve ever seem in Mark. He qualifies better, gets “off the blocks” better, pushes Seb harder… sorry guys.

          1. @jcost Mind, Ricciardo is entering the prime of his career. Mark was maybe even already past that once Red Bull got a good car. And he wasn’t the raising star with nothing to lose on the team…

            He might be better, but it’s too early to say, I think…

      4. invisiblekid
        8th June 2014, 22:11

        LOL at the second thing you learnt today.

        Given how closely matched they are (and they are) it looks as though double points could decide it…..maybe.

        in the situation Merc are in, 2 DNF’s will prove very costly for Lewis, and neither his fault.

      5. @jcost, certainly Ric is proving to be better now than Web last year, but better than Webbo ever was may be a stretch, Ric never did anything in a Torro Rosso that Webber didn’t do in a Minardi, had Webber gone to the right team earlier in his career he might have had similar success, that said Ricciardo is looking like a star in the making right now.

    3. +1..incredible!

    4. Well said, that was an absolute cracker of a race. The best of the season so far.

    5. As a fan of Force India, I was disappointed with Checo’s crash, so I voted the race 9. :P But overall, with Mercedes not winning, it was EPIC. More than even the Bahrain GP.

      1. I voted 9 because the crash kind of ruined the ending. otherwise, truly awesome. one little annoyance was the director constantly cutting to useless shots of the crowd – crowd shots are good, but not if you’re missing action.

  2. Zantkiller (@)
    8th June 2014, 20:44

    I can’t seem to vote but 10/10

    Drama, Strategy, none Mercedes car winning.

    That had everything.

    1. @zantkiller @jackal40 @philereid @cocaine-mackeine

      Apologies, this has been fixed now.

      1. I never vote on the Rate the Race poll. I am too aware that my preferences skew my viewpoint.

  3. A 9. But I’m slightly biased :-)

    1. Well we lost the first 10% of the race to the safety car so 9 may be the maximum we should give it anyway…

  4. It’s a shame that we can give this race an 11.

    1. “Can’t”.
      It’s difficult to type properly after those last 25 laps……

    2. This is one of those races i save the 10 point score for, every other time it’s a 9 tops!

  5. If this isn’t a 10 i don’t know what is.

    1. *cough* Hamilton winning, Rosberg not *cough*

      1. Paragrapth 2: “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”

        1. @austus, For me it matters what drivers are on the podium to make a race good. In the end I don’t care since my favourite isn’t driving anymore but I do keep in account how they got there.

          1. pastaman (@)
            9th June 2014, 18:30

            Please don’t vote then

    2. Nope. Still was a DRS pass for the lead. And Hamilton on Vettel after the start was also a DRS one.

    3. I gave it an 8. I didn’t think the racing was quite at the same level as Bahrain (I wasn’t hyperventilating this time). I’m very happy for Ricciardo but had Mercedes not had problems no-one else would be close to taking it to them. The racing between Hamilton and Rosberg was momentarily interesting but they were both having difficulties by then and it wasn’t so much racing as capitalizing on mistakes and mechanical issues. Still, a very good race.

      1. So you prefer the Mercs just leaving the rest of the field in their dust and then you would call it a good race? You have to be kidding. Lets hope that the rest of the field catch up to the Mercs because only then we will see great to exceptional racing (like the Canadian GP) and not the ordinary 2 drivers that would not even get a podium if they won’t driving the Mercs e.g. put Nico and Lewis in the RB”s or the Ferraris and then see where they would end up, no where.

  6. 10/10 superb! Shame for Felipe and Checo :/

    1. Checo had brake problems and Massa misjudged his approach but both had done a brilliant drive and deserved a different finish.

      1. Yes, I think (being a little biased) massa deserved to finish ahead of Perez, and it was just an unfortunate quirk of DRS that led to Massa misjudging it. Obviously it was Massa’s fault, but having had the chance to get at least a podium from the race, he was probably a little too hasty to get past, another lap and he could have got him on the line.

      2. I think Massa had a car and strategy which was capable of winning this race, he didn’t win and regardless of where the blame lay for his collision I think Massa’s drive was poor – a better driver in his car would have won the race.

        Brilliant drive by Checo though, I was surprised the team didn’t keep him out longer in his first stint, given that Hulkenberg was doing a good job at holding back his competitors meaning there was no risk coming from behind him and the longer he could go the easier the end of the race would have been for him.

        1. @jerseyf1 I think Checo was the key. If Dan managed to clear him earlier I think both Seb and Massa would give Rosberg a run for his money. But you’re right, Massa should have made better use of his 10 laps younger tyres and his straight line speed despite everybody in front making use of their “straightforward overtake device” (a.k.a DRS).

        2. I agree – Massa should have done much better. He had better tyres and the fastest top speed, and flew up to the back of the lead pack of 4 between lap 58 and 62. He had a strong chance to win that race, and he blew it. As a Williams fan, he was very disappointing. Especially not using using DRS when he’d finally set up a move on Vettel on lap 64. It seemed like he opened it and then shut it again. Very strange.

          He should have scored a podium as a minimum. Those are some very valuable points that have been squandered.

          1. Massa once again proved his a poor F1 race driver. Not only on his lousy overtaking abilities but also on his inability to drive correctly behind a car that was already known it had brake issues.

  7. SOOOOO DISSAPOINTING RESULT !!! Other than that 10/10

  8. Can’t vote either, 9/10.
    So sad to see so many cars fall out of the race, reliability seemed to have been almost non-existent today.

    1. none existent , merc lost some places because of reliability k …

    2. Paul (@frankjaeger)
      9th June 2014, 0:44

      The field was hemmed by reliability? Brakes, loss of power, ERS ect.

      I gave it a 9/10, was absolutely brilliant

    3. Great, wasn’t it.

  9. See the Massa/Perez incident, my first though was brake failure for Massa. Odd crash.

    1. Yes, I too thought that his brakes had gone. Looks as if they didn’t though.

    2. I think it was just the speed difference between a Williams with DRS and a slower Force India without DRS, that’s probably about 30 or more MPH difference, and maybe Perez got on the brakes early to save his brakes, not expecting a charge from Massa, exacerbating the problem. I could be completely wrong though the BBC didn’t show the replay that many times.

    3. Perez came across to the middle of the track and I guess braked earlier than Massa expected, some blame on both sides I think

      1. @george
        watch this its looks like massa fault

        1. @smnokinjoe
          No, you can see Perez come across slightly at the last moment, it’s only about half a car’s width but that was where Massa was going to put his car.

        2. Yes, but ignore Massa for a second and watch Perez start to drift left off the racing line? Why was he moving to the left when he clearly had to swing wide right for that turn to be on the racing line?
          I think Massa clearly expected him to follow Vettel wide right as he got online for that left turn.

        3. Massa was desperate to overtake Perez as he was approaching the corner (and Perez couldn’t do anything, he didn’t even know what hit him) as the laps were running out and he went in too deep on the inside and couldn’t brake and collided with Perez, very amateurish move and it should be reprimanded by the stewards because that was dangerous and could have cost lives.

      2. @george and @daved are right, hence the FIA penalty.

      3. @george
        the middle of the track ? huh !
        lucky to be a cars width from the right hand Grass …


  10. 10/10

    Can’t vote, but that’s easily one of the best races I’ve ever seen. Fantastic! It just had everything.

  11. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    8th June 2014, 20:46

    Awesome race! 8/10

    Loved the moment between Vettel and Ricciardo in Parc Ferme. Great sportsmanship!

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      8th June 2014, 20:57

      Very bummed that Lewis drew the short end of the stick in terms of reliability yet again. I know Rosberg had the same problem but sheesh, it’s just so unlucky.

      If he didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all.

      1. And that’s why you only rate 8/10?

        1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
          9th June 2014, 2:19

          No, Lewis retiring had no impact on my rating of the race.

          8/10 is a very good rating.
          10/10 is the Brazilian GP.

          Don’t come at me saying “only 8/10”. Pfft.

          1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
            9th June 2014, 2:20

            *2012 Brazilian GP that is.

      2. Yes exactly, had results gone his way, Lewis may not have made the mistake he did, and then got pole, leading to a fairly straight forward race, with Rosberg drawing the short stick. But, I’m sure Rosberg will receive the bad luck he is owed soon.

      3. @tophercheese21 That sentence can only be used for MW. Luck and Hamilton basically go hand in hand. It’s bound to go wrong at some points. Rosberg will get his failures.

      4. Bad Luck again… well maybe it’s not only the bad luck. They mentioned during the race that Rosberg has set his brakes more towards fronts and Lewis the opposite. that could a big cnributor. Also Lewis is more aggressive on the brakes so in my view it wasn’t just the bad luck, rather the driver and a bit hard driving.

        1. For me it’s still the car’s fault, not the driver’s.

          1. Lewis was well aware that his car had problems.
            I think if he asked his engineer “Should I make a desperate late braking manoeuvre to get past Nico?” his engineer would have said “Nope”.

  12. Crazy race, but highly enjoyable.

    Big congrats to Ricciardo, it’s always great to witness a maiden victory.

    I’m glad Massa and Perez appear to be okay, that accident looked extremely scary live.

  13. Even without visuals it was exciting. (Followed on Live Timing and text commentary.)

  14. Although i’m not happy about Hamilton and the points Rosberg gained. This above Bahrain was the race of the season 10/10!

    1. @unitedkingdomracing I don’t know if Lewis will be able to win WDC, but if does luck certainly will not be a factor… he did enough to get in front of Nico (and actually did twice :) ) tough luck…

      1. I wonder if his brake failure was down to luck. Canada is remarkably tough and Hamilton is a late breaker. I’m inclined to believe Hamilton might have ruined his brakes.

        1. Rosberg’s team radio did say Hamilton was running with more rear brake bias

        2. @austus

          Apparently chasing Rosberg hurt his brakes, overheating.


    2. I gave it a 1. Another race where the winner was decided by the team. Ric had no right for the 1st place. Red bull gave him that strategy followed by team orders for vettel not to pressure or attack him.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        8th June 2014, 21:22

        @f1andy83 I’m a Vettel fan, but if the team orders that it’s because they manage telemetry data and they know what is going on… even Vettel didn’t look angry, so why are you so into it? Move on, it was a great race.

      2. @f1andy83 Surely that great overtake round the outside of turn 1 gave him some right to 1st place!

        Also, with regards to vettel being told not to attack Ric. We’ve seen in the past with Vettel that if there’s a race win on the cards he’s passing his teammate whatever the team say. If he could have passed Ric, he would have done it.

        1. They mentioned after the race that the RIC pass for 2nd in turn 1 only happened because Perez had to reset something on his car down the straight.

      3. @f1andy83 a 1? Really? That was a very enjoyable race. Even if your preferred driver didn’t win, you’re going to give a score of 1 to a race with a surfeit of action, plenty of overtakes and a brand new winner and a team other than Mercedes taking the win? Hardly reasonable. Maybe you felt you needed to somehow balance out all the people giving it 10/10?

  15. I cannot rate. As a mexican that was just….. devastating. I was praying for a victory, but only we get a massive accident. It’s so difficult to put a 10. After this….. Best since Bahrain, a thriller, devasting and emotional race. It’s the most emotional race I’ve seen…… screw Perez this a Big, Wonderful 10.

    1. Now that is a vote that you know is honest. Perez was looking so good. Just didn’t have the car t do it. So close.

      1. At the beginning of the the season i thought hulk gonna smash perez this year …but this was the awesome drive irrespective of the result …perez can race

        1. I don’t know why the Hulk opted for this unorthodox strategy. Whenever he and his team try to outwit the field, they fail and don’t even get close to the podium. All he shold’ve had to do is start on ssoft and do what Checo did, what was indeed impressive, btw.

          1. @skiz

            FI chose to split their strategies, 1 stop for both but SS-Soft for Perez compared to Soft-SS for Hulk (exactly as they did last year i think). I think part of the reason it worked so well for Perez was the early safety car allowing him to extend his SS stint. His advantage to Hulk would have been less in the end if not for the safety car, so a fair enough gamble for both i would say given they both started outside the top 10.

  16. Go on Danny Ric! Superb job, he has been top class all season so far. Vettel must be kicking himself privately, Ricciardo got the move done past Perez where Seb couldn’t earlier in the race. Fair play to him though, he was very congratulatory in parc ferme to Ricciardo. I gave it a 9 only because I think Bahrain was slightly better and I gave that a 10.

    1. Ricciardo got the move done past Perez where Seb couldn’t earlier in the race.

      Vettel didn’t have the benefit of Perez’s brakes starting to fail.

      Red Bull gifted Ricciardo that race by giving Vettel an odd strategy & pitting him earlier than they needed to which left him in traffic.

      Clearly Red Bull are favoring the new guy…. sarcasm ;)

      1. True Ricciardo had the good fortune that Perez’s brakes were going. It’s not really a criticism of Vettel, the Red Bull clearly doesn’t have the speed of the Force India down the straight. It’s just that time stuck behind Checo gave Ricciardo the track position. Without it that could quite easily have been Vettel overtaking Rosberg at the end.

    2. Sorry getting confused, it was Hulkenberg Vettel was stuck behind for a long time.

    3. @debaser91 neither one could overtake on his own merit, only Perez’ failing breaks and old tires enabled both to overtake. The only thing he could kick himself a bit is RBRs strategy which was a bit sub-optimal for both.

  17. 10/10. Can’t ask for anything more

  18. 10/10 from a Hamilton fan.


    I feel super sorry for Pérez though. He had a good handful of points taken from him unfortunately.

  19. 10/10! Unfortunate for Hamilton, but it had everything. Crashes, safety cars, overtaking, non Mercedes AMG winner!
    Dissapointing from Mercedes, let their drivers down. Rosberg got so lucky by finishing 2nd.

  20. Priceless.

  21. As a Vettel fan I find this pretty painful, getting stuck behind Hülkenberg really ruined it for him and when he lost out to Ricciardo at the pitstops it was game over… but otherwise 10/10

    1. Yeah, he built a very healthy gap to the Williams and Ricciardo in the first stint. Clearly he was fast and he could have easily won if something had worked out differently.
      But, you know, ifs and buts don’t matter, Hulkenberg did an awesome job, as always, in defending, as did Perez, before the problems with his brakes. Ricciardo was at the right place at the right time and he took some risks, so I think he deserves it.

  22. 10/10 As you Brits say, a real cracker of a race. At first the ROS HAM rivalry, then the midfield battles, then the Merc problems, then Williams with big gains, then Ricciardo, then Force India resurgent, then all the attrition, and finally the last 10 laps with an awesome battle for the top 5. Sad for Massa and Perez though. Would have like to see either on the podium instead of Red Bull.

  23. Wow, so pleased we got that live! Will go 9/10, just because of that last crash meant that it didn’t end how it felt it should, but if there was a 9.5 I would have put it! Not bad for milkcarts! Race of the year for me!

  24. First race after Brazil 2012, German national anthem isn’t played on the podium. So I give it a 10/10

    1. What are you talking about, remember Spain 2013? Alonso won that one

    2. 2013: Australia, China, Spain

      1. Apologies. All I remember in 2013 was VET all the way. Also, m feeling bad for M4X. First non finish in 27 races.

  25. 9/10 for me because of Kimi and Valtteri finishing low. But otherwise an awesome race!

  26. Amazing first we fought Rosberg would win then Hamilton, Massa then Perez and out of nowhere Ricciardo comes and wins it

  27. I’m not going to vote on this right now, as I’m slightly irked by Red Bull’s less-than-favourable strategy for Vettel. Good race, but better than Bahrain? No, it took too long to develop and overtaking was strangely almost too difficult.

    1. Agreed. Red bull is really irking me by giving ric better strategies. Vettel was faster than ric all weekend and yet no radio messages to get him by. This whole affair is sour.

    2. Don’t think seb or his fans have anything to be disappointed about. Always a good thing for a team to have two race winners. Especially red bull, where seb and Daniel are part racing drivers, part marketing tools. In truth the way Vettel is carrying himself this year is cementing his reputation with me more then another yet another win would.

  28. Like the rest of the Aussie’s here it was tough to get up at 4am (considering I’m now leaving to go and work a double shift) but it was well worth it!

  29. I need to lay down, then come back to vote 10/10. First 15 laps were meh, but after that things got going and my word, that ending..

  30. Dream race, easy 10

  31. Perez slightly ruined that race for me. His alternate strategy ended up being a cork in the bottle. No one could get past him on the straight to challenge Rosberg.

    Even then….a 10

    1. If it wasn’t for Perez, Rosberg would have been overtaken with about 10 laps to go.

      1. Yes…but overtaken by many more cars possibly

  32. 9/10.

    Bahrain was better but Canada still delivered another classic.

  33. I’m genuinely surprised by all the 10/10 ratings: I mean the race was good, but come on – there was very little overtaking throughout and the first half of the race before the Mercedes started breaking down was almost dull.

    1. Simple: The missing nails on everybody’s fingers.

      1. True @losd, but I don’t think that outweighs the lack of action for most of the race.

        1. I guess it was the anticipation of a debut winner and finally getting to see Mercedes beaten that made it a wonderful race(or spectacle).

    2. Really can’t remember any dull moment from the race, and this is coming from RAI and BOT fan.

    3. Yes most of the racing was by DRS which was not so in Bahrain.
      BUT the sheer drama,excitement and thrill of the red bulls and force India chasing Rosberg(who held on admirably) is what makes this race at least a 9/10. Who would have expected a last lap crash between two of the frontrunners? And Button amazingly finished 4th! My mind is still in a tizzy…….

  34. 10/10. Can’t be anything else.

    Also, as a Brazilian, let me ask: could Massa be any more stupid? Massive frustration, if he had 1/10th of what Senna had he would have won today. As things are, he not only did not win, but wrecked poor Perez’s race. Pathetic.

    1. Harsh, but it did cross my mind as well. It was a golden opportunity and as per usual Massa wasted it. The team started it off by screwing up his pitstop so i suppose you could it was a lousy team effort.

    2. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
      8th June 2014, 21:27

      As a non-Brazilian, can you justify how you think it was Massa’s fault? Perez moved under braking, in to his inside line. How can that be Felipe’s fault?

      1. I think Perez wanted to defend his position but misjudged how close Massa was to him. As a Force India fan I’m gutted but I guess such errors happen. I’m actually relieved they didn’t hit Vettel. The situation could have turned uglier.

      2. AirR (@airroguedk)
        8th June 2014, 21:56

        Watch the replay, massa had a lot of space available to make a move, and he did not use any of it, ruining perez’s race in the process…

    3. I have the idea it was Perez’s fault. Massa was in his line and Perez changed his to the left, so, as I saw it, the crash was inevitable.

  35. 8/10 for me, would’ve got a 9 if there were less retirements and Perez slowing the charge on Rosberg made the end not as good as it could of been. Brilliant to see Ricciardo get a win but I don’t rate races on whether the guy I wanted to win wins or not

  36. Why can’t I vote? 9/10 or 10/10 for me not sure.

  37. I don’t often give a race a 10/10 – last time was 2011 Canada – but this surely was the best GP I’ve seen since, if not even better. Constant excitement, unbelievable developments, nobody could have written a script for that. The only minus point is the excruciatingly awful FOM coverage, showing exactly what we don’t want to see.

    Happy for Ricciardo, gutted for Perez :(

    1. @andae23: You’re absolutely right about FOM coverage – it was particularly awful today: When Vettel almost hit the wall trying to overtake in the hairpin, FOM showed us the audience jumping up from their seats and there were plenty other bad judgements of what to show us, when. Complemented with the inability to find the interesting snippets to see again after the race it is pathetic. The epic battles and drama unfolding during this race would make it easy to recruit new fans of F1, if we were able to link to them or show them to potential new fans.

    2. Absolutely agree, FOM must have bought in a director from X Factor or similar, seems to think the expression on peoples faces is more important than what is happening on track, idiot, sack him.

  38. Unbelievable!!! A strong 9/10 for me. Epic drama throughout! Really happy for the whole Red Bull team(this from a diehard Ferrari fan). Super happy for Daniel, a well deserved victory.
    I feel very bad for Perez and Massa. At least they are ok. Good job by Rosberg and Button.

  39. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
    8th June 2014, 21:19

    Just had to rate it 10 couldnt really find anything wrong just the relief when the red bulls got past perez

  40. As a HAM fan, 1/10, but as an F1 fan 10/10, voted 10 for sure :D

  41. 9/10
    Don’t feel like giving it a ten for no reason actually, Mercedes’ problems were refreshing, Perez, Ricciardo and Massa made for a thrilling conclusion!

  42. 9/10. Great race, especially for neutrals or RBR fans. Rosberg going unpunished for making up his own track spoils it slightly for me.

    1. @f1bobby: I agree with You that it would be optimal if the run of areas were made to take so much time out of the lap that it would constitute an inherent punishment.

    2. I don’t particularly like either of the current WDC-hopefuls, so I can’t be labelled as ‘biased’ in this case but one has to note that since Ham was trailing Ros, Ros didn’t gained any positions and afterwards he reduced the gap back to ‘normal’. You shouldn’t resent anybody for not punishing Ros.

  43. Michael Brown
    8th June 2014, 21:22


    Although the ending was fantastic, the first half of the race was the usual 2014 dullness, and the I hate how the FIA insists on two DRS zones with one detection point on this track.

    Then the Mercedes’ developed issues and the race became very exciting. And the excitement only grew from there.

    I can’t rate this a 10. You want a 10/10, Brazil 2012 is that race.

    1. I’m a hater of DRS but this year the balance has been spot on (by accident it seems as the intention was to make it more powerful) Past races at Canada have been ruined by DRS inspired highway passes but not today. DRS only allowed the guy behind to get along side before the braking zone (as it has done for most of this season)

      1. @racectrl

        this year the balance has been spot on (by accident it seems as the intention was to make it more powerful)

        I assume you’re referring to the change in the technical regulations to make the DRS flap larger – the intention behind this was not to make its effect more powerful but to compensate for the loss of downforce (and therefore drag) elsewhere on the car and so make the DRS effect approximately the same as it was.

        1. I stand corrected Keith. However I’m glad that they failed in their attempt to make DRS equivalent to last few years. Hopefully the FIA realise how much better the balance has been this year and don’t attempt to increase the flap size further!

  44. Great race. Amazing actualy.
    Very happy for Ricciardo and gutted for Hamilton.
    Still don’t understand how Rosberg wasn’t penalized (5 seconds added at the end would fit the crime).
    Canada never disappoints!!

  45. I am absolutely staggered. What a race that was. I feel so happy about Ricciardo. He is a future champion in my eyes and seeing him winning the race was a great spectacle. Even though it was proved that Mercedes is almost unbeatable even when they have power and brake issues, I had so much fun. Canada’s races are purely entertaining.

  46. I hesitate to give anything a 10 because it could always be better, but a solid 9 easily.

  47. After the Bahrain race, I put a comment explaining that 10/10 races require a special something. Something I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Once again I can’t quite put my finger on it, but that race definitely had it. 10/10. One of the easiest ones I’ve given.

    1. Mate, I agree with you, but in some way there was too much DRSing. Something that I din’t liked at all. I was going to give a 9 to the race but I looked back at he five way battle to the lead and the nearly nowhere win from Ricciardo. Those points saved this raced from being a 9.

  48. 9/10. I had a feeling before the start that it would be a crazy race and it ended up being a wacky race! Thoroughly entertained but i’m not giving out a 10 purely because it was an merc problem that allowed Daniel to sneak a win.

    1. But the Merc problem was caused by Merc being so close to the edge design wise, a policy that has rewarded them handsomley so far.

  49. What a race! It had it all; close battles, good strategies, failing cars and even two big crashes!
    Though between lap 20 and 30 there were about 5 laps where nothing happened, so I gave it a 9 (wish I could give it a 9.5 though)

  50. Keith, there seems to be a problem with the poll. I can’t rate this a 15 out of 10.

    1. Ted would have something to say about this. It only goes to 10. 10 is the maximum (no going to 11 jokes, please!)

  51. Canada produced an epic race yet again!
    No better way to introduce someone in Formula one than showing this thrilling race.

    Best race pf the season so far.

  52. This race was probably a 9.5… I did not think I would have got up shouting at the TV this year!

  53. 10/10. Brilliant result for Ricciardo, Hamilton fuming, Hamilton’s brakes fuming. Thoughts to Massa and Perez. Accident could have been a lot worse, seen as they almost collected Vettel.

  54. i rate is this race 10/10 the race was soo good up front that we missed all the button overtake …and the end of the race i was really surprised looking at button on fourth place but i dont blame the race director because the action at the top end kept me on the edge of the seat

  55. 9/10. Really good one. Only the DRS-drive-bys instead of multi-corner-battles prevented it being a 10/10.

    Congrats to Ric! It´s been more than a year that I felt happy for a race-winner.

  56. 9: Thrills galore, happy to see a new winner, respect !…..nice one Daniel. :)

  57. 7/10, it was pretty boring before closing stages.

  58. 12/10. Absolutely fantastic race. I would say its the best and closest race we’ve had in a good 5, 6 years. Congrats to Ricciardo on a great win!

  59. My all time favourite driver Mark Webber said about his first win that for him it was very important that he would win it on pace, on true driving, that it would not be a fluke. I think Ricciardo has been very lucky today to come accros these broken down Mercedes cars, to have been pitted at the right time to get ahead of Vettel, to be there right when Perez made his mistake. But, but he drove very mature and handled every situation perfectly. For me, his Monaco and Bahrein drives were better performances. Nontheless a beautifull place to take his first win, I will never say he didn’t deserve it.

    We must keep in mind however that a hampered Mercedes was still almost as quick as the Red Bull. Perez has a brake problem and so did the both Mercedes cars together with Bottas that makes four Mercedes powered cars, coincidence?

    For me today is the first race ever where Hülkenberg dissapoints. He should have been faster on those options and been ready to pounce on those Red Bulls, he must have had a problem too.

    Brilliant drives from a lot of drivers. Shame it had to end in the wall for two of them. I expected Massa on the podium untill lap 67 or so.

    Good race: 8/10

    9/10 (Had Ricciardo won without the Mercedes it’s problem)
    10/10 (Had Massa been on the podium, somehow)

    1. Well said mate.

  60. Wet or dry, Canada delivers! 10/10

  61. Best Race so far!

  62. Awesome race, 9/10. I wanted to give it a 10, and I would’ve if the race wasn’t decided with a DRS pass, but still it was incredible. A great drive by Ricciardo, Rosberg did very well to hang on to a podium and I feel awful for Massa and Checo, both drove well, barring the final lap crash. It’ll be interesting to see what the stewards say about it.

    This season is an absolute cracker!

    1. Oh and an honourable mention to Vettel for avoiding the spinning Massa.

  63. This was one of the most entertaining races in a while. Canadian GP easily deserves a 10/10.

  64. 1 – 1% ??? (out of 135 voters, assuming it got 1 vote)

    i dare you to stand up and show yourself, whoever gave it a 1! that person must be mad!

    i full on gave it a 10, but i’d like to give it 12 if i could, because it was at least two points better than bahrain.

    1. It was Chilton. He failed to finish for the first time. You should feel sorry for him :P

  65. 9/10. Would have given a perfect score if it wasn’t for the abysmal TV directing again. “Something is happening on the track, let’s show the reaction from the crowd/mechanics. Oh, and it’s over, back to normal shots of cars going round.”

    1. Overtake on the pit straight, let’s show a car coming out of the pits, zoooooom in!

    2. Or twice at the hairpin: Car going for a potentially over-ambitious pass, but halfway-through the move, pan the cameras to the fans that watch in awe whatever is happening! Always nice to keep things a bit of a mystery.

  66. 10/10

    Contained almost everything we need in a race! Teammate battle, drama, different strategy, accident and a new winner!

    It’s midnight here, but I’m just too excited to fall asleep after watching it.

  67. Might have been the best dry race I’ve ever seen. An easy 10.

  68. 9/10. All the exciting parts were made exciting mostly by cars being wounded. Ricciardo easily sailed by Rosberg to win the race, for example — not much of a wheel to wheel battle.

    Still, a very dramatic and entertaining race.

  69. 10/10
    I would prefer a Perez win, but i am happy for Ricciardo first win

  70. 10/10 for me.

    The final 20 laps was a thriller where we might not expect since 2014 started.

    Having said that, Ricciardo capitalised on Perez resting his electical unit taking that place and went on to win. Vettel didn’t had that luck though.

    A bit of botch and weird pitstop for both the Redbull drivers.

    Mercedes powered car got beaten by Renault powered car is history making in 2014, where Renault had issues like overheating, lack of power, problems all over MGU coming from winter testing. Like what Vettel said: “Credits to Renault for making a good recovery and to be able to enjoy the top step here in Montreal is really a big step forward. More to come.”

    1. Resetting the electrical unit*

  71. One of the most thrilling races for a looong time.

    Nico upping his race-craft at each GP now, but Lewis must be gutted to have mechanical failure again. Lewis may be a bit quicker and have raw pace, but I just don’t think he’ll hold everything together for the entire season.

    But, man, this race had so much going on. I hope Felipe and Checo are OK after those heavy shunts, bitter, bitter disappointment for Williams there with two laps to go. As for Ricciardo, he’s such a nice guy and driving neat and tidy. Good on him and there will be more from the smiley aussie, that’s for sure!

    I bet Mr. Webber shed a tear of pride this morning… :)

  72. Are we sure someone wasn’t directing this race from behind the scenes, with a screenplay in their hand? Because it sure looked like it.
    To me this was somewhat of an Interlagos 2012 but dry and with a bit more oomph. One of this season’s classics for sure.

    Sure, if we’re to look deeper into it it might have lacked a bit more overtaking as it would have been massively entertaining to watch Rosberg, Vettel, Ricciardo, Perez and Massa scramble equally and constantly for the win, but that would have ultimately taken some of the drama out of it. Fair trade after all, imho.

    Clearly, 10!

  73. Mercedes must now win every race to have a higher percentage of wins in one season than ’88 McLaren.

  74. I only give a 9 to those handful of races, which, I think in my lifetime will ever have the chance for one of them to become a 10… And this was a 9. :)

  75. It killed me to see Lewis have bad luck yet again, but my God, what a race!!! Definitely a 10 out of 10….maybe an 11. This is what Formula 1 is supposed to be so I want to see all the complainers give it a rest for a few weeks.


  76. It is JUST ME, or the TV director at the generating network was terrifyingly BAD??
    Was a guy/woman directly from the chess department put in charge of generating the signal of a F1 race?
    It was the worst transmission I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  77. I don’t think we could’ve asked for much more. The fall of the dominant force, a surprise winner and race-long excitement. Let’s not forget that before Perez and Massa collided the top 5 were within 3 seconds of the leader. How often do we see that? Simply amazing. 10/10

  78. 9.. -1 for Rosberg being a lucky barstool. C’mon Lewis!

  79. Fascinating race, left me speechless at the end such was the drama and excitement. Defining race for Rosberg’s season in that not only did Lewis DNF but he got his car home in the points when it seemed inevitable he would DNF himself. 10/10

  80. 8/10 for me.
    Absolutely brilliant race, but it wasn’t perfect.
    Massively happy for Daniel, he deserved that no doubt, Mercedes would have destroyed the field without their failure, but that’s the way it was, I can’t take anything from him, well deserved.
    Regarding Mercedes, I feel the chicane cut from Rosberg should have merited a punishment, however, a warning was suffice, he made a mistake, it happens.
    What I simply cannot get over is Rosberg’s luck, he has gotten away with so much this year, as well as this race.
    Lewis has simply had no luck, I can’t help but feel bias aside that with any sort of luck, he’d have every race won.
    People who say Rosberg should get preference after 7 rounds are being ludicrous though, 4 straight wins from Lewis, something he has achieved before would put him in the lead again, Rosberg must be looking at a DNF soon as well, it’s far from over.
    Sebastian Vettel had no luck whatsoever in 2010, remember how many DNF’s and issues he has during that season and still won it? I still genuinely believe that Lewis will win this.

  81. I feel as if there was nothing more that this race could have delivered. More chaotic than usual. 10.

  82. I also have to give it a nine. Lets not forget a lot of the race was filled with cars just following one another and making no ground, despite obvious advantages/issues.

    And also, despite the ‘Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.’ quote, for a lot of people a huge part of how exciting a sporting event is, is how well their preferred team/driver did. If a football match ended 9-6 for example, but your team had the six, I doubt it would be easy to enjoy.

    For me, my favourite two drivers at the moment are Lewis and Sergio. I was also backing Williams. For my personal preference it was a torrid result, but nonetheless, happy for Daniel, thoroughly deserved. Just wish we could have seen someone different up there (ie, Force India or Williams, who haven’t been up there properly in years).

    I can’t help but wonder why Williams pitted Massa, surely they had nothing to lose leaving him out? And also no idea why Force India pitted Hulkenberg so late and ensured they were jumped by both RBR’s. Could have pitted before them, and the tyres would likely have held on still, didn’t seem to have many issues today.

    On another note, a wounded Mercedes was quicker than a Force India by a second through sector’s one and two. They have an awful lot in hand…

  83. I’m amazed people actually thought this was a 10/10 race. Sure it tense race but people are over hyping it simply because it was a non-Mercedes win.

    I gave it an 8.

    1. ‘Sure it tense race’

      That should read; ‘sure it was a tense race’

      1. We get it, happens to many all the time ;)

  84. It gets the best rating im willing to award a race that has DRS in it.


  85. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
    8th June 2014, 22:51

    Why the hell did Williams pit Massa?

    1. @collettdumbletonhall

      Not a bad call at all considering the fact that with the fresher softs he did (theoretically) have the pace to challenge for the win. If something should fall into question that’s either the timing of the pit stop or the decision to keep Bottas in front knowing that Massa was roughly 1.5 sec./lap faster than him. (yes, I know, team orders are frowned upon and I agree, but in this case they would have made more sense than they did on other occasions).

      Also, I doubt he got all the help he needed from the pit lane / the right MGU-K instructions to pass those Red Bulls (which are still monsters on the corner exits compared to the FW36) as I also doubt Massa was proactive enough to make a move on various occasions.

      Felipe’s issues with this race go a bit further than the decision to pit him or not.

  86. I always give it a 10 just for a first career win, but this race was just… ‘wow’

  87. 10/10 even knowing that there was some artificiality to the final results based on MB issues. I’ll join the “what horrid TV coverage”… For example I haven’t the foggiest idea how BUT got past ALO&HULK on the last lap… Presumably crash avoidance related. Was happy to see RIC’s smile in the podium, which may have pushed me from a 9 to a 10

  88. 10/10 for this race, the excitement in the last few laps was great and Ricciardo getting his first win was amazing to see. Almost scary to see how much Mercedes have in hand against Force India (Who are in 4th in the constuctors) in the first and second sectors.

  89. An easy 10/10 from me, but a possibly generous 5/10 for the BBC coverage. Ben Edwards & David Coulthard kept on getting Nico & Lewis mixed up and they cut away from the podium interviews to get waffle from Suzi Perry and then abruptly ended the transmission – no analysis, no driver interviews. I have always watched races on BBC when possible, but I think its going to be Sky for me from now on.

    1. When Jonathan Legard was removed by the BBC, I was hoping they would get Edwards in as his replacement for 2011. Always admired his work up to that point, especially A1GP on Sky which I thought he did a great job on. But here he does my head in. Is it me or does he commentate as if he isn’t allowed to talk to loudly? It’s like listening to a kid playing Xbox online when his parents are asleep.

      Sky might be expensive but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. The team have brilliant chemistry (although on this particular weekend David Croft was abysmal).

  90. It would be a 10/10 but I just couldn’t keep out of my mind the fact that the reason checo, ric, seb and mas reached nico was the fact that he had serious issues with his car. And thinking that he had 165 less horsepower and it was such a struggle for the rest of them to catch up with him shows how disappointing the pace of the field is compared to the Mercs’. Other than that many great drives especially by daniel, nico and checo. Such a shame for the later not managing to materialize into points his amazing performance. 9/10 hoping that by the end of the season we’ll see races like this with all cars running on equal terms!

    1. The Red Bull drivers could have caught him more quickly but they couldn’t get by Perez. I feel absolutely horrible for Perez and Massa.

  91. Bruno Pelletier
    8th June 2014, 23:19

    Year after year, Montreal is always fantastic, 10/10 as always…

  92. Great race! a 9 without doubt. Ricciardo was huge today, Nico won the battle against Ham, Vettel is definitely improving, Massa very,very unlucky, and Ferrari a step behind even to Force India?
    But lots of emotion. Oh, and the cherry on the top of the cake, GP Canada for more 10 years!!

  93. An easy 10. The very long tension building up and then the action at the end. Only sad we didn’t see how Button got his very good result and much more. I simply don’t understand why we have to see the audience and the mechanics or anyone’s girlfriends reaction to the action on track during the race. I watch to see the racing, the other stuff they could save for later.
    Although I’m generally against TO, the one pulled by Williams this time contributed to the excitement of the race. I sincerely hope Massa and Perez will recover fully. The result was bad for Hamilton, but good for building up tension re the season as a whole.

  94. Laughing at people calling this race ‘artificial’ – the field wasn’t closed up late in the race by yellow flags, NASCAR-style, so it was better than Bahrain for me. Plus it had position changes, strategic gambles, last-lap drama and shocks and a really good result.

  95. It was a very nice race, i rated 8/10.

  96. Race of the decade for me so far.

    As a Canadian, I’m very proud of our lovely little track on Île Notre-Dame. At the same time, I’m an idiot for only living an hour from mtl and not going to the race

    1. As an American that lives 6 hours away but was there you should be very ashamed of yourself:) OMG that was the best race. I still can’t believe I got to witness that with my own eyes live at the hairpin. Canada I love you and see you for the next 10 years for sure. I love Montreal best city in North America.

  97. I don’t have a nail left to my hand! Absolutely epic race – it had it all. And best of all, Danny Ric YOU LITTLE BEAUTY!

  98. I’d be interested to see Button’s last lap from the onboard camera.
    Last time I’ve checked, he was behind Alonso and Hulk, but he came 4th ?!

  99. Paul (@frankjaeger)
    9th June 2014, 0:47

    9/10, a brilliant race, littered with action and dicey overtakes.

  100. this is the start of something great for Ricciardo. I really think he can wrestle that title out of Vettel’s hands by the end of the year. I really do

  101. Best…. Race….. of ….. the ….. year…… Canada never fails to provide an exciting race. This is the kind of race I want to see all of the time. It was the first time this year that everyone in my household was yelling at the tv like it was a hockey game! And yes, I am Canadian.
    After Ricciardo’s tweet in the goalie mask he endeared himself to Canadians, and now he takes the win. He is going to be loved by Canadian’s for the rest of his career.
    Loved this race!!!!

  102. Hamilton, Perez, and Grosjean retired after all drove strongly. Raikkonen ruined a reasonably strong race with a silly mistake.

    On paper it should have been a fizzle, but another controlled drive from Hulkenberg and what can only be described as a shocker from Ricciardo sweetend the pot. That and lap after lap after lap of wheel-to-wheel racing made it a joy to watch. A solid 9. If the safety car had not come out with a chain of cars still fighting for the podium, it might have been a 10.

    Still brilliant.

  103. 9….10…..9…..10….9…..10…..

    10/10, though it would’ve been easier had somebody called Geddy/Neil/.Alex done the interviews:)

  104. 10/10

    Excluding championship finales ((Brazil 2008 and 2012) and wet races (Canada 2011) this was the best race F1 race I have ever seen. This is the new benchmark for a dry F1 race. If it is not a 10/10 then what else can possibly be.

    I cannot remember the last time watching a dry race where throughout the second half (Ever since the Mercs had their problems) that I had no idea who would win out of about a half dozen different drivers. Usually its just one two or three that still have a chance at winning. But today, ROS, HAM, RIC, VET, MAS, PER, HUL. all seemed like they had a legit chance of winning and I had no clue how it was going to play out. Fantastic race.

    1. Well said.

      Suspense: That’s what made it a 10 for me. My level of enjoyment has nothing to do with the amount of overtakes and all to do with the openness of possible outcomes.

  105. I would have given this race a 10 if Perez had finished in podium. Hard luck Checo and fi

  106. 10. For making me sit on my ass at the edge of the chair and rubbing my nails in a lonely dark room, seeing Perez running second in the SFI. Only if he could have overtook ROS, he would have a great chance to be a winner. Gutted.

    I was more disappointed to see Hulk not overcome his 5th place syndrome, while being the Mr. Consistent of the two. Happy for what SFI did with the car but Williams really showed a lot more speed. They just looked like the best Merc customer team out there. They still struggle with tyres as compared to FI.

    Happy to see the “smiling F1 man” take his first career victory, but would have loved it more had the battle for the first been more complicated.

  107. So who had Ricciardo, Rosberg, Vettel, Button, Hulkenberg in predictions championship? Fantastically unpredictable race, plenty of different strategies, unreliability, incidents and drama. I ‘only’ rated it a 9, because the actual wheel-to-wheel stuff wasn’t inspiring, either simple DRS passes or follow the leader with not a whole lot between those extremes – so it was really misfortune that provided the excitement over the racing. Still a great race (though personally i prefered Bahrain).

  108. 8. 5/10 first half, 10/10 second half.

    That latter half had me on the edge of my seat, tense, willing on Perez until his issues led to heartbreak. Hats off to RIC, but it’s rare for me to be so invested in any sporting event to jump up in a minute-long profane, profuse tirade of screaming. Only a 10/10 latter half could do that.

    I know the nature of the sport, particularly after a mandated or innovative equipment change allows for one team to dominate. That first half had me in a stupor of, “Well, Nico will have pit lap choice, they’re two stopping, so either Lewis will kill his tyres putting down qualy laps, or kill his car.” Given Lewis’ rearward bias, it was the latter.

    That second half, though… It was bittersweet that Checo’s setup favored Sector 3 while Nico’s favored Sector 1. With Checo so fast in the speed trap to negate Renault + DRS, he could defend easily, but a setup which gave him that was comprised in Sector 1, slowing those who followed while losing most of a second vs. Nico.

    Regarding Massa vs. Perez, could Perez simply have moved over to take a line that would require less brakes, cooling them enough over the final lap to defend against Massa? It blocked Massa’s line, and may have saved enough to keep within DRS range of Vettel. We’ll never know, but the idea that Massa had planned his move since the hairpin and went into autopilot afterwards is hard to shake.

  109. Definetely a 10. It had everything, which a racing fan would want from a race and more: battle for the lead, anticipation for something happening, crashes, dramas, ruined chances and unexpected result. It was the best race since Brazil 2012. It reminded me the old times.

  110. 10/10 disappointing for FI :-( but a great race!

  111. If this isn’t a 10 I don’t know what is.

  112. Good race, gave it a 9.
    Why? ROS should have gotten a penalty; Hamilton out because of engine issues; Ferrari no-where to be found and finally a damn shame MAS and PER didn´t take out Vettel a la Grosjean!! LOL

    1. Nice.

  113. A 9. If it was a decisive race, a championship title race, I would give it a 10.
    Brilliant job from RBR, Force India and Williams. And we had to wait 7 races, till finally watch the Mercedes having serious problems.
    A huge victory for Ricciardo. Well deserved. Vettel is improving. Massa was very unlucky. Perez couldn’t handle the pressure or the braking problem, and Nico proved to be a brilliant racer also, as he managed to keep his car safe in second position. So, Ham, he’ll have to work a lot now to get back into the race for the title.
    Another disappointing Ferrari race.

  114. 8. Dramatic but the downside is that the race is marked by the relative powertrain performances and unreliability.

  115. come on, if merc hadnt have failed it would just have been the same old bore fest, why people cant see that is beyond me

    1. Seriously? Mercs problems were only a small factor in a fantastic race. There was plenty of action throughout the field that even if they hadn’t had issues and finished one-two, this would still be 9 or 10, as there would have been continued great fight between the two Mercs and all the rest of the fights still going on among the rest of the pack.
      I guess you mustn’t have appreciated Bahrain much either.

    2. If the Mercedes hadn’t failed then the battle between Rosberg and Hamilton would have continued, hence giving a potentially equally good show.

  116. I only rated it 9 as over my 50 yrs of watching i’ve witnessed better races with overtakes without electronic aids sorry

  117. Well I voted it a 1.
    Yes, a one. I was so annoyed with the Massa/Perez crash that I stormed out of the room and felt like thumping partner in the kitchen. It should have ended Ric, Ros, Mas, Per, Vet and I would have voted a ten for the best race of this season, or last.

    1. Pretty nosense.
      You should vote the racing itself, and it was amazing till the end..
      Anyway, a 10 for me. Best race since Brasil 2012.

    2. Yes, I really expected Massa could get onto the podium. : (

  118. Didn’t give it a 10, but still a solid 9, because everybody got close on mercedes not on complete merit, but following hard and heavy problems from them, which makes it a little bit unfair to me. When and if the other teams will get close on mercedes and actually overtake them on proper merit, that’ll be a 10 (if the race deserves it)

  119. This was an awesome race. Even my wife who doesn’t really watch more than 10 minutes of a race couldn’t get away from the TV.
    I gave it a 10.
    But honestly…. after the safety car period I really thought that the Mercedes Cars would take another one… until the reliability bug hit.

  120. I rated the race an 8.

    The Canadian GP is one of my favourites and I am glad the BBC showed it live as if I had to choose races to watch before the season started, Canada would probably be my first pick as it often seems to produce entertaining races.

    In the first part of the Grand Prix I thought I would be disappointed as it seemed like it would just be another Mercedes 1-2 with Rosberg holding off Hamilton and there didn’t seem to be that much action overall.

    Hamilton then started to get closer but I didn’t think he was going to get past especially when Rosberg was somehow not penalised for cutting the chicane when I thought it was obvious he had gained an advantage.

    However when both Mercedes developed car trouble it added some more excitement to the race as it looked like they would finally bet beaten, but then when the other cars caught Rosberg up after Hamilton’s retirement they didn’t seem to be able to challenge him, first with Perez immediately behind on his one stopper or Massa catching the back of the pack up on fresher tyres.

    However Ricciardo had been waiting and timed his attack right to get past Perez and then Rosberg to take his first Grand Prix victory.

    Then on the last lap there was that massive crash, thankfully Massa and Perez were okay.

    I must say that the TV footage could defiantly have been better, there were a few times the director choose to show shots of the crowd or mechanics sitting in the garages when there was action to be seen on the circuit.

    Most notably after the second round of stops when Hamilton ran wide at the hairpin with Rosberg retaking the lead the TV then cut to the crowd’s reaction instead of focusing on the cars where Hamilton was trying to get the lead back before ultimately his brakes failed.

    We also didn’t get to see how Button managed to get fourth at the end.

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