Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2014

Rosberg and Ricciardo to be investigated over red flag

2014 British Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2014Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo are under investigation for alleged infringements when the red flag was shown during the first practice session.

Both drivers are accused of overtaking other drivers after the red flag came out: Rosberg for passing Daniil Kvyat, Ricciardo for overtaking Fernando Alonso.

The stewards also wish to know why Ricciardo did “not immediately slow” when the red flag was shown after Felipe Massa’s crash during first practice.

One of the most recent drivers to be penalised for overtaking under a red flag was Charles Pic during the final practice session at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2012. He had 20 seconds added to his race time and was ordered to participate in an FIA road safety programme. The severity of Pic’s penalty was partly due to the fact he had passed four red lights before overtaking.

Jenson Button was also found to have overtaken under red flags during a practice session at the Circuit of the Americas last year. He was given a three-place grid penalty.

2014 British Grand Prix

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23 comments on “Rosberg and Ricciardo to be investigated over red flag”

  1. It’s quite a major infringement not to slow immediately after the red flag is shown.
    The red flag could mean a lot of dangerous things as a big crash and debris on the track, a guy on the track (remember that Monza race) or even a Jeep driving the track (Korea).

    If there is a penalty, that is justified.

    1. @jeff1s Agreed. This is one of those situations where ther is no ‘but’.

    2. @jeff1s

      a guy on the track (remember that Monza race)

      Do you mean Hockenheim, in 2000? In which case it’s worth noting the red flag wasn’t shown on that occasion. Nor was it in similar circumstances at Silverstone in 2003.

      1. Yeah, I was thinking about Hockenheim 2000, but as you @keithcollantine said it was only a safety car period just as that lunatic in Silverstone. I thought they red flagged those races, but surprisingly didn’t.

        I confused with Monza because of the ancient Hockenheim layout with long straights :P

    3. Ah, that SUV still makes me laugh!

    4. @jeff1s I haven’t seen it but you can still ‘overtake’ someone while slowing down and everything depends on the location. I’m not trying to excuse them because they should not but everything has to be regarded into their circumstances …

    5. Anyone who thinks he can pronounce for or against based on the scant information provided in this article is far to quick to judge and should learn to curb this instinct before they grow up and become politicians.

  2. This is serious, if they have done what the article suggests a penalty is in order here.

  3. Ha, I know at least one guy who would not be too upset to see Rosbers being handed a place grid penalty.

    1. *Rosberg*

    2. Or by the end of the race, even with penalty will be upset…

  4. How will Hamilton mess this one up then? Sounds like he’s got a great chance to win if Rosberg is going to be penalised.

    1. paul sainsbury
      4th July 2014, 15:37

      Well, we don’t know yet if there will even be any kind of penalty, although not slowing down for a red flag is seriously brainless, so there should be. What makes you think that LH will ‘mess this one up’. Both Merc drivers have made mistakes this year, I would say they are about even on that front. The points difference is entirely due to the mechanical failures on car 44, seen yet again today………..

  5. Rosberg already has a reprimand in his pocket, will that be counted ?

  6. No further action for both drivers.

    Sky showed a replay of the Rosberg incident & Kvyat basically slowed right down (To 30kph according to the FIA statement they read on Sky) & pulled right over to the left.
    Rosberg pulled alongside & slowed right down himself but apparently thought Kvyat had an issue & was stopping so then carried on by.

    The stewards looked at multiple video angles, all the telemetry data & spoke to both drivers & accepted Nico’s view.

    1. Going back to Button at Austin last year, He basically just blew by the other car on the straght so it was a much more clear cut incident.

      Thinking back wasn’t it Kvyat he passed also?

      1. Hardly possible as Kvyat was not in F1 then! @PeterG

        1. @mike-dee It was Kvyat’s 1st time running as the 3rd driver in FP1 for STR.


    2. Anyway, found this on the internet:

      Rosberg could get away with murder if the FIA stewards were judging him

      1. Also from internet :)

        Rosberg rhyme with Bilderberg, an Illuminati

  7. Sounds like no further action. They showed the Rosberg incident on the F1 practice on Sky and to be honest it looked like a pretty honest situation – Kvyat pulled off to the left and slowed right down, while Rosberg coasted past. He was still going very slowly and was in control of the car so I think it’s pretty sensible not to punish him for it.

    Didn’t see the Ricciardo incident.

  8. My guess would be no action. Personally there should be. It’s a serious issue, but they will never give Rosberg a penalty due to the current situation. If he’s given a grid drop then they will expect Hamilton to dominate the race and I’m sure this will come into play. If they don’t punish Rosberg then surely they can’t for Ricardo.

    1. Or maybe they won’t penalise Rosberg because ultimately he did nothing wrong.

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