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Alonso wasn’t expecting Ferrari to be so quick

2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Singapore, 2014Fernando Alonso admitted he was not expecting Ferrari to be as competitive as they were in qualifying in Singapore.

Alonso qualified within a quarter of a second of the pole position time which is the closest Ferrari have been all season.

“If you had told me yesterday that we would still be competitive in qualifying, probably I wouldn’t have believed it,” he said. “And in fact this fifth place is a bit different to usual, because the gap to pole is really small.”

Alonso said the unusual characteristics of the Singapore circuit goes some way towards explaining their promising pace, but also that they had improved their car since the beginning of the year.

“This weekend, I’ve felt comfortable right from the first session and probably much of that is down to the characteristics of the track. It’s impossible to compare it to other races, because this one and Monaco are a law unto themselves.

“But definitely, we have made a step forward since the start of the season and I’m sure the car will continue to improve right the way to the end.”

2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. After the summer break Ferrari found somehow some pace on the car. In SPA the front end was already working much better that said Ferrari’s engine limitations were exposed further, I’m convinced Ferrari are a distant 3rd in powerplant package, clear impression after seeing the MArussias losing out to Caterham in Monza and also seeing Sauber doing much better in lower power rating track. All things considered Ferrari are surely behind Mercedes and RBR chassis wise, but tracks like these can provide better qualifying sessions to Ferrari although Van der Garde said the Ferrari is having problems recharging. Even in Singapore!

  2. I doubt anyone was.

    The F14T looked beautifully stable through corners. What a nice surprise for once!

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