Start, Korean Grand Prix, 2012

Korea’s surprise return means record 21 races in 2015

2015 F1 calendar

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Start, Korean Grand Prix, 2012The 2015 F1 calendar will feature a record-breaking 21 races as South Korea makes a surprise return to Formula One next year.

The race, which is scheduled to take place one week before the Spanish Grand Prix, is listed as ‘to be confirmed’ on the schedule issued by the FIA World Motor Sports Council.

The Korea International Circuit held the country’s only previous round of the world championship on four occasions from 2010 to 2013. With its return potentially only five months away, the likelihood of the race being held at any other venue is slim.

Another change to the calendar see the Bahrain Grand Prix moved back to the fourth race of the year, and is now run on consecutive weekends with the Chinese round, rather than the Malaysian race as previously.

As was the case this year, the season will begin in Australia and end in Abu Dhabi.

2015 F1 calendar

Round Race Date Forum
1 Australian Grand Prix March 13 – 15 Forum
2 Malaysian Grand Prix March 27 – 29 Forum
3 Chinese Grand Prix April 10 – 12 Forum
4 Bahrain Grand Prix April 17 – 19 Forum
5 Korean Grand Prix May 1 – 3 Forum
6 Spanish Grand Prix May 8 – 10 Forum
7 Monaco Grand Prix May 21 – 24 Forum
8 Canadian Grand Prix June 5 – 7 Forum
9 Austrian Grand Prix June 19 – 21 Forum
10 British Grand Prix July 3 – 5 Forum
11 German Grand Prix July 17 – 19 Forum
12 Hungarian Grand Prix July 24 – 26 Forum
13 Belgian Grand Prix August 21 – 23 Forum
14 Italian Grand Prix September 4 – 6 Forum
15 Singapore Grand Prix September 18 – 20 Forum
16 Japanese Grand Prix September 25 – 27 Forum
17 Russian Grand Prix October 9 – 11 Forum
18 United States Grand Prix October 23 – 25 Forum
19 Mexican Grand Prix October 30 – November 1 Forum
20 Brazilian Grand Prix November 13 – 15 Forum
21 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November 27 – 29 Forum

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93 comments on “Korea’s surprise return means record 21 races in 2015”

  1. I’m happy that there’s another race next season, however I can’t say I’m too pleased that it’s the awful Korean Circuit.

    1. I too am happy to have another race, more the merrier. Though I do wonder how the teams feel about this and whether they actually see any benefit in extending the calendar, will they gain extra sponsorship though extended exposure , more money from CVC , of just a added cost . Would a smaller say 16 round championship be more cost appealing and competitive to the emerging and smaller teams.

  2. James (@jamesjames123abc)
    3rd December 2014, 16:29

    I don’t get why the Korean GP is just one week before the Spanish GP. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense logistically…

    1. @jamesjames123abc Indeed. And there’s nothing from the FIA to indicate the current upper limit of 20 races has been raised. That is stipulated in the Sporting Regulations and changing those for next year at this stage would require the unanimous agreement of the teams.

      So perhaps this is some way of applying pressure on another race organiser to sign a new contract. Given Korea’s position on the provisional calendar are there any obvious candidates? Bahrain springs to mind – its deal currently runs to 2016 and there were reports of a new deal in the offing 12 months ago but it seems none was signed.

      It’s not hard to imagine Ecclestone seeking to take full advantage of the Bahrain government’s desperation to cling to the race following all their recent problems, putting up the price and turning the screw with a stunt like this.

      1. Well I think it is all due to Nico Hulkenberg and possibly Fernando Alonso to WEC!
        At least Bernie is known to be that kind of person

        1. Wouldn’t surprise me!

      2. @keithcollantine Good point Keith, Bernie can then say to Bahrain, “Oh, well, I’ll just do China-Korea back-to-back instead then”, even if it is unrealistic to do so (i.e. there’s no more money for a Korean GP).

        Bahrain probably want some leeway on the fee increases, after paying for a race that didn’t even take place in the boycott year.

      3. @keithcollantine, another devious ploy might be to have the teams vote it down so Bernie can say they turned down the opportunity to EARN more money so they can’t expect to be given more.

      4. The links to “forum” after the event details in the list are a little off. A couple of them are repeated and some direct to another event’s thread.

    2. Would have made more sense to at least swap it with the Bahrain GP.

    3. I really looks like a last minute call.

      Korea/Japan back-to-back would be a better option.

  3. now this is a surprise! thought it would be gone for good. but why not put it after the chinese grand prix instead of going through the troubles of having to go from chine to bahrain, then back to korea? must be because the date for bahrain was already set and it’s only one week after china.

    not really sure wether to be happy with this or not. don’t like the circuit layout, but the race in 2013 was one of , if not the best of the season.

  4. Finishing with Abu Dhabi again, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Brazil is such a great place to finish, history has told us this.

    1. Money!

    2. I’m guessing it involves a sheik and a very large cheque.

      1. Sure Brazil was early in the season (along with Argentina) & Australia was right at the end until quite recentl … oh wait, that was twenty years ago now…. :)

        1. As you say, recently.

    3. I know I will be in the minority if I say this, but I actually don’t mind the fact that the finale is in Abu Dhabi. Sure the track layout is far from ideal, but I will never forget the 2012 race. I’m also quite a fan of the night races, it just adds a little bit of flair.

      I will add that despite all that, this year’s gp was lame.

      1. 2012 was pretty lame, too, except for Vettel, who had to start from the back of the grid after his disqualification.
        Imo, Yas Marina shouldn’t even be in F1.

    4. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      4th December 2014, 15:35

      The only thing I like about finishing in Abu Dhabi, is that its poetic having the sun setting on the race as the sun sets on the season

  5. What a waste to have the Can GP all alone in the middle of the European season. Either get Mex/US there together with Can, or move Can to the back end of the season.

    1. have tried in past and it gets too cold in winter for Montreal, I wonder how this works out for Sky/BBC as for the 3rd year running a odd number of races

      1. It’s too cold in Montreal for a race that far back. Temperatures between -5 C & probably max 10 deg C.

        1. Doubly, it’s very hot if the mexican or US GP was moved to around the Canadian GP date.

          1. @beejis60 For COTA, yes, but not for Mexico City.

  6. Roughly three too many.

    1. Too many? It’s the more the better for me :) I do feel though that they could organize the order better.

  7. James Scantlebury
    3rd December 2014, 16:59

    Korean GP is scheduled on the same weekend as the Spa WEC race. You know, the race that Nico Hulkenberg was planning to do with Porsche in preparation for Le Mans? #facepalm
    Is Bernie getting worried about the rise of popularity of WEC and Le Mans, and is flexing his political power?

    1. Damn. :(

    2. morningview66
      3rd December 2014, 17:46

      Ridiculous, i really hope this isn’t the reason for the return of the Korean GP (im sure its too short notice).
      But seriously what it wrong with F1, do they really need this many races 18 would be enough.

    3. I know which one I’ll be watching. And faced with the choice of a Sky Pad in Mokpo or a 1000bhp Toyota around Spa, I wonder which event Anthony Davidson will choose?

  8. Out of interest – Is Bahrain gonna be a night race this year or was that a one off?

    1. Keisoglou Alexandros (@)
      3rd December 2014, 17:12

      Not sure at all, but i think the night race was to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of F1 GPs in Bahrain. Keith or anyone else could say for sure, though.

    2. @ddonovan1993 @keisalex I don’t think they’ve decided yet, but from an investment viewpoint, I can’t see them putting all the money into a lighting system of that standard only to use it once for F1.

      I’d could be interesting to see another sunset race like Abu Dhabi!

    3. I heard rumours that they wanted to keep it as a night race but no one’s confirmed it yet. I do like the idea of making it a twilight race.

    4. It should be a night race as they invested a lot in setting up the lighting systems and I think it also got a sign of approval from fans in general.

      Frankly, I quiet liked it. It gave a different feel as well as the fact that we didn’t had to see the boring sand dunes around the track.

      Rather then a night race, I’d prefer a twilight race. Anyway, I hope it stays.

      1. Wasn’t there also talk of Australia becoming a night race? Has that faded away?

        1. @skylab I don’t think we will switch to a night race for a while.

    5. Yes, it will remain a night race.

      1. +1 The organisers said it was a success.

  9. Please, get rid of Abu Dhabi! The most awful place to end a season!
    And bring back India instead of Korea!

    1. I wish the same , an Indian GP, but our tax issues are pushing out F1. :(

    2. Still hoping for Istanbul Park to make a comeback one day… such a great track wasted.

      1. I agree. Istanbul Park was indeed a great race track. I was just watching the 2005 FIA Official Season Review and no drivers had anything bad to say about it. In fact they were super impressed with the track.

        It has great elevation changes and some tricky corners. Indeed a great circuit in the wrong country!

      2. It’s still one of my favourite tracks. I love the varied corners, the triple-apex turn, the elevation changes…

        It’s the track that Abu Dhabi should have been.

      3. And a great track to drive on the F1 games.

    3. Agreed.

    4. Abu Dhabi is THE anti climax finale. No atmosphere, no variable weather & of course a horrible circuit layout.

    5. The problem with South Korea is the fans, the track is quite OK IMO.

      1. The problem with Korea is the location of the track, not the fans. It’s In BFE-literally the farthest point from Seoul that you can build a track. I live here.

        1. I know! Worst location imaginable. And Mokpo just can’t handle the volume. I stayed in Mokpo the first year (on a friend’s motel room floor) and Gwangju in 2012 and didn’t bother with 2013 (didn’t fancy the journey, even from Daegu). Soulless, no interest, hard to get to. Shame.

  10. Yes, I know this will be an unpopular perspective, but I actually welcome the return of the Korean Grand Prix, or rather the return of the Korean layout. Yes, it is difficult to imagine a worse location for a Grand Prix than the Mokpo wilderness miles from any urban center, but whilst it is not Sepang or COTA, Tilke’s offerings in this scenario look like Suzuka when compared to Sochi or Yas Marina. Once the excessively long straights are cleared the sinuous layout has always nicely framed the immense grip and downforce of F1 cars, and with a) the track’s overtaking opportunities and b) an absence of a dominant Sebastian Vettel we may have an engaging Korean Grand Prix to look forward to in 2015.

    On another note, have I missed something? Is the Nurburgring not hosting the German Grand Prix in 2015, @keithcollantine?

    1. @countrygent From a driving perspective, I agree – the track also had the setup compromise from the long straights, helping overtaking.

      However, I imagine that any Korean GP from now on would be a Seoul street race, rather than another trip to Mokpo.

      1. @fastiesty The fourth place the tea-tray winged Sauber of Hulkenberg managed in 2013 is certainly evidence of your first point.

        We will be going to Mokpo in 2015, but yes, a Seoul street race might be on the cards come 2016. Another street layout wishing it was Monaco, à la Beijing’s woeful Formula E circuit, to look forward to…

        1. @countrygent If they have the money, then yes, true! Back to the ‘love hotels’..!

          PS. In my mind, the first ePrix was in Europe.. I have no recollection of anything there that made me think it was in Beijing!

    2. I agree with the idea that it’s a good circuit, from a driver’s perspective, esp qualifying.

  11. More F1 anyday!

    But South Korea… I’d be screaming for joy for an Imola or Estoril… but not KIC!

  12. The Blade Runner (@)
    3rd December 2014, 17:20

    My sentiments are similar to most. A shame it’s South Korea but, hey, another weekend of F1!

  13. Lets reduce costs.

    By adding another GP.

  14. Wow! Wow wow wow! This was unexpected. Great news though! Even though the circuit is not popular, it is better to have it than to not.

    Plus teams will get 5 power units now, not 4.

    1. They already get 5. 6 now maybe.

      1. They got 5 in 2014, but the 2015 rules say that they will only get 4, unless there is more than 20 races, in which case they get 5.

        1. Which may be the real reason it’s been added.

        2. I think you have hit the nail on the head with this, the placement of S.Korea in the calendar is very strange too, I suspect as some Engine Manufacturers are going to have to do a lot of changes, reliability will be suspect, this may just be a token gesture to work around the rules for next year, and wipe S.Korea race off the calendar, which then would not change the power units quota from 5 to 4.

  15. Keith, should the German Grand Prix not be at the Nurburgring next year?