9 comments on “McLaren MP4-30, 2015”

  1. Still silver? 0_o Why…?

    1. Had some left over paint?

    2. Personally I think the car is gorgeous!!!! Looks mean, and it looks a winner!!! As far as I am aware, I think McLaren hold the patent for the “mirrored silver paint”, as they “invented/mixed” the colour originally, but maybe Keith can clarify that point tho Im sure I read it a few years back. #:)

      1. Ferdinand Ernst
        29th January 2015, 16:46

        Actualy the light weight chrome colour is invented by AkzoNobel in the Netherlands.

  2. The Mclaren paint budget must be tight this year.

  3. Vodafone McLaren Honda

  4. Will McLaren have a title sponser? The reason the sidepod is black and blank.

  5. All it’s missing Vodafone/West. Was over this livery by 2008. Thanks for getting our hopes up McLaren. What a disappointment. Where’s the creativity????????

  6. The front reminds me of the old Lotus 81, quite flat, although the cockpit is obviously much further back in the modern car

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