Red Bull RB11 final livery 2015

Red Bull RB11 revealed in final livery

2015 F1 season

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Red Bull RB11 final livery 2015

Red Bull has revealed how its RB11 will look in its final livery for 2015.

The team used a special black-and-white ‘camouflage’ livery during testing.

2015 F1 season

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65 comments on “Red Bull RB11 revealed in final livery”

  1. *yawn*

    1. @optimaximal I’d rather have this than another largely monochrome car on the grid.

      Though it would be nice to see Toro Rosso change to something a bit less Red Bull-esque.

      1. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
        2nd March 2015, 9:33

        They will when Renault buys them :-)

        You heard it here first.

        1. Sorry @full-throttle-f1, beat you to it on 26 February –

          1. @pault LOL..

            And the nickname @full-throttle-f1 is quite ironical, as F1 is not always full-throttle,,

          2. HAHA…burn!

        2. @full-throttle-f1 It could be a good move to get involved in F1 again, but downsizing from Lotus to Toro Rosso doesn’t sound great. Fair enough that there is no debt at Toro Rosso. But would Renault start up as the Red Bull junior team? :D

      2. @keithcollantine For a team that historically prided itself as being different, its a shame that it’s just another cookie-cutter effort.

      3. Agreed. Sort of reminds me of the Benetton F1 cars of old.

        1. I mean I like it, I think the colourful approach makes it stand out from the competition while not loosing its “Red Bull” identity. Its definitely bolder than previous years. Have to Agree with Keith- They could try something different with Toro Rosso, since its not their “main car”. Toro Rosso Could be much more experimental and bold in their livery.

          1. Sorry, but apart from being less messy looking than last year, where do you see the difference @sergio-perez?

            The sidepods were purple last year already, only there is now a clear line where it ends.

      4. So agree.

        Of all the dull black and white liveries Red Bull’s was no doubt the unique looking, but the dullness of the grid as a whole is by far the bigger aesthetic problem.

      5. @keithcollantine I Agree. This livery in particular has anyway probably seen the biggest revamp since the RB3

      6. Remove Opposing Opinions
        2nd March 2015, 18:29

        Shame on Red Bull. Shame on them, and shame on anyone who snuffed out the correct view of what was a fantastic livery.

        Anybody with eyes and all the brain bit that process what the eyes do, with the interconnecting bits all connected up properly to those brain bits, and the tiniest bit of taste wanted Red Bull to be brave enough to put the beautiful thing we saw in testing onto the grid in Melbourne.

        Unfortunately, displaying the same depletion of chutzpah that has prompted legends of Formula One to flee the team, Red Bull’s decided to capitulate to a group of people who would prefer pearlescent blue, purpley-blue and yellow in a eyesore of a jumble splodged all over the car to something that is actually nice, actually.

        1. SwissEnglishBulldog
          2nd March 2015, 18:54

          Bits. Brain bits.

        2. Wow, you’re really good at making up new words and phrases!

    2. After having “teased” us with their interesting (but monochrome) testing livery, I had expected a bit more, honestly I don’t really see it as a different livery than before, more of a yearly update depending on sponsor relative weight etc.

      1. Totally agree! If they hadn’t done all the interesting monochrome camouflage during the pre-season I wouldn’t have thought much about it. But after teasing us with something new and interesting…..BORING SAME OL’ SAME OL’

    3. F1 fans are never happy, are they?

      1. couldn’t agree with you any more…nothing pleases everyone.

  2. What a stunning livery. Love the purple.

    1. Ah.. hope they reflect that purple color in their sector times…

  3. Ok, nothing surprising. In a way we had gotten used to the Camo Bull livery, now the reality shock.

    One of the most colorful car on the grid.

    Also, on the sponsor front, no new big names. Only Exness.

    The Redbull text could have been better placed.

  4. It seems they are shifting from RedBull to Infinity with more purple than before. That purple touch is really nice, it changes from the usual tones!

    However I would have prefer them to keep the camo livery, so nice and unique!

  5. The purple continues to grow! I like it. Now we just wait for Prince to be a special guest in the Red Bull garage sometime this season.

  6. This is a mistake right? I mean a certain Mr Horner said:

    [Fans] won’t be disappointed because the livery will be even stronger. You’ll have to wait and see – that’s why it’s in camouflage. It’s great to do something different, it’s been extremely well received.

    And we’re all in agreement right, the camo was better than this?

    I’m gutted, I was looking forward to them being in a slipstream and a commentator referring to the camo tow.

    1. I’m in no such agreement… the disruptive thingy camo was horrible imo

      I’ve never really been fully in the Go-RedBull camp, but the cars and their liveries always look racy, colourful and nice to me. The ugly ugly ugly moving head ache, that the camo was, would not have been better than this more brand recognized RB livery in my opinion

    2. Yeah it makes you wonder what the hell was he talking about? Sure there is a little more purple but really it hardly looks any different than other years so you wonder why was he making such statement about the livery like it was gonna be something completly new.

  7. Four leading colors? I’m not an expert on graphic design, but it seems gharish to me. Too much going on, plus the different styles of 3D Infinity logo and a flat Red Bull one. My eyes are suffering.

    For me the quote “A camel is a horse designed by a commitee” is applicable here. I have the sense that too much different people and influences have been injected into this livery.

    Again, this is only my opinion. Rant over.

    1. @randy agree with you. It’s nice to see a car filled with sponsors, but why not tidy it up?

    2. By the way, do you know why they have to use yellow? Red and Black for Red Bull, purple for Infinity … but the yellow?

      1. Their logo.

    3. Yeah, I definitely agree. Look at the side of the car, it goes red, yellow, red, blue, red, purple, yellow, red, blue, purple, red…

      It’s not as busy as last year’s Force India, but it could definitely use some simplification.

  8. Laaaaaaaaaaame…

  9. What’s the point in the camo livery if you don’t change your proper livery. All the important bits of aero were bare carbon fibre anyway.

    I kinda wanted them to change to a pearl white/sky blue theme like the sugar free variant of Red Bull.

  10. I thought Christian Horner said they has something really special planned? It’s not exactly that. In fact it actually ooks a bit of a mess

  11. This livery design is starting to grow really boring, but I guess that anything is better than another grey car on the grid.

  12. I like it. Okay its similar to previous Red Bull liveries but this year at least its not silver and black or black and silver.

  13. I’ve to be honest, after the camouflage livery was revealed in order to “hide” the developments, I was under the impression that Red Bull will go for a makeover. With Sebastian Vettel departed from the team and bringing down curtains to the most successful era in the history of team, I thought the team would be looking for a fresh start as well. However they’ve stuck to the base livery and hence I am a bit disappointed.

  14. Could have left it with blue red and yellow and work from there, the purple just looks awful. It doesn’t look like a cohesive design, more like someone took sponsor stickers and plastered them all over the car. I agree the rest of the grid is boring, but this is just ugly.

    1. Duncan Snowden
      3rd March 2015, 2:57

      Yeah, it reminds me of the old Benetton* approach. Williams too, to an extent, back in the Canon days. “You’ve got a logo? Right, bung it on…”

      But actually, I don’t really mind it, if I’m honest. I’d rather have a riot of clashing colours than yet another variaton on black and silver. It doesn’t exactly set the pulse racing, but at least it’s distinctive. Or would be, if it weren’t for Toro Rosso.

      *RBR reminds me a lot of Benetton, now I come to think of it. A well-known European business totally unrelated to the motor industry buys an F1 team outright, lending it its name, and wins the championship with a German prodigy…

  15. I thought that this “camouflage look” was really nice, and reading what Horner had said about something “even more surprising” would have expected some major changes.
    Disappointed, and still hard on TV to distinguish both from the front, the Toro Rosso & the Red Bull expect from the golden & yellow nose…
    I must say that I am also not very excited about Sauber’s new look…

  16. Disappointed. I had hoped silver and blue, the way RedBull cans are colored. :(

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        2nd March 2015, 16:14

        @aks-das the problem of that alternative you bring is more silver on the field. I’m tired of silcer cars or grey cars.
        you want to see a colorful grid, you have to go back to the beginning of the 2000s
        Jaguar: Green (but not that awful Catherham green)
        Jordan: yellow
        Benneton: sky blue
        Toyota: white and red
        Ferrari: Usual Red
        Sauber: Electric Blue, in a little darker tone than their current one.
        Arrows: orange

  17. i preferred their previous livery over this one specially from behind the front wheels where there are no stripes like before that just looks ugly but the new livery really highlights the small side pods

  18. Looks like someone stitched two different cars together. One with blue-white-red scheme, and the other fully purple with silver logos.

  19. I kinda like it. It looks like a toy with all those different colors and stickers, but it’s easily recognizable. I agree that they should change the TR livery though.

  20. Shame, my son really liked the camouflage livery

  21. I like it. A natural evolution of their design.

  22. I rather like it, not sure what everyone was expecting. Anything which was a bigger step away from this would have neglected the Red Bull brand. I can’t help wondering with the increase in the infiniti branding how long it will be before we see a nissan/infiniti power unit

  23. Objectively it’s a very nice livery, or at least certainly eye-catching, but it’s just too easy (an almost customary now) to dislike RedBull, so I’ll poo poo it as a garish branding exercise
    : P

  24. I don’t know what many of you were expecting. This is the traditional Red Bull livery by now. Were you expecting a green Ferrari as well?

    Speaking of which, there are now no green or yellow teams on the grid. Those are two great unused colors for teams that don’t have a traditional livery.

  25. I like this, but I also liked the last two since Infiniti were title sponsors. I think the purple is a nice addition, and there is more of it on the RB11 – and it could be the last year of it as I think 2015 is Infiniti’s last year of title sponsoring Red Bull.

    For people who are disappointed, you can’t expect Red Bull to change the livery too much, just as you can’t expect Ferrari to. In terms of changes since 2005, this is quite a lot for Red Bull!

  26. What an anticlimax; exactly the same as last year’s, and the year before that, and the year before that….

  27. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    2nd March 2015, 16:16

    I wonder if there’s any angle where you can read the whole “Red Bull” on the front wing… The words should be also on the upper flaps that cover it.

  28. It is hardly an exciting livery but I guess that it is pretty normal for a brand to display its colours in the way they see fit. We had the Marlboro Mclaren for 20ish years, ferrari have been the same forever except a blue car in America and some privateers. It would be nice to see a different livery but for them at least when we see that colour combo we think “redbull”. Brand association.

  29. That shade of purple is particularly puke inducing. I preferred last years’ where it was a bit more subtle.

  30. OK, and what you think about this one? :o

      1. +1 @aw123 Beat me to it. I’m disappointed that Red Bull didn’t paint the car like that but it was never going to happen.

      2. looks a lot more interesting yeah

  31. I applaud the color but, their camouflage livery was less confusing than this. Still better than the greys and monochromatic on half the field.

  32. I previously commented on the ginormous size of the front wings and now RB has an even larger looking front wing. The drivers will be knocking the fronts off faster than one can say, how many spares do we have here at the track!!!! Thanks, Norris

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