Sepang extends Malaysian GP contract to 2018

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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The Sepang International Circuit will continue to host the Malaysian Grand Prix for the next three year.

The office of the Malaysian prime minister Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak announced the extension on its current contract following the end of today’s grand prix. The circuit has held Malaysia’s round of the world championship since 1999.

State-owned petroleum firm Petronas will remain as the sponsor of the race, as it has doe since the inaugural event. Petronas also sponsors Mercedes’ F1 team.

“The contract for the extension was signed today following the successful negotiations between SIC and Formula One Management,” said the government’s statement. “The Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix™ has been a major annual sporting event in the country since it was first hosted here in 1999.”

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Sepang extends Malaysian GP contract to 2018”

    1. Awesome. I do like this track a lot.

    2. Brilliant news. Always great racing, and fair play to Tilke, people do forget he did this track.

      1. Don’t forget Schumacher contributed to the design too.

    3. As far as Tilke Dromes go, this one is one of my favourites. Even more so I scored my first win in computer racing here as well.

    4. Ask and it shall be given. Malaysia wanted a spectacle, they got one. Now it is being extended.

      That said, I did see a lot of empty seats in the race though.

    5. Good news, but a slightly over 35% capacity crowd – 44k versus a capacity 130k sums up the problem long term. PM Najib seems keen on Motorsport was there on the podium today, and therefore one of very few regional leaders not to attend the funeral of Singapore founding PM LKY today, and also Formula E race moved Malaysian race so he could attend.
      But all that being said MotoGP is much bigger in Malaysia.

      1. Certainly we cannot compare the MotoGp to F1 in terms of ticketing price. Malaysia is represented by the YDMM Agong (the monarch) to Singapore, i think its fare, because he’s at the top of the helm. If its continue to be entertaining I believe the 44K will increase by the year, lets not hope its soon enough i think eh?

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