Start, Bahrain Grand Prix, 2014

2015 Bahrain Grand Prix TV Times

2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Start, Bahrain Grand Prix, 2014F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire Bahrain Grand Prix weekend. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow F1 Fanatics.

We’ll also be following the first two GP2 races of the year and the third round of the IndyCar championship at Long Beach.

Here are the details of Sky and the BBC’s coverage of the 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix in the UK:

Friday 17 April 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Bahrain Grand Prix first practice liveBBC Red Button12:0012:0013:30
Bahrain Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F111:4512:0013:30
Bahrain Grand Prix second practice liveBBC216:0016:0017:30
Bahrain Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F115:4516:0017:30

Saturday 18 April 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Bahrain Grand Prix third practice liveBBC212:5513:0014:00
Bahrain Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F112:4513:0014:00
GP2 Bahrain feature raceSky Sports F111:0511:1012:15
Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying liveBBC115:3016:00
Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F115:0016:00

Sunday 19 April 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
GP2 Bahrain sprint raceSky Sports F112:1012:1513:05
Bahrain Grand Prix liveBBC115:0016:00
Bahrain Grand Prix liveSky Sports F114:3016:00
IndyCar Grand Prix of Long BeachESPN21:0021:30

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2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

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19 comments on “2015 Bahrain Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Australian TV Schedule

    Friday 17/4/15
    FP1 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (20:45-22:45) *Live
    Ten/OneHD (Not Aired)

    Saturday 18/4/15
    FP2 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (12:45-3:00) *Live
    Ten/OneHD (Not Aired)

    FP3 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (21:45-11:10) *Live
    Ten/OneHD (Not Aired)

    Sunday 19/4/15
    QUAL – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (1:00-2:00) *Live
    Ten/OneHD (Not Aired)

    GP2 – Pit Lane – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (9:10-22:05) *Live
    Pit Lane – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (11:30-1:00) *Live

    Monday 20/4/15
    RACE – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (1:00-3:00) *Live
    RACE – Ten (12:30AM-3:00AM) *Live

    *Foxsports – (Foxtel Subscription Required)
    Note: All times are AEST, schedules based on Melbourne times – Please check local guides

    1. Please disregard the pitlane in the GP2 schedule, it should read:
      GP2 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (9:10-22:05) *Live

    2. Cheers, was just looking for the AU times. used to easy to see the times on espn, but they have removed or changed that feature on the site

  2. buy a 24-hour subscription to all Sky Sports channels for £6.99 or a one-week pass for £10.99 to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix.

    I’d rather watch the Bahrain Grand Prix rather than the Malaysian one again :P

    1. it said the same last weekend i commented it went unheeded

  3. It’s live on the BBC this weekend. I hereby promise to try my very, very best to stay awake for the whole race.

    1. @lotus49 Me too, should be ok at 4pm though, although I do get sleepy late afternoons sometimes.

  4. That’s a long time between the GP2 races and the Formula 1. I wonder if the spectators will be entertained another way, or are they not expecting many spectators in the first place?

    1. Between each session Bernie Ecclestone personally pats down every spectator to see if they’ve any spare money he can get out of them.

      1. @mazdachris Wouldn’t surprise me if he did indeed do that although that would mean mixing with the commoners so maybe not…

      2. Its Bahrain, so he could pat down all 5 spectators at his leisure

    2. They’ve got Porsche GT3s running in between.

      Here’s the full timetable-

  5. Another Indycar race? And this time on Monday at 4:30 AM for me?

    1. Edit: Oh, it’s probab;y 3:30 AM for me – forgot about DST.

  6. US schedule, all times Eastern:
    P1: Friday, 7 am NBC Sports Live Extra (online)
    P2: Friday, 11 am, NBCSN
    P3: Saturday, 8 am, NBC Sports Live Extra
    Qualifying: Saturday, 11 am, CNBC (not NBCSN)
    Race: Sunday, 11 am, NBCSN, with a half-hour preshow beforehand.

  7. Phew, sensible race times again. The far east races (China, Australia, Malaysia) are a complete nightmare for Latin American viewers, 3 or 4 in the morning, too late to stay up late to watch, to early to get up early to watch (though I did).

    1. Totally! I work offshore in Brazil, so its a nightmare fitting the races around the shift pattern.
      Also, watching it live on Globo is only slightly better than missing it at all. Whats with the 4:3 aspect ratio? And the commentators going totally bonkers every time Massa appears on screen?!
      It does make me appriciate being home on leave and watching the Sky Sports coverage!

      1. In which part of Brazil are you working? I don’t watch it in 4:3, and I don’t live anywhere near São Paulo or Rio. About the commentators, well, we have to deal with it :/

    2. Have to say that for me, those early races, and late evening races, are the best David BR, Andy – gives me time to get up early see some F1, then have the rest of the day. FP’s are best when not during middle of the day for me, races too, unless I am going to them.

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