Start, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

2015 Canadian Grand Prix TV Times

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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Start, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire Canadian Grand Prix weekend. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow F1 Fanatics.

We’ll also be following the latest round of the Formula E championship before final practice on Saturday, and IndyCar’s annual visit to Texas Motor Speedway, which those in the UK can catch in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Here are the details of Sky and the BBC’s live coverage of the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix in the UK:

Friday 5 June 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Canadian Grand Prix first practice liveBBC214:4515:0016:30
Canadian Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F114:4515:0016:30
Canadian Grand Prix second practice liveBBC319:0019:0020:30
Canadian Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F118:4519:0020:30

Saturday 6 June 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Formula E Moscow ePrixITV413:0014:00
Canadian Grand Prix third practice liveBBC214:5515:0016:00
Canadian Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F114:4515:0016:00
Canadian Grand Prix qualifying liveBBC117:0018:00
Canadian Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F117:0018:00

Sunday 7 June 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession starts
IndyCar Texas 600BT Sport 201:0001:50*
Canadian Grand Prix liveBBC118:2519:00
Canadian Grand Prix liveSky Sports F117:3019:00

*According to the most recent event schedule (PDF link)

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2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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4 comments on “2015 Canadian Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Australian TV Schedule
    Well its a tough one for us Aussies this weekend, an early morning, but thankfully most of the country gets Queen’s Birthday public holiday, so no need to ring in sick for work :)

    — Friday 4/6/15 —
    FP1 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (23:45-01:45) *Live
    — Saturday 5/6/15 —
    FP2 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (03:45-06:00) *Live

    FP3 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (23:45-01:00) *Live
    — Sunday 6/6/15 —
    QUAL – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (03:00-04:00) *Live

    — Monday 7/6/15 —
    Race – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (04:00-06:00) *Live

    Race – Ch10 (21:30-22:30) *Highlights

    *Foxsports – (Foxtel Subscription Required)
    Note: All times are AEST, schedules based on Melbourne times – Please check local guides

    1. @dragdoll – don’t you mean ONE rather then TEN. I for one don’t mind watching highlights when its in the early hours of the morning.

  2. I’m very much looking forward to the BTCC this weekend. The season has been very good so far this year, and the on-track antics have almost been enough to make me forget just how many gimmicks are in play. Oulton Park also, is one of my favourite tracks in the UK, but is perhaps all too often forgotten because of the difficulties of overtaking. I can confirm it is an especially nice track to drive in a rented Ferrari 430.

    The BTCC is another series that benefits from the effort of my good friend David Addison, who is unquestionably the best motorsport commentator in circulation at the moment. His input adds so much to the enjoyment of the BTCC, the DTM, the Blancpain Endurance Series and the occasional F3 races he covers. Cracking job.

  3. Gonna have plenty of time to go out saturday night and come back for IndyCar. It starts at 3am in central europe.

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