Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2015

Rate the race: 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix

2015 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2015

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226 comments on “Rate the race: 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix”

  1. 9/10 good stuff

    1. Vote 9 too.
      Should be 10 if Rosberg doesn’t make stupid move that make tight championship disappear.

      1. @ruliemaulana

        that make tight championship disappear.

        Vettel is 42 points behind now, one point less than a win and a 2nd place, exactly like Kimi was 2 races before the end of the 2007 season. So the championship is not over yet.

        1. @crammond let hope more clumsy race and sloppy start from Mercedes then…

          1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
            26th July 2015, 18:05

            Especially with no more pit wall help from Spa onwards

        2. But Ferrari was much more competitive that year. Today Ferrari won fair and square on merit but if the Mercs had been in the front as usual I guess we would have had the usual service of them (or at least Hamilton that today had the raw pace) to disappear in the distance.

    2. Never thought it would happen, but I finally rated a race a 10!

      1. +1 I was there… and after the race finished i raced 500 km home to see it again.

    3. Good race. I wanted Lewis to win but it was very entertaining.

      Plus, Horner will calm down for now and Ferrari will be more confident after the summer break.

      Mercedes has to work on their starts…

    4. Nathan (@il-ferrarista)
      26th July 2015, 21:54

      Actually a 9,5 from me, for the first race ever, but I was kind so I gave it a 10. An absolutely astonishing race. Nobody could have predicted the result, on an otherwise dry and warm race / track.

      1. Nathan (@il-ferrarista)
        26th July 2015, 21:58

        Thanks SuperSeb for dedicating the race to Jules, <3. And massively dissapointed for Kimi, he also did a very nice job and was so brave at and right after the start (the overtake on Rosb).

    5. Me too. There was a bit of a boring bit in the first half which lost that final point from me, but that was beautiful!

  2. ColdFly F1 (@)
    26th July 2015, 14:56

    Thanks Vettel for dedicating this to Jules #17

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      26th July 2015, 14:57

      and yes 9/10. Finally a race where it was not just the strengths of the various cars that determined the outcome.

    2. For some reason, it felt ‘right’ a Ferrari won the weekend after Jules’ death.

  3. hungry once again

  4. 10. No one could have predicted that.

  5. Easily a TEN out of ten. Outstanding.

    1. Never given a 10 before. An emotional roller coaster all the way down the grid. Felt physically exhausted by the end.

      1. Although I gave it a 9, I feel what you mean

  6. 10/10. Final few laps had everything.

  7. Instead of 10th double podium Merc gets no podium at all. In a dry race :o 9/10

  8. Amazing, Hungary delivers again!! 10/10 So many great performances although not from the two Merc boys!

    1. Indeed. Hungary deserves classic GP status. 9/10 for me!

      1. @fer-no65 it really surprises me that we keep getting such good races at this circuit, where overtaking is supposed to be so difficult. It’s really refreshing that despite that the drivers seem to really go for it at this track. The race was outstanding. I gave it 9/10. The only reason I didn’t give 10/10 was because Vettel didn’t have to defend any serious moves for the lead. Otherwise all I can say is this race summed up why I love F1

        1. Hungary is the only track where DRS is somehow dialled in to perfection.

  9. Boring. Ferrari always win…..

    1. (Gave it a 10 by the way :) )

    2. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
      26th July 2015, 15:05

      :))) | 10/10, Ferrari win for Bianchi
      Is it a race with most penalty given?
      when did the last time Red Bull get double podium? when was the last time no Mercedes on podium? when did the last time McLaren get double points? how many penalty points did Maldonado get now? a lot of question to be answered in statistic feature..

      1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
        26th July 2015, 15:07

        and is it the first time all position occupied by ex-Red Bull academy driver?

        1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
          26th July 2015, 15:08

          *podium position…

        2. All top 4 in fact. And yes, it is

          1. Bianchi made that happen didn’t he? Ferrari win, and Dan on the podium…

          2. @mashiat Technically, VES isn’t a Former RBR Academy driver.

            But yeah, Helmut Marko must be over the Moon. I mean Pluto’s, not ours.

          3. @davidnotcoulthard why wouldn’t he be a former RB Junior Team driver? He drove for half a season with RB colors in F3 just like all the other Junior Team drivers.

          4. @mattds I thought current STR drivers were still part of the academy.

            Are they?

          5. @davidnotcoulthard no, they aren’t. Currently it’s only Gasly, Stoneman and Ilott. Verstappen is a graduate.


          6. @mattds Thanks! (I thought graduate s were ones who made it out of STR)

      2. rb’s last dp :p was in singapore 14

    3. First ever 2nd place for a Russian too.

    4. +1 Also: Boring. Vettel always win….. =P

  10. Great Race

  11. It has to be a 10, and no Merc in the top 5! :)

  12. Joao Pitol (@)
    26th July 2015, 14:57

    8- HURRAY for DRS, perfect for this race.

    1. 8/10 seems fair to me too as it was an entertaining race.

      There was a bit of a lull in the middle and the final podium battle turned out to be anti-climactic but the start and finish overall were enjoyable and it was fun to see Lewis claw his way through the field.

      DRS was well-balanced here as drivers still had to be brave to pass at Turns 1/2 but unfortunately that was the only real overtaking spot on the circuit; was hoping that Turn 12 would be another place to line up passes.

      The key thing that both this race and Silverstone had (other than unpredictability) was that the Mercedes were not leading out of Turn 1. That alone makes any lead battle interesting.

  13. Absolutely crazy, but fantastic race. A lot of drivers got lucky, but that’s the game. 10/10.

  14. Just what we needed, fantastic race, really enjoyed it. #ciaojules

  15. Oh F1, we love you! A race that that Jules would have been truly proud of.

  16. Very good…. lots of action… the only thing that could have made it better would have been if the action had more been ‘racing’ rather than ‘incidents’

    1. Michal (@michal2009b)
      26th July 2015, 15:10

      Unfortunately in current era it’s impossible to have “more racing” so we must rely on other things and we got maximum show today I think :) 9/10. Jules would have been proud.

      1. Er, incidents caused by people racing. That’s what happens..

  17. 10. No explanation needed

  18. Ric locks up causes an accident – NO ACTION WARRANTED.
    Lewis locks up causes and accident – DRIVE THROUGH PENALTY.

    Why am I not suprised?….

    1. They were not the same incident, I think you know that

      1. Ryan (@ryanisjones)
        26th July 2015, 15:24

        Once your car locks up, you effectively have no control of it drifting wide. I think it’s harsh for a penalty to be given for that – Lewis could not have avoided it. On the other hand if Ricardo gets off the throttle a little after getting the car under control, then he does not puncture Rosberg. If anything, Ricardo had way more opportunity to avoid contact than Hamilton.

        Overall, I think Lewis getting a penalty is harsh, but I think Ricardo not getting a penalty is a little ridiculous.

        1. @ryanjones

          Ricciardo was on the edge of the track completely and Rosberg chose not to give him space. I didn’t see Hamilton lock up, just drive too hard into the corner, as I did not see any smoke. I could be mistaken.

          I think the Kvyat penalty was silly since he passed Hamilton and they were both off course at the time.

          1. Ryan (@ryanisjones)
            26th July 2015, 16:32

            Rosberg does not need to give him space unless a significant proportion of his car is along side. Riccardo only had a wing alongside. Rosberg was in front and entitled to the racing line. It is completely up to the following car to get out of the way (remember when Rosberg did the same thing to Hamilton leaving his wing in).

            Also, Hamilton is on cold tyres after a restart. He does not take anywhere near the same speed into the corner as Ricardo so saying he drives too hard into the corner is a bit of a double standard. The only reason he goes wide is because of a lock up (he did, there was smoke), and the resulting contact breaks his wing, thus he gains nothing from it. Penalty. Ricardo goes faster, on warm tyres, takes out his opponent when he has the car back under control. No peanalty

          2. @ryanisjones Ricciardo also did it in Monaco with Raikkonen. He was nowhere near ahead enough to demand more space there.

    2. Really!?
      Ham ran into the side of Ric.
      Ric made no contact and stayed at the track limit.

    3. Ricciardo and Rosberg was a racing incident CLEARLY (more Rosberg’s fault as he oved on the racing line where Ricciardo was). Hamilton locked up and went into Ricciardo which was his fault.

      1. *moved

    4. If anything that was Rosberg’s penalty if it had been issued.

    5. *cancel this reply*

    6. @supremacy Ricciardo locking up did not cause the contact between him and Rosberg, which is why that incident doesn’t bear comparison with the other one in this way.

      1. @keithcollantine RIC was on the racing line but he locked up passing ROS. ROS should have been more careful though, but an incident that bears comparison is last year during the Belgian GP. This year ROS gets the blame but last year how come he was still blamed?

        1. @mim5
          In Belgium it was in the middle of a chicane, so technically he stuck his front wing inside Hamilton, whereas here it was on the exit of a corner so Ricciardo had a right to his line. It was a bit clumsy from Rosberg, honestly I think he should have gotten a 10s penalty or something since it did cost Ricciardo a place, even if he lost out much more.

          1. @george It seems a carbon copy to me. chicane/corner/turn same difference. RIC isn’t blameless either. He made the same move Ham speared him with. In any case, ROS seemed to give enough space.

      2. @keithcollantine
        Ric would not have been on Rosberg’s racing line had it not been for the lock-up.

        My point basically is that the Stewards over-eagerness to punish Lewis (in comparison to other drivers) really achieves nothing, and is in BAD TASTE.

        1. @supremacy

          Ric would not have been on Rosberg’s racing line had it not been for the lock-up.

          I don’t see why that matters, unless you want the stewards penalising drivers for locking their wheels. Ricciardo was making a legitimate overtaking move, the mere fact he locked his wheels doesn’t somehow make it illegitimate nor does it require him to drive off the track or lift the throttle to make way for Rosberg.

    7. So Ricciardo was supposed to run off the track then to avoid Rosberg? Yes, the move into the corner was a bit clumsy, but once they made it through the apex, Ricciardo was halfway off the track already and Rosberg ran straight into him. If anything, Rosberg should have gotten the penalty for avoidable contact, although I agree with the stewards’ decision since he destroyed his own race in the process.

      1. I see Ric making a lot more contact with other drivers in the near-future because he has been praised for his dangerous lunges into the corner.

        It’s almost like he closes his eyes and hopes for the best.

        1. +100000 Definetely agree with you there!

  19. 9/10 – Entertaining race and kept us on our toes throughout

    1. Also brilliant to see a russian in second, as they are a nation with the infrastructure to deliver great drivers!

  20. Probably the most entertaining race of the season for me.
    Real shame for Kimi, bad luck hanging around him is surely putting him under more pressure too.
    Wanted the title chase to close up so its a shame what happened with Ros and Ric but as a race on its own right, really good.

  21. Paul (@frankjaeger)
    26th July 2015, 15:00

    Very strong 8. Some absolutely killer overtakes, controversies and accidents were undeniably exciting.

  22. 9
    An actually fight for the win is what will make me give a race a 10. However, given the way the rest of the season, this was by far the most exciting race of the season.

    1. There was a 3way battle for lead 20 laps left.

      1. Sean (@spaceman1861)
        27th July 2015, 0:37

        You have a valid point @dynamite but perhaps he wanted more changes of the lead

  23. Vettel lead a race from the beginning, despite the SC, both RB’s were on the podium, Raikkonen retired with an engine problem, Hamilton collided after doing an excessive move, Alonso finished in the highest place he could do. It was a typical F1 race. Except it wasn’t.

    It was mega

  24. After everyone keeps complaining about boring races and lack of competition, this is the second race in a row where it hasn’t been the case. I firmly believe that Formula One is in a far better state of health than many would have us think. It’s not perfect, but nothing ever is. 10/10. This race was the perfect tribute to Jules as well, before the race was so poignant.

    1. I firmly believe that Formula One is in a far better state of health than many would have us think.

      @mathers Agree, I’ve said it a few times through the year.

    2. I agree with that @mathers, @gt-racer. The cars, the races, the rules, the engine, even the current tyres (as they do NOT force 2-3 stoppers all too often) are all fine as they are.

      The biggest issue is going to places like Baku, Sochi, Abu Dhabi and tracks like Nurburgring, Hockenheim, Monza, Spa etc being in fear of losing their race while over half of the teams are in trouble with finding enough funds to keep racing etc.

      1. @bascb @gtracer

        You’re spot on there. The racing itself is not the issue, it’s the way in which the sport is owned and run which has caused the problems.

  25. Close racing and unpredictable from start to finish, 2015 worst season ever amirite guys

    1. @ciaran Although I agree with Silverstone and Hungary we now at least have had two good races this still doesn’t even rank the season anywhere close to the likes of 2006-2013…

  26. 7. Better racing than Silverstone and even more drama. In the end a little anti-climatic as well. Ricciardo couldn’t reap the rewards of a well thought out typical RedBull strategy. As I’m not a fan of drama 7. Lewis Hamilton must have a 5 leaf clover under his sleeve.

  27. 10/10. Best race so far this year.

    Feel a bit sad for Kimi, but also happy that Rosberg didn’t make it onto the podium. His performance wasn’t even in the top 8 id say this weekend. Many great drives by other drivers; Alonso, Hulkenberg, Kvyat, Ricciardo etc

  28. Keisoglou Alexandros (@)
    26th July 2015, 15:04

    10/10. No explanation needed. Just go and watch the race. A real roller-coaster.
    Even better than Silverstone, if that’s possible.
    A great tribute to #JB17.

    THIS is Formula One.
    9 More races like this one, please.

  29. Great race. Super classy drive by Seb, and… Nando!! One of those for Lewis :/

    Ferrari’s pace wow.

    NOT a good way for Red Bull to ask for Merc engines…

  30. 8/10, first half is not the best to watch, but after the safety car i dont think i ever found a more action packed race than this one since i watch f1 from 2006, such a shame the end is anti-climax between Vettel, Rosberg and Ricciardo.
    But, its still the best safety car restart i ever watch also the start of the race is sublime.

  31. Action and drama all around the place through the whole race. Just as it should be. Just hope this isn’t a deceitful exception.


  32. 10/10 what a race! The mid-race safety car set up all the drama in the last 20 laps, Lewis’s dreadful restart, Riccardo’s charge then lost it, another great drive from Vettel, and great results for those who have had a rather poor season so far like McLaren and Kyvat! Finally extra Kudos to the drivers who dedicate their results to Jules, this is truly a race that he would have been proud of.

  33. 9/10 there. Great action all around the track.
    As a Force India and Nico Hulkenberg fan I cannot help but think that if his front wing had not fallen off, then he might have been on the podium.

  34. Exceptional. But I wish more of the excitement was due to racing rather than incidents Still a great race.

    1. F1 has never really had exceptional racing as a rule, always as an exception – at least for the last 30+ years!

  35. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    26th July 2015, 15:09

    Easily the best race so far. So much was exciting!

    Ferrari fighting for victory, challenge by Red Bull, McHonda scoring points… Kvyat first podium, Hulkenberg’s wing, Hamilton making mistakes, Raikkonen’s car giving up… there was so many things happening and things were changing so much the race was electrifying compared to most of the ones this season.

    Vettel and Ricciardo really showing how good they are. Although seriously baffled by Rosberg… where was he? Looks like he’s already given up this championship.

    Great race though, 9/10

  36. 10/10 for sure. This race was a STUNNER!!! It had everything. Great show and the perfect way to say Goodbye to Jules!

  37. Gave everything that I want in a race, 10/10!

  38. 10/10. This race had everything.

    Call Hungary boring again after this…

  39. Race of the year!

  40. 10/10 – exciting from start to finish, had everything; overtakes, reliability, crashes, Malbanana… superb.

  41. Great, great race!
    I’m a Hamilton fan, but Vettel is the best driver in F1.

  42. In a dry race, a McLaren Honda beat both Mercedes with no help from retirements…


  43. Michal (@michal2009b)
    26th July 2015, 15:14

    It would have been 10/10 even though I don’t like current regs but why was the start aborted? It’s not the first time someone was a long way off his grid spot and even there were situations when they let them go with drivers in wrong positions (Bahrain). It seems they don’t know what to do with start procedures Lol. Anyway fantastic show. How glad I am that I was 100% wrong in predicting Mercedes borefest :)

    1. Not being straight in the box is not a problem as long as the sensor around the yellow line is covered by the car appropiately which wasn’t the case with Massa today.

      1. Michal (@michal2009b)
        26th July 2015, 15:49

        It’s interesting to hear that as Senna was a long way his slot in Monza 2012 and there was no drama. Maybe Massa’s front wheels were outside of the white lines. That would make sense!

  44. Very great race. Many incidents, a lot of surprises. I give it 10/10

  45. We should not forget in all the enthuasims for what was an exciting final 20 laps, if it had not been for the SC and the fact that we have the two compounds-rule the race would have remained as dull, with things pretty much decided by the end of lap 1. So yeah, an exciting race needs a bit of an artificial spice up.

    Also, the fact that the SC doesn’t wait for the pack to close up had quite a bit of an impact here.

    Other than that, a classic Hungarian Hamilton-mess up, I’d say.

    1. Still, hamilton mess up is what made the race not boring

    2. I would hardly call the race “artificial.” A car crashed out at turn one, and they needed to clear the debris. It’s not like safety cars have been introduced as a gimmick over the last few years – they’ve been around officially for over twenty years, and are quite widely accepted as a key element of racing and of Formula 1.

      And I don’t see how not waiting for the backmarkers to catch up had an impact? The slow cars not being able to be at the back prevented the cars in the front to have a good race?

      1. And I don’t see how not waiting for the backmarkers to catch up had an impact? The slow cars not being able to be at the back prevented the cars in the front to have a good race?

        Because the SC period will be unnecessary long for waiting for them to catch up again. We talking like 3-4 laps longer here.

      2. I’m not at all questioning the SC or it’s purpose, I’m not even complaining. Maybe I didn’t use the word “artificial” appropriately here. But much like Bahrain 2014 which also got massively great ratings the Safety Car was duly needed to bring excitement. We just shouldn’t forget that up to that point both those races didn’t have much to offer – I would hope though F1 didn’t need those unforeseen things like drivers crashing to get exciting.

        For the pack: it didn’t have an impact on the front-runners. What I meant is I am wondering whether the McLarens for instance would even have been in a much better position with all the drama in front if the SC would have allowed them to close up prior to the restart.

    3. Also, the fact that the SC doesn’t wait for the pack to close up had quite a bit of an impact here.

      That should be the standard.

  46. Very enjoyable to see three different cars fighting for the win in the last stages of the race!