5 comments on “McLaren-Honda MP4-31, 2016”

  1. The nose looks so ugly its unbelievable ..

    1. No uglier than the other cars

  2. Looks underwhelming. Its reminiscent of Alonso’s Minardi, I reckon. Would look better in Chrome or heritage colors, IMO.

  3. As a McLaren fan I’m hoping they spent the money they saved on the graphics department on engineering. There isn’t any livery to speak of, is there? They kind of just painted it black and then stuck some sponsor decals on it.

  4. McClaren has a great history of success,but the hybrid characteristics got the best of Honda’s engine design. The accident Alonso had prior to the first race was an electrocution, that had them hesitant to admit and overcome. Hope they have solved their demons for 2016.

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