Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Shanghai International Circuit, 2016

2016 Chinese Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Pictures from practice for the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix.

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Keith Collantine
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2 comments on “2016 Chinese Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. Third row down, third along.. Seb must have gotten in the wrong car haha! Just a heads up @keithcollantine

  2. This site is going to the dogs. The massive advertisements all over the page make it almost unreadable.
    Of course, that’s also the problem with F1 these days. Commercial interests have diluted the sporting purity that used to make F1 so engaging. Today you’ve got artificial circuits being manufactured in the middle of nowhere, the mega-rich fat-cat owners chumming up to Bernie, and sitting around gloat about bringing the world’s biggest circus to somewhere most people are more worried about making ends meet and feeding their children than buying the exorbitantly priced tickets. The drivers are walking billboards, unable to speak their minds in case they cost their team a commercial sponsor or two.
    And you can’t even read about it all without sifting through a million adds!

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