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Sette Camara to make F1 test debut

2016 British Grand Prix

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Toro Rosso has announced it will give Red Bull Junior Team member Sergio Sette Camara his F1 test debut next month.

The Brazilian 18-year-old will drive the team’s STR11 chassis at the Silvertone test following the British Grand Prix.

Sette Camara became a member of Red Bull’s junior driver programme at the beginning of the season. He has already performed demonstration runs in a Red Bull F1 car.

“This will be my first official Formula One test and I will make sure I do the best job possible as well as have fun,” he said. “It’s not something that happens every day.”

“Silverstone is a great track which I know quite well as I’ve already driven there before, so this will definitely help me on the day to focus on the car and all the new information without having to learn a new layout at the same time.”

“I find it fascinating to see how these youngsters adapt,” said Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost said, “not just to the extra power, downforce and braking of a Formula One car, but also how they react to the pressure of a day in the F1 spotlight.”

“It provides a valuable insight into how they might progress in the future. Therefore I am pleased to welcome Sérgio to our team for the day and I hope that it will be a mutually beneficial experience.”

2016 British Grand Prix

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  • 11 comments on “Sette Camara to make F1 test debut”

    1. Is he eligible for a debut next year? Is Gasly also being given a run during this test?

    2. I still find it strange that Sergio Sette Camara is in the Red Bull Young driver Programme, never mind the fact that he is getting a run in an STR.

        1. @paeschli I don’t profess to be an expect on him and am more than happy to be proved wrong, but as far as I am aware his junior career to date hasn’t been that spectacular.

        2. @paeschli Ilott beat him last year in his first season out of karts, but they drop him to pick up Camara. Ilott is still beating him this year again!

      1. @geemac Indeed, and there’s a form Italian out there right now as well, the de-facto F3 champion from last year, Antonio Giovinazzi, who just beat Gasly without DRS. Even their rejects, like Albon and Ilott, would be better choices right now.

    3. Frantic googling ensues

    4. Marko is not totally convinced yet. I guess it’s the lad’s chance.

    5. As a brazilian, that’s very good to hear… But, i’m still not convinced about Sergio’s quality to be a F1 driver. There is a lot of hype about him in the media, but brazilian “specialized” media tends to hype our youngsters too much.

    6. Who? Never heard of him.

    7. Happy for Sergio, but hes one of those highly unpredictable drivers. Meaning he may have an outstanding qualifying, but have a miserable race, or vice versa. His 1 lap pace is very good (he now holds the outright lap record around the Macau GP Circuit) but his race craft reminds me of Gasly in the sense that he just simply can’t convert it to a win. But, he has time on his hands so hopefully Red Bull/Toro Rosso can get the most of him cause he does look a little promising.

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