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Hamilton “wants to be cool” about safety – Verstappen

2016 Austrian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen has scorned Lewis Hamilton’s opposition to safety improvements, saying he “wants to be cool”.

Verstappen also revealed Hamilton’s team mate Nico Rosberg questioned his opposition to making safety improvements at the Baku City Circuit during the drivers’ meeting at the track.

“In the media he will say he doesn’t care,” said Verstappen. “I said in the drivers’ meeting the pit entry at Baku was tricky, then he said, ‘You shouldn’t bother about it’.”

“But then Nico Rosberg jumped in and said, ‘Wait, Lewis, you just said you were getting a turtle head [feeling afraid] when you were entering the pit lane! What is this?”

Hamilton publicly criticised other drivers for complaining about safety shortcomings on the Baku track.

“Maybe he wants to be cool,” added Verstappen. “We are all looking for safety and we don’t want to die on the track. But I also understand it needs to be a bit of a risk.”

“When he talks to his team, it’s different.”

Following the meeting drivers were given special instructions on how to approach the pit lane entrance at Baku for safety reasons.

2016 Austrian Grand Prix

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  • 32 comments on “Hamilton “wants to be cool” about safety – Verstappen”

    1. Was there no more room in the headline to include the word “maybe” from the quote?

      1. exactly what I was thinking!

      2. I don’t think it changes it. The assertion is still the same. Maybe doesn’t mean he only 50% thinks it. The meaning is still the same.

        1. changes it completely in my opinion. With out “maybe”, the response turns in to a direct attack against Lewis, vs with “maybe”, it is something of an indirect criticism. Playing with words, casting spells, not much difference friend. All used to ‘manipulate’ people’s opinions, attitudes and emotions.

          I have found that listening to what people don’t say, or what is said exactly, to be much more meaningful then what is repeated. It’s important to understand how things are omitted in order to understand the intent of the speaker :) cheers.

      3. @gebradenkip Max only added the word ‘maybe’ to no appear too verbally aggressive. His actual opinion was clear though, so the headline seems fair to me.

      4. Exactly! this makes it more yellow journalism

    2. I allways value character descriptions from 18 year olds beacause you can allways depend on them. Like Max and his father, but my internal monolgoue says, bitch! Shut up and drive.

      1. @Rui Such interesting insight into your inner workings :)

    3. Good to see both Rosberg and Max point out the inconsistencies in Hamilton’s statements. Completely agree with this.

      Being honest I don’t know why Ham does this, there is no need to be ‘cool’ about safety, he is not going to get an street cred by making those statements to the media

      1. Exactly. He is playing some cool game. Year is 2016, word gets around easy and fast.

        Inconsistencies like that are easy to spot. And once spoted you get a hypocrasy stamp.

        Austrian track shows how safety, risk, should be managed. Push to much, there is risk of car failure.

        There should be no risk for bodily harm to drivers. Atleast not if there is an obvious way of migitating it.

      2. There is no inconsistency. Just because Hamilton said he had a ‘turtles head’ because of something, doesn’t mean he wants it changing. You know, like Eu Rouge? Drivers say its scary but that they wouldn’t change it.

        Max needs to wind his neck in.

        1. Nah…..Max is calling it as it is…..hypocracy on Hamiltons behalf.

          1. Nah…..Max is just trying to be cool…..Having a pop at the people who have actually achieved things.

      3. the only inconsistencies I see are in the comments section. If you are referring to the ‘feeling afraid’ remark, that I am afraid is completely unrelated to taking a “chill” position on safety issues.

        You can be afraid, and still love taking risks. There is no logical contradiction there. I take risks all the time, doesn’t mean I am fearless.

        The big consistency in Lewis position is that he feels he (speculation on my part) feels he needs more risks in order to take the championship this year. And this round, so far, it has paid off for him, his better driving and yielded him a much better grid position than his championship rival.

        In life, you take risks, and responsibility for your own actions.

        I would only add, that I think the FIA are really where the scrutiny belongs. To be honest. Yes, really, but scape goats were meant to keep the focus of attention of abject incompetence.

        Know thyself, know the environment, understand other people’s intentions, see the show for what is is, and how people are guided to other people’s conclusions.

        1. *attention of abject –> attention, instead of a clear view about the abject …

          * I would probably subscribe for the ability to edit posts :)

        2. i would also add, that the bit of speculation on my part is predicated on Max’s comment being the case.

    4. We’ve only got half the story, but it does show the pit lane entrance was an object of discussion at the drivers’ pre-race meeting. I think it is good that Max raised this as other drivers, (by the sounds of it that includes Hamilton) found the same problem, and indeed Kimi got “pinged” for crossing the white line that marks the entrance to the pit lane during the race.

    5. Verstappen is a 18 years old man and Hamilton is a 31 year old kid.

      1. Traverse (@hellotraverse)
        2nd July 2016, 11:42

        Based on what?

        1. Based on bias, Verstappen is a really talented driver but he has a long way to go and a lot to learn … this is just another chance for the anti Hamilton brigade to get their drums out and go banging around .. they really are getting boring.

          1. Thank goodness the pro-Hamilton brigade was here to start banging there drums too… yawn.

            1. Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel and Ricciardo fan …. I just don’t spend my life slagging off guys with way more talent than me.

    6. Learn to drive first and then talk big. Ever since that fluke win in Spain you haven’t even been able to keep it on the road let alone racing really needs to shut his mouth more now. I’m not impressed by Verstappen to be honest.

      1. Max*

      2. Everybody is entitled to there opinion…. In this case yours is wrong.

        1. Everybody is entitled to there opinion…. In this case yours is more wrong.

          1. pastaman (@)
            2nd July 2016, 20:54

            You’re both wrong, it’s “their”

      3. @concalvez00
        In Spain he did fantastic, Monaco was terrible and then in both Baku and Canada he got out of it what was there (and finished the race).

        It’s fair to say that your opinion is not supported by facts.

    7. Hamilton is doing his driving off track more than on track this season.

    8. Max – another boring driver towing the F1 line. Pipe down max

    9. Grow up Max, grown men just don’t do stupid speculative back biting, or gossip. Now that you have opened your mouth, we can all see your true self and your secret wishes.

    10. Ooooh, nothing like a bit of VES vs HAM to get this discussion forum going:)

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