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Raikkonen ‘disappointed’ after missing pole

2016 Belgian Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen says he believes he had a chance to take pole position for the Belgian Grand Prix before a late mistake ended his chances.

The Ferrari driver qualified third on the grid but says he feels he had an opportunity to go for pole before a mistake at the Bus Stop cost him valuable time.

“Obviously in the last qualifying I went wide in the first try and that wasn’t ideal, but the second run was pretty good,” explains Raikkonen.

“But compared to my Q2 lap, I lost a few tenths in the last chicane, so obviously pole position was there, so it’s a bit disappointing because whilst we were close would’ve been nice to get it.”

With Lewis Hamilton starting from the back of the grid and Mercedes appearing to hold their usual advantage over Ferrari and Red Bull around the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, Raikkonen believes Ferrari may offer more of a challenge this weekend.

“Tomorrow is the race and I think comparing to the previous few races we have to be satisfied where we are after qualifying,” says Raikkonen. “But until we’re at the front we cannot be too happy.”

2016 Belgian Grand Prix

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  • 9 comments on “Raikkonen ‘disappointed’ after missing pole”

    1. Vettel lost the grip on last corner, might be the car!!

    2. Was reading an article today about ex Kimi driver engineers all claim he deserves 2017 seat.

      And judging from today, he does seem to be the match of Vettel easily. Kimi is kinda like Sergio Perez, when track temperatures are stupid high and degradation super high, Kimi driver style brings him above the rest.

      He was close to Mercedes pace, but there is no doubt in my mind pole was out of reach.

      1. If you add Kimi’s best sector times together then he would’ve been on pole by about 0.05.

        The track might have even been slower on the 2nd run, because the Ferraris were the only ones to better their times.

    3. It was obviously an obvious mistake by Kimi.

      It was an obvious shame that he wasn’t able to get an obviously amazing pole position.

      1. You’re humor is obviously cheesy!

        1. Obvious cheesy humour is obvious.

          1. It was obvious, for sure…

    4. Come on Kimi!
      We all know who is King of Spa!

    5. For a driver ranked 13th in overall standings as per the F1F rankingsI don’t believe anyone gave Kimi a chance. (sarcasm)
      Show them line it is iceman. RBR needs some reality check.

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