Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Suzuka, 2016

Ricciardo suffered ‘engine degradation’ during season

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo reveals the ‘engine degradation’ problem which has struck him in Japan has happened earlier

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Sergio Perez, Force India, Suzuka, 2016
Have Force India got Williams handled?
A best-ever fourth for Force India in the constructors’ championship is as good as settled, isn’t it? Ben suspects not:

I’m not totally convinced yet Force India will beat Williams this year yet.

Remember how well Bottas did from 11th last race when he had tyre choice? If Massa doesn’t have problems like he did last race, I think he’s got a decent chance of some points as well as Bottas.

I also feel that Williams will be a little stronger in Mexico than Force India as it is a really high speed track.
Ben Rowe (@Thegianthogweed)

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Sebastian Vettel won his second world championship on this day in 2011. However he was beaten to victory at Suzuka by Jenson Button, and Fernando Alonso took second:

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  • 23 comments on “Ricciardo suffered ‘engine degradation’ during season”

    1. So let me get this right. Lewis offends the press during the conference while being on his phone doing something he is obligated to do. Now he is offended because of what the media wrote. Seriously Lewis. Its called respect. These journalist are there because they are passionate about f1 they live and breath f1 they make far less than you and would gladly trade places with you. Some would drive for free and do all the press conferences without complaining. So Lewis dont be a hypocrite and be offended by what the media writes because you disrespected their job and them personally so stop being such a cry baby.

      1. @jamiejay995, What’s the beef? He was there, did anyone directly ask him a question about the race that he refused to answer because he was passing time with his pocket-computer ? Did any reporter ask a thoughtful, original question that LH was uniquely qualified to answer ? I don’t know because the media don’t think these pressers are worth broadcasting, but I suspect that a really worthy question would have somehow made its way into this blog, and I haven’t seen one here.

        1. I may have come across a little crass. But to me it just grinds my gears when someone doesnt take another person’s job seriously. I completely understand your point but it’s not like the press conference was 3 hours long. He was the only one doing it too and Alfonso has done way more press conferences than him. I like that he engages with the fans, that is nice but in my opinion there is a time and place for that, and hat wasn’t the time or place for that.

        2. Sure, but that’s still impolite, disrespectful and unprofessional: FIA press conferences are part of his job, part of his pay check, and it’s offensive not only to the jornalists doing their job but to the fans that get their info from them. The other drivers know how to behave. Being rude is not the same as having a personality.

      2. +1, I completely agree.

        Hamilton might have a point in saying the media overreacted, but there are so many reasons why that’s not unreasonable. Firstly, Hamilton controversially draws a lot of attention to himself. Some people like it, some don’t, but most of this attention comes from none other than the media itself. And given that he cares so much about being popular, surely the best thing to do would have been to, if nothing else, be the bigger man and move on from it. If the media is unhappy with him then I can imagine they can slant stories to ruin his image – not something I agree with, but surely something Hamilton doesn’t want.

        1. Although having said that, it is honourable that he went out to engage with the fans. That I would like to see a lot more of in F1.

    2. Great photo by D.Heath of a Ferrari in exactly the spec I would like to see them race, BIG tyres, NO wings.

      1. Amen +1

      2. @hohum, so that is all you can offer up as the future of the sport – to just keep repeating the past. Why can’t you accept that those days are gone?

        1. @anon, I would respond to your comment if I thought you would read it, but since there is no way to alert you to a reply ( you don’t have an F1f account), it seems pointless. If in fact you do read this let me know, I do value your knowledge and opinions and would enjoy constructive debate with you on making F1 better.

    3. I’ve been, for the whole season saying that McLaren’s chassis was not being held down by Honda anymore, reality is that neither is that good, obviously that still leaves McLaren down on power but it’s not as if McLaren has a better chassis than STR, no they’ve improved on the PU. I appreciate McLaren finally respecting Honda because what they get on the packaging they lose on power and that they must not forget, it’s a compromise F1 and it’s a team effort, they are settled in f1, they don’t need to drag a multi million yen company through the mud as an excuse.

    4. I respect Lewis reaction. Honestly, Ham’s behaviour wasn’t upstanding but nevertheless Ham’s right, he’s entitled to his own opinion and he’s a free man. The press is a rather oppressive outlet.

      1. I respectfully disagree. The media are part of the business he is in and a huge part of how F1, and therefore LH earn their living. LH’s actions and attitude have been unprofessional and would equally be so in any other business or sport.

    5. Funny how when HAM answers a question about his performance, it’s because he’s “moaning”. But RIC does it and not a peep.

      1. LH has used all his free passes.

        1. And who is giving the passes? The fanbase? Laughable.

    6. Aren’t drivers contractually obligated to participate in press conferences? I am not sure, hence the question.

      If thats case, Lewis might not have much of a choice.

    7. Guybrush Threepwood
      9th October 2016, 4:36

      Max should be glad Ricciardo has had engine issues. The qualifying stats would look really bad if not.

      1. And Ricciardo should be really glad Max has had clutch issues. The race stats would look really bad if not.

        1. Well no…..they’d be pretty even actually…..RIC still leads that battle too.

      2. Max has had some bad luck in qualifying early in the season, so it’s just evening out now.

    8. Now this is a shocker: Grid drops for Raikkonen (5 places, for gearbox change) and Button (35 places, for new engine/components).


      Revised grid is:
      Rosberg, Hamilton; Verstappen, Ricciardo; Perez, Vettel; Grosjean, Raikkonen; Hulkenberg, Gutierrez; Bottas, Massa; Kvyat, Sainz; Alonso, Palmer; Magnussen, Ericsson; Nasr, Ocon; Wehrlein, Button.

      Row 2 is now Red Bull Racing.

      1. I think the Button one makes perfect sense, and was even to be expected @phylyp. But yeah, real shame for Kimi.

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