Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2016

Hamilton says Brazilian GP win was “very easy”

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton said his victory in the rain-hit Brazilian Grand Prix was “very easy”.

Hamilton took another seven points out of Nico Rosberg’s championship lead by leading his team mate home.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2016
Brazilian Grand Prix in pictures
On the podium after the race he said he was “generally just chilling up front”.

“When it rains, that’s usually a good day for me,” said Hamilton. He described his victory as “Probably one of the easier ones.”

“It was a very easy race, generally. Usually in the rain here it’s the hardest but honestly it was, as I said, I didn’t have any spins, I didn’t have any moments. It was pretty straightforward. Silverstone 2008 was way harder than this.”

It was Hamilton’s first win in Brazil at his tenth attempt. “This has been my dream since the first time I watched Ayrton [Senna] race when I was five or six years old” he said. “And it’s the 44th grand prix here so it’s kind of a lucky weekend.”

Hamilton goes into the final race of the year needing to win with Rosberg finishing off the podium in order to clinch the championship.

“I am hunting and all I can do is do what I am doing right now. The team have given me a great car and finally the reliability has been really good and the results are really showing that.”

“I’m going to go and give it everything I’ve got. Abu Dhabi is generally a good track for me.”

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

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  • 33 comments on “Hamilton says Brazilian GP win was “very easy””

    1. AHAHAHAHAAA The mind games by Lewis

      1. @krichelle
        Exactly my thoughts. I just don’t think it made any impression on the other guys on the podium.

        1. Lol, he can’t play mind games to save his life.

          Like Rosberg cares whether it’s easy or not he got the result he needed!

      2. I don’t think Lewis is capable of mind games. The only mind games he plays are on himself. He talked himself into believing there was a team conspiracy against him, he’s been going on about reliability costing him the title but forgets about his dredful starts, he snapchat’d his way into an embarrassing weekend in Japan before the Merc exes put him back in line. If Lewis tried to play any mind games, his head would explode.

        1. Hamilton has to be realistic and concede that his shocking race starts are as much to blame for losing the title (if he loses ) as any mechanical issue he’s had this season . Yes he drove a great race in brazil but for that there’s been some shockers to (Baku quali, Singapore ) both of which he couldn’t match Rosberg’s pace . Overall Hamilton is the more talented you’d have to concede but if Rosberg does win it he’d be a worthy champ imo.

    2. Mind games? he pulled 18 secs gap in previous safety car period, and 12 secs in the last one, i dont remember first one was like what 3-4 secs already after few laps?

      1. I agree with the mind games comment, he was standing next to his rival and basically saying, “meh, wet weather, easy peasy”!

        1. YES MWHAHAHAA Lewis the best in the sport for mind games…. Evil Lewissss!!!

        2. Well it’s justified, he is the best in the rain.
          So what’s the weather forecast for Abu Dhabi :o?

    3. if it wasnt for safety car periods he would probably pull an extra pit stop gap and fly away…

    4. Yes mind games
      He led from start to finish and had no issues like those who finished after him.

    5. Nico was consistently significantly worse in rain during this season. So ye, i do buy this from him.

    6. To bad Red Bull completely messed up on the tyre choices. Otherwise Nico would have been down at least one spot. At least then we would have had some sort of a fair fight in Abu Dhabi.

      Amazing how much one engine blow up can cost in these times of high reliability for (most of) the F1 cars.

      1. Amazing how much one engine blow up can cost in these times of high reliability

        Or some poor starts.

        1. I can’t get my head round how anyone can consider the joint poor starts the reason LH is behind.

          It’s absolutely not so folks and Nico has just as many.

          It’s the UNRELIABLE (only one) Merc engine!

      2. Remember Monaco? I guess not.

      3. I wouldn’t say that RBR messed up the tyre choices, they were just a little unlucky. The time DR was getting with the inter suggested it was the tyre to be on, then Massa crashed…

    7. “I didn’t have any spins, I didn’t have any moments.”

      bows down

    8. Rosberg wasn’t even trying most of the time anyway… And Verstappen went off the track when he had a chance to race him.

      1. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
        13th November 2016, 20:46

        I didn’t watch the race live, I followed the sky f1 text feed. I got the impression Rosberg was cruising big time- but the problem is one can lose focus if this happens and this is what I think caused his half spin

    9. I think it’s not a mind game of Lewis. He is very honest in his comments lately.
      And it was very easy for him. No pressure at all it seems. Maby only with the red flag period, because with half points or no points is not enough to keep the championship alive.

    10. It certainly looked like so. The whole team is in safe mode.

    11. He also lied… He said he was looking at TV and saw Nico spin. But his engineer told me that. It was really poor and unnecessary from him.

      But of course he drove really well all weekend, hats off.

      1. Man you’re petty.

      2. You do realize that they have giant screens around the track that the drivers can see things on?

      3. He said he saw vesstapens spin wake up

        1. On the podium he said he saw both their spins on the tv screens.

    12. It was easy because he didn’t need to do a standing start. lol

    13. The reality is that Lewis is in this predicament due to his own mistakes earlier in the season. His arrogance had allowed Rosberg to gain an advantage, and now in the last month and a half a Hamilton has realized this and has pulled his finger out. Too little, too late.
      I hope Verstappen really stuffs him in Abu Dhabi, really stuffs him like never before!

      1. Unreal, just unreal.

        People like you should stick to other sports they really should.

        This one is for grown ups.

    14. It is well known that Nico struggles in the wet, he knows that he he is not denying that. He just did what he needs to do and did it. Just ignore the clown and win the Championship.

      BTW Max is like the reincarnation of Senna in the wet

    15. I am not sure who is driving those Mercedes F1 cars. But it is obvious Mercedes will win. Mercedes has the best car. Doesn’t matter who you put in the car. They are all very skilled drivers. Everybody could take it really easy in the Mercedes, it almost drives itself.

    16. Lewis’s mind games already started before the weekend, saying that it’s much easier to be the hunter than to be hunted. Nico already failed on hunting down Hamilton twice, so that must creep into his mind. If he reads it, of course. So far Nico stays very focused.

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