Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2016

“I don’t see how he can not win it” – drivers tip Rosberg for title

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg is expected to clinch the championship this weekend by a group of his fellow F1 drivers.

A panel of current racers participating in a new live feature broadcast by F1 on Facebook were unanimous in naming the championship leader as their pick to deliver the title.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2016
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix practice in pictures
“I think that Nico will win because a bad result for [Mercedes] is second,” explained Jenson Button.

“I think Nico’s got the easiest chance unless the Red Bulls or Ferraris can get involved, which would make it a much more fun race. Even if Nico does win the world championship I think it would make it fun, it would be a good final grand prix of the year.”

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen played down his team’s chances of beating one of the Mercedes. “I think at the moment their car is pretty strong so even if, like was said before, if they have a bad day it’s still second normally without any issues,” he said. “So yeah, will go for Nico.”

Both Ferrari drivers were also in agreement that Rosberg will win the championship. “I think Nico should make it,” said Sebastian Vettel. “He’s ahead in points, I don’t see how he can not win it.”

While admitting he didn’t care who wins, Kimi Raikkonen said whoever does win will be a deserving champion. “If they both finish the race with no issues I think it will stay in the same order.”

Felipe Massa said he would like to see Rosberg emulate the achievement of his father his father Keke.

“I think both deserve it,” said the Williams driver. “I think Nico will win, I think just for the history is nice because I mean his father was a champion, he will be a champion.”

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  • 23 comments on ““I don’t see how he can not win it” – drivers tip Rosberg for title”

    1. This race will prove at least one thing, whether or not Lewis really wants to win the championship, or is really only interested in doing what hes told.

      It could also strengthen the conspiracy theory that toto has someone on speed dial with a red button in hand.

      1. What ? How will it prove anything ? Hamilton will be going for the win 100% he’s also ignored team orders in the past so doesn’t do as he’s told, so we already know he wants to win races and be the Champion at all costs.

        I’m sorry, but I do really don’t understand your comment @xsavior what do you mean ?

      2. @xsavior As has already been pointed out, your post makes absolutely no sense.

        Care to elaborate/explain?

    2. Although I want Rosberg to win the championship, I’m really hoping that he have issues in Qualifying so that he starts last/Pit Lane and see how he can recover to Podium.
      I don’t want him to take consevative 2nd anymore after 3 races, because people will just simply say he don’t deserve it.

      1. Which is what people will say anyway, given that Hamilton has closed a 30-plus point gap twice.

        1. Hamilton fans will stick to their belief that Hamilton absolutely deserved his last 2 Championships which he won by betting faster than Rosberg and that Rosberg doesn’t deserve this Championship because Hamilton had technical issues – conveniently ignoring all the times Rosberg beat Hamilton this year cleanly.

          The reality is that in sport (and life in general), you have to play the cards you are dealt. Nico has done that this season and looks like he will come out on top. He could made mistakes when Hamilton had issues or when he was being more conservative to ensure 2nd place but he didn’t – he has capitalised on every single opportunity he was handed this season and that is why he is a deserving champion in my opinion.

          1. I keep talking as though he is Champion already – last sentence should be “why he would be a deserving champion”

          2. he has capitalised on every single opportunity he was handed

            Spain? Monaco? Canada? Austria? Germany? Hungary? Are you really trying to say Rosberg got the most out of those weekends? That seems like an utterly blinkered view to me. You talk about Hamilton fans “conveniently ignoring” Rosbergs better performances (which is weird because no one actually is) but there seems like a whole lot of convenient ignorance in your post too.

          3. Kyle-Pierre Nfr
            26th November 2016, 17:27

            Wrong. Not a single clear victory from Rosberg. Remember that mechanical failures include launch-software failures. Hamilton’s “poor starts” only ended after two things occurred: an apparently unassailable lead for ROS and reemergence of Red Bull.
            Don’t believe me, I can’t prove my claim. You might believe Ross Brawn, though. Wolf and (sob) Lauda are shady. They–and likely MB–have two priorities: when WCCs and create another German WDC.

    3. “Challenge accepted!”
      Quoth #Verstappen

      ;) just a joke! With all the conspiranoics around here lately, one feels the need to clarify.

    4. A part of me can just feel Rosberg snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and I don’t think he will ever psychologically recover from it either.

      If he does not win the title without the cause of a mechanical issue (eg. his own mistake), then I can honestly see it becoming a meme for years to come, much like the Gerrard slip.

      1. You’re right. I don’t think he’d be able to recover mentally if he drops the ball in this one. I’d also expect Lewis to try something on race day to really test his mettle, be it backing up in to the bulls or a ballsy overtake if he’s behind. The start will be particularly nerve racking for him, so let’s see how he deals with it.

        I think this race could be better than the 2012 Abu Dhabi grand prix if a few things fall in to place.

      2. I’m really concerned that he will somehow lose it. I’ve been rooting for him since the start of the season and he should have tried harder to win the championship by the Brazilian GP IMHO. Leaving it this late in the season while having a 43 point lead at some point is a big gamble.

        I’m glad it will finally be over after this weekend, the last two weeks have been nerve wrecking.

    5. It was nice seeing Seb and Max get along. I wonder if Bernie will penalise them for stealing his sweeties.

    6. Gee Seb, that statement must surely have had qualifications, there are so many ways he could lose it, he could lose it the same way Lewis has lost it…terminal engine failure, he could lose it at the 1st corner with a little help from an overambitious cucumber, flat tyre, bad pitstop or just a loss of concentration while counting his chickens.

      1. @hohum Anything is possible, definitely.

        Probable? Not likely.

    7. Just happened to see that on YouTube and Seb, jeez! He has lost his sense of humour too! He was disinterested in everything. I’ve never seen him sulk so much in the public eye, ever!

      1. Sadly, this seems to be what happens to drivers when they drive for Ferrari these days. It seems like a really toxic atmosphere at the team that doesn’t bring the best out of anybody….

    8. Would the biggest karma ever for Lewis to be champion with worst realibility. I have had so many say Nico is better than Lewis this year. Lewis has had all the pressure at diff points this season. Just like 2014 when he dominated down the stretch. That Malaysia defeat is what won it for Nico. He had a lot of luck. How is car kept going after that Vet hit and Bottas was crazy.

      1. I wouldn’t call it karma. Karma would be him winning the race with Rosberg in 4th, only to overtake whomever is in third at the final corner. That would be karma.

      2. You can look solely at Malaysia but in Monza and Singapore, Hamilton had no answer for Rosberg and was beaten cleanly. If that hadn’t happened, Hamilton would be going to Abu Dhabi knowing that a win would seal the title.

        1. Don’t let a little fact that Hamilton missed out most of P3 at Singapore get in the way of your Hamilton bash….

          1. And had mechanical problems in P2 as well, and clutch issues in Monza after dominating in Qualfying. But no apparently it is only the hammifans that conveniently ignore things ;)

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