2017 Canadian Grand Prix interactive lap charts

2017 Canadian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel recovered to finish fourth despite falling to the back of the field early on in the Canadian Grand Prix.

His Ferrari’s performance advantage helped him make light work of the stragglers early in the race and by lap 21 he was up to eighth. His next target was Fernando Alonso, whose poor straight-line speed made him an easy target for almost every other car on the track.

Vettel driving skill counted for more when it came to passing the two Force Indias. He picked off first Esteban Ocon, then Sergio Perez, to claim fourth. A late burst of speed wasn’t quite enough to catch Daniel Ricciardo’s third-placed Red Bull, but Vettel had limited the damage.

The driver who gained the most places from his grid position was home favourite Lance Stroll. The Williams driver climbed eight places to secure his first points finish.

2017 Canadian Grand Prix lap chart

The positions of each driver on every lap. Click name to highlight, right-click to reset. Toggle drivers using controls below:

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Driver Start position Lap one position change Race position change
Lewis Hamilton 1 0 0
Valtteri Bottas 3 0 1
Daniel Ricciardo 6 1 3
Max Verstappen 5 3
Sebastian Vettel 2 -2 -2
Kimi Raikkonen 4 -2 -3
Sergio Perez 8 1 3
Esteban Ocon 9 1 3
Felipe Massa 7
Lance Stroll 17 2 8
Fernando Alonso 12 0 -4
Stoffel Vandoorne 16 5 2
Carlos Sainz Jnr 13
Daniil Kvyat 11 1
Romain Grosjean 14 -3 4
Kevin Magnussen 18 5 6
Nico Hulkenberg 10 1 2
Jolyon Palmer 15 1 4
Marcus Ericsson 19 3 6
Pascal Wehrlein 20 2 5

2017 Canadian Grand Prix race chart

The gaps between each driver on every lap compared to the leader’s average lap time. Very large gaps omitted. Scroll to zoom, drag to pan and right-click to reset. Toggle drivers using controls below:

2017 Canadian Grand Prix

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