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Three more drivers get penalties and Sainz faces red light investigation

2017 Japanese Grand Prix

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Three further drivers have been handed grid penalties ahead of qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix, bringing the total up to four.

Fernando Alonso will take the largest penalty, totalling 35 places on the grid, after having a complete change of Honda power unit overnight.

Renault has changed the engine, turbocharger and MGU-H on Jolyon Palmer’s car, earning him a 20-place demotion.

They join Valtteri Bottas, who has a five-place penalty for changing his gearbox.

A 20-place grid penalty for Carlos Sainz Jnr had already been announced due to power unit parts changes on his Toro Rosso. He may suffer further sanctions as the stewards have announced he is under investigation for leaving the pits when the red light was displayed during final practice.

Sainz was reprimanded for passing a red light at the pit lane exit during last year’s Spanish Grand Prix.

Meanwhile the Haas team has been given a suspended €2,000 fine for failing to return its tyres on time following second practice. The stewards explained they had “heard from the team representatives who agreed that their tyres were not turned in electronically within the required two hours.”

“The team assured the stewards that they have put new systems in place to ensure that this will not recur,” the stewards added.

“The stewards found that a breach of the regulations was committed and ordered a €5,000 fine which will be suspended during the remainder of the 2017 season pending compliance with the relevant regulation.”

2017 Japanese Grand Prix

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    1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
      7th October 2017, 5:42

      & they might become 5,if Kimi’s gearbox is damaged…

      1. 4 actually Bottas also has penalty for gearbox change.

    2. As everyone is aware ,this grid penalty system is inappropriate and unfair ,when will the FIA alter it?

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