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Thunderstorms to pass before race day in Brazil

2017 Brazilian Grand Prix weather

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Last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix took over three hours to complete as heavy rain caused multiple stoppages. This came after two days of dry running.

We could be in for the opposite this year, as rain and thunderstorms are expected during practice and qualifying but race day is likely to be dry.

Sao Paolo’s weather tends to be volatile and that is likely to be borne out over the next 48 hours. Light rain is expected to begin around noon on Friday, just as first practice is about to start, bringing thunderstorms and intensifying rain throughout the rest of the day. This is currently expected to last well into Saturday and may still be falling when qualifying begins at 2pm local time.

The new steps taken to improve drainage at the track in wet conditions could prove well-timed. The surface has been grooved at several points in turns two, three, 12, 13, 14 and 15 where water collected during last year’s rain-hit race.

Saturday will also be considerably cooler than Friday. Air temperatures are expected to peak at 27C on Friday but will only break into the 20s on qualifying day.

Conditions on Sunday will be very different: Sunshine, cloudless skies and air temperatures of 27C again. That could leave significant question marks over their race tyre performance.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

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  1. Shame that it’ll gone by race day, but either way it will make for an interesting race, if practice and quali are rained on there are so many variables and unknowns.

  2. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, LOL. These days I tend to avoid reading into the weather forecasts too much as we’ve seen with a few race weekends that things can suddenly change from the initially predicted forecast. For example, in Monza, the unusually heavy-ish rain was supposed to take place on practice day but got postponed to qualifying day same with Singapore where rain wasn’t supposed to come down around the race start time, but it still did, and in Suzuka rain was initially predicted for Saturday morning, but it never came that day and same with the US GP. The Brazilian GP venue like Spa, Suzuka, or Sepang for example, is also a circuit where the weather is a bit unpredictable as things can change quite quickly.

  3. race day is likely to be dry.

    Bet you it will not be.
    Keep a close look at Massa ;)

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