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Championship lead changes hands in Formula E

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There’s little motorsport action during the winter months but Formula E was in action last weekend and F1 hopefuls are racing in New Zealand.

Formula E

Race 3: Morocco

Felix Rosenqvist won his second Formula E race in a row in Morocco on Saturday after working his way forward from third on the grid. The Mahindra driver passed Sam Bird who slowed shortly before the mid-race car change, then set off in pursuit of race leader Sebastien Buemi.

The lead changed hands with five laps to go, Buemi unable to contain his rival who had more energy available for the closing stages. Bird joined them on the podium but lost his points lead to Rosenqvist.

Nelson Piquet Jnr took fourth after Lucas di Grassi retired from the position early on with another technical problem. The reigning champion’s hopes of defending his title look slim as he is yet to score a point after three races.

Also last weekend

Ferrar juniors Marcus Armstrong and Robert Shwartzman lie first and second in New Zealand’s Toyota Racing Series after the opening triple-header at Ruapuna. Former Red Bull junior team driver Richard Verschoor won the opening encounter before Armstrong doubled up in the remaining races, clinching the Lady Wigram Trophy in the latter.

Over to you

What racing action did you watch last weekend? And what have been your favourite races of this year? Let us know in the comments.

Weekend Racing Wrap

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  • 8 comments on “Championship lead changes hands in Formula E”

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      15th January 2018, 13:50

      Rosenqvist continues to impress in that Mahindra, and with homologated cars for the season, he seems a real contender for the title from here.

      I find it strange that Longbow were so quick to renew Ericsson’s Sauber contract, whilst this Swede, who seems to have greater potential, hasn’t got a look-in. This says to me that it has more to do with Ericsson’s personal connections, than simple patriotism (or perhaps Ferrari just want a known benchmark for Leclerc, and he’ll be unceremoniously dumped at the end of 2018).

      With Felix rattling off 3 wins (I think?) in that Mahindra car now, you really have to feel for quick-Nick , who hasn’t won a single seater race since Formula 3000, 19 years ago.

      1. I have to agree. It is baffling that Ericsson is preparing for his fifth season in F1 while Rosenquist seems to have been forgotten/overlooked by every one in F1.

        Also, poor “Nock Hidefield”… :)

      2. Yeah, that Ericsson desicion has very little to do with driver quality. And no, Ferrari was not keen at all to have a “benchmark” for Leclerc, they pushed for Sauber to also take Giovannazzi @fullcoursecaution.

        Then again, Rosenquist might have too much fun winning in FE to even want to go to a backmarker team in F1

    2. Indian teams in motorsport making us proud! To hear the national anthem on that podium was such a heavy moment…I hope we can have one with Force India in F1 soon too!

      1. Back to Back wins for the team and compared to last year this years car seems to be seriously impressive with Felix doing a good job of managing power and still managed to overtake and open up a lead. Hopefully we will see them take the title at end of year.

      2. Its great to see one of the supposedly smaller teams doing so well against the might of Renault, Audi and Jaguar.

        Super chuffed for Rosenqvist and I love the passion of their chief (I think he’s Dilbagh Gill? )

      3. Yeah, and a great reason to be proud. The team really has had their stuff together so far this season after being a solid competitor for the last few years already!

    3. Does anyone know if the Toyota Racing Series is on UK television? A sure fire cure for winter blues!

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