Pictures: Haas reveals more of its new VF-18 at first run

2018 F1 season

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Haas has run its new 2018 F1 car for the first time at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The VF-18, the team’s third Formula One car, took to the track for a filming day today.

The team was the first to reveal images of their new car for the 2018 season but the car had only previously been shown as a rendering.

The new car will run again when testing begins at the track on Monday. Team principal Guenther Steiner said their objective will be to gather as much data as the can.

“The expectation is always the same,” he said. “We want to run as much as possible and to learn as much as possible.”

“We’ve now got more people working back at the factory that can analyse data. Before, this was an area where we were perhaps a little weak. We’re growing.”

“We’re always getting better, and to get better you need time. With having more people, we can do more to get prepared for the first race.”

“Formula One is so specialised and it operates at such a high level that focus and attention to detail are very important,” he added. “Everything needs to work and, particularly, all the sensors on the car need to work. That’s where you get a lot of your data.”

“All our protocols and methodologies are running pretty smoothly. This is our third year of doing this. What we’re trying to do is get better prepared for the racetrack so we’re not having the ups and downs like we had the last two seasons. We are trying to stabilize that. It’s one of our biggest goals this year.”

2018 F1 season

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  • 12 comments on “Pictures: Haas reveals more of its new VF-18 at first run”

    1. Hard to believe Haas could make an even duller paint job than Sauber.

      1. Touch and go isn’t it, but I think Haas has edged it. Not the kind of car you would want a poster of to stick up on your wall as a kid is it.

        1. @unicron2002: Nope. But maybe in Dad’s machine shop. In the back where no one can see it.

        2. I prefer unicron’s Pacific. Or a messy nascar livery.

          1. @peartree it’s actually a Ligier with a special livery only used in the 1993 Japanese and Australian GPs. Its a beaut!

      2. To be fair, this is a rolling advertisement for the Haas automation CNC machines– Which are painted in industrial colors. They’re actually cutting back on the machine gray bits this year.

        Interesting approach to air flow in the bargeboard area, though.

    2. Heard it running today! Exciting sound to be honest, I wasn’t expecting these turbos to sound that nice. Looking forward to next week.

    3. Looks fantastic. Much nicer than many…unless you must have a fluorescent paint job that changes every year.

    4. I’m shocked at how little depth there is to the nosecone, under the ‘8’ in the first image. Amazing that the car passed the crash test with so little in the way of materials!

      1. Nice point.

    5. I think the halo fits the Haas. Never thought I’d say that. They look good together.

    6. Good luck to them, they are the first new F1 team in ages that isn’t just in F1 to make money. They are putting in a great effort.

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