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Verstappen fumes over car problems after missing pole in “crap qualifying”

2018 Mexican Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen said he was plagued by more problems with his car after being beaten to pole position by team mate Daniel Ricciardo in Mexico.

“The whole qualifying was crap.” said Verstappen, who was fastest in Q1 and after the first run in Q3 before losing out to Ricciardo. “Again the same problem as in FP2. Engine braking not like I wanted, just rear locking the car

“We tried to make the best of it. I thought it was going to be enough with the problems we had. But it’s still good to be second, we’ll see tomorrow.”

Verstappen, who was also quickest in all three practice sessions, vowed to “drive around” the problems if they recur in tomorrow’s race.

Daniel Ricciardo surprised Verstappen by beating him to pole position by two-hundredths of a second, leading Red Bull’s first front row lock-out since the 2013 United States Grand Prix.

“I knew it was there somewhere,” he said. “We hadn’t had the cleanest run through practice and I just knew getting clean laps together would be crucial as always.

“I knew the pace was in the car. Obviously Max showed that all weekend from start to finish. I knew we could put a clean lap together at the end. I still wasn’t convinced it was the cleanest.”

Verstappen missed out on the first pole position of his career while Ricciardo took his third.

“Obviously Monaco is the only place I’ve ever done this,” said Ricciardo. “I believe it was super-close with Max, a few hundredths or thousandths.

“So a shout-out to the team. I don’t know the last time Red Bull got a one-two in qualifying so that’s pretty cool.”

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107 comments on “Verstappen fumes over car problems after missing pole in “crap qualifying””

    1. You can see in that picture that the car is un-driveable ;)

    2. You just know Hamilton would be on pole in Max’s Red Bull.

      1. @greenflag If they swapped placed Max would already be WDC ;)

  1. Sore looser

  2. He’s probably upset that he not only got beaten to pole despite being quick in every session, lost a chance to take the record for youngest polesitter, but also to his team-mate. I get why he’s angry but man needs to cheer up a bit.

    1. GtisBetter (@)
      27th October 2018, 21:13

      Well, it’s emotion right after what he probably figured was a record pole. People seem to think all driver should be PR machines, but I like the genuine emotion and frustration to be schoen. We should accept race drivers have feelings, it makes everything more interesting. Even if it means being a sore loser ;)

      1. Well some people likes slow robots like Bottas and some passionate racers like Verstappen. Each to their own.

      2. Good point @passingisoverrated – I do think he’s a bit full of it, and should be a tad more honest and just say he would be feeling like Singapore if he was on pole, but now the frustration of missing out by a tiny bit to his own teammate, after leading the field up til that moment, makes the car niggles hit him harder. And we should be more understanding of a foul mood when that happens, as you say, he’s not wrong to feel ‘his’ pole was stolen at the last minute by Ricciardo. Great drama for us, but he’s the one losing out, and should be allowed to vent a bit. If we don’t want PR robots, that is.

    2. Dani did a super job. And Max should be dissapointed. I would not watch a race where drivers would be happy with 2nd place.

  3. Honestly, people always say that Hamilton has a crap personality, but my god what is there to like about Verstappen’s.

    When Ric said he was a sore loser in I cant remember what race it was (Verstappen hit him up the inside) he was right!

    Why do people like him, and I say that without any bias here.

    1. They’re both annoying for different reasons. Hamilton with thanking everyone for the power and the good vibrations and the spirituality that made him be strong to do this for the fans and max is too young to own his mistakes. Both are amazing drivers though, just mute their interviews watch them drive and listen to Dan Ric do a southern accent for the fun bits.

      1. hahaha the vibrations part too funny. I hear what you are saying though. And you’re right both great drivers.

        I guys I can take the vibrations and thankinh the fans is at least a good thing. Max is just off putting for some reason.

        Well maybe I am biased!

          1. #StilliRise

      2. @eljueta Thats a superb comment – COTD to you sir!

      3. LOL, I don’t feel as annoyed at those things @eljuta, but that is a great bit of lampooning Hamilton’s style of talking :)

        1. @eljueta sorry, spelling mistake in your name.

      4. Yeah, Hamilton’s a real jerk for acknowledging that without his team’s hard work he’d be lucky to finish the race, let alone in the points. He should be like the other drivers, and always blame someone else for his mistakes, and never admit that F1 is a team sport.

    2. I don’t blame them for being a sore loser. They should be imho

      1. Yup I would be, me he hasnt matured enough yet to hide it in the interviews haha.

        Crap car = I would like to thank the engineers

        Circuit is boring = The fans here are the greatest.

        Power unit is too slow = I could feel the fans giving me that extra tenth of a second.

        1. At least he’s matured in his driving, he’s been flawless since Canada IMHO

          1. And he did give RIC his congratulations on the grid

          2. He hit Kimi after cutting the chicane in Suzuka since Canada. Not flawless, but much better.

          3. @paeschii @exediron Yep, plus that silly mistake versus Bottas in Italy. He has improved, but he certainly hasn’t been “flawless” by any means.

    3. I can’t blame people for not liking Verstappen. His out-of-the-car persona is infuriatingly stubborn and self-convinced. I do like what he’s done to the in-the-car racing though.

    4. There is nothing to like. He and his father are totally unlikable persons, even going so far as bullies and that shows on track.
      Both ended up at the wrong team to soon, not being ready for the job and with the wrong mentality to ever become world champion.

      Why so many like him, i do not know. It is really beyond me.

      1. Max is totally different from Jos is many ways. Lost importantly he is a better racing driver.

        Yes he is self centered and a very tough fighter on track. But the best athletes are like that

        1. Lost = most

      2. I’d buy you a beer in RL, @marcelh. You sound like a totally sensible individual.

      3. I’ll tell you why people like Max, and Lewis as well for that matter: because they are flipping quick.

        Max is 21, just remember what you were like as a 21 year old, when there’s no way that you were as talented as he is.

        Put him in a Mercedes and he’d never be caught, not even by Lewis (although it would be close)

        1. @nvherman

          Put him in a Mercedes and he’d never be caught, not even by Lewis (although it would be close)

          talk us through the logic behind what you are saying, I can literally see no direct comparison, team mates etc.

          1. “talk us through the…” etc… Hahah, very funny… lol.

        2. @nvherman,

          I like Max because he has a ton of potential and quite possibly be the next multiple championship winner. Reality being what it is, I don’t like him because for a 21 year old he wasting his talents moaning about everything because he lacks maturity. When he grows up and shows that maturity he’s going to be damn good. He had a damn good car under him all weekend, if he can’t see beyond his own needs at the moment and maybe say thanks to the team for making that happen then the problem lies with him.

        3. @nvherman

          Put him in a Mercedes and he’d never be caught, not even by Lewis

          Let’s put this into perspective. At best, Max has made as many mistakes as Vettel who is trailing Ham in the championship comfortably.

          You think that with driving like China, Monaco, Monza, Japan etc- he would be beating Lewis? Max hasn’t even mastered how to beat Ric ober the course of a season (yet).

          You have bought into the Verstappen hype. Boy may be seriously quick but Hamilton is a more complete driver.

          1. I do think that had Verstappen been in the Ferrari (or Merc) he wouldn’t quite have driven like that @blazz; as I heard him say yesterday (was that Buxton’s paddock pass? Sky UK via f1tv? not sure) he admitted to over-driving, too eager to get the results to make sure he first finished; in the faster cars he maybe wouldn’t have felt as desperate to compensate, and thus have better results.

            Would it be enough to challenge Hamilton? I don’t know, I think probably not bc. he’d either have a Merc. that wasn’t quite there initially, or a Ferrari that had a slump mid season (both possibly triggering that desperation we also saw with Vettel …).

          2. You have bought into the Verstappen hype. Boy may be seriously quick but Hamilton is a more complete driver.

            2018 Hamilton maybe. But he wasn’t as complete as he is now after four seasons in Formula 1.

            Hamilton was also 22 in 2007, Verstappen was 17 in 2015, he’s not even as old as Hamilton was then, now.

            I maintain my view that in the same car, Lewis would struggle against Max. Many of Verstappen’s more stupid mistakes (and I’m not denying that he’s made some) have been whilst overdriving the car trying to either stay in front of cars with faster engines, or trying to get past.

            Personally, I believe if Verstappen was in Bottas’ seat, Mercedes would already have won the Constructors Championship. Mind you, if Raikkonen was in that seat, the same would be true.

    5. That is the duplicity of people….they put blinders on and ignore the flaws for those they like, and for those they do not like, they magnify every single thing they perceive that individual does wrong.

      1. @medman

        That doesnt make sense, why would they like the person in the first place then?

    6. @yloops The 2017 Hungarian GP.

      1. You mat3 are the MVP of thia thread!

    7. Let’s face it, there isn’t really any endearing characters in F1. As much as i like his driving ability, i tend to think Hamilton only likes to compliment himself. Even if he’s saying positive things about another driver, it’s kind of patronising because its said in a way that alludes to his own superiority. Similar situation with Alonso. Neither has learned humility. Ham’s ego and petulance always seem to show up when he’s under pressure, which doesn’t really happen these days, so on the surface he seems to have matured. We can criticise Max, but at least there is hope that he will grow as a person in years to come.

      1. “… but at least there is hope…” – you can say that about anyone/everyone…!

        1. Thats true, there is always the potential to change and grow. I tend to think age is a factor and Max has more potential for change. I think perhaps the F1 lifestyle doesn’t really encourage inner growth, maybe it even bolsters negative character traits. Its hard to ignore that many drivers share these traits.

          1. So, it’s just your thought that one person, “…has more potential for change.”
            Not exactly scientific… so anybody can say this about anybody… :)

          2. Didn’t think i had to spell it out. Im saying a 20 year old Max that has yet to experience many things has more chance of changing his character than a prima donna in his 30’s that still act’s like a twat eg : ALO/HAM/VET. Maybe you can add your scientific input?

          3. yep because of his age, he is yet to experience many things hence the hope. For the older guys that still act like spoilt children i have less hope.

          4. Hahaha… No need to spell it out if you write clearly to begin with. Every addition you make simply detracts further from your, I presume, intended aim…
            First you had hopes for Max, but not the others… Now you have just ‘more; hope for him… and less for the others…
            You’re spelling is fine – but comprehension is not a strong point… lol.

            NB: at no point have you attempted to explain why you have hope for Max except he is younger… which is why I suggested it’s not a very scientific theory… and why you seem to be one of those commenters who aren’t happy until you have bullied everybody else in to agreeing with you. Life doesn’t work like that.

          5. I dont need you to agree. My comment wasn’t unreasonable. You start your post with hahaha. That says a lot about you.

    8. Max looked a lot like Ricciardo after not winning that certain Monaco GP due the a team error…
      There’s no race lost yet and P2 probably is a better start for the Mexican GP anyways due to the 1.3 km long straight and a tow to benifit from.

      I just think Max is really fed up by these drivability issues… the cars might be the same, though they fail at different times…this FP/quali was another good example no two cars are the same

      1. Yet you never fail to mention VER beating RIC, even if he didn’t, stressing they’re in the same car and getting the same treatment by the team, hahahahahahahhahaha.

    9. It’s Max’s driving that makes him a star.. Not his personality. Personally, I like the guy just because he’s exciting to watch. His personality and attitude is unlikeable though… And he does appear to be a little bit bitter on occasion.

      He’s also very Dutch. I don’t mean that with any offense to the Dutch, but when I lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years, I noticed the people there make statements very off the cuff. They’re straight shooters and would speak their mind without bothering about how their statements are received. Sometimes it does come off as rude or sore.

      1. +1 as a Dutch person myself i have being called rude by my English and Americans friends many times while for me i was just honest and timide with my comments..

      2. It’s difficult to smile if you have just missed your first pole due to ‘engine behavior’ and you have to answer some questions 2 minutes after you stepped out of your car? He had to fight with his car to compensate the lack of reliability under engine-breaking. Ask his engineers if he is (st)able enough to explain what’s wrong if his car is not performing like he wants it! He will learn to fake a smile, don’t worry!

  4. car problems, that wont fly, his car was super quick.

  5. The devil is in the details

  6. So unnecessary. Why this blaming of the car. Every driver will have felt their car wasn’t perfect. Your teammate beat you by two hundreds of a second. Just take it in your stride. Shame.

    1. @hahostolze

      So unnecessary. Why this blaming of the car.

      This isn’t blaming the car. This is another let’s just blame everything on Renault statement. I find it disgusting how Marko, Horner and Verstappen take every single opportunity to berate Renault and talk up Honda. Even when they lock up a 1-2 on the grid, you have a driver blaming his not so perfect lap on Renault.

      I cannot wait till Red Bull experience the destroyer of dreams next year.

      1. I very much feel like that @Todfod, even though I also, at the same time, hope the Honda hype has enough truth to make it a three-way fight, as (like with your above comment on Verstappen), the team are such a relentlessly good team in execution, much as I dislike their personality, I feel they would be a better match for Mercedes’ professionalism than Ferrari/Vettel seem to be.

  7. Oh Max 😂

  8. Tomorrow both red bulls will DNF in Baku style.

    1. This is my suspicion.

  9. I can feel for the boy.
    He has a great talent and never to have had Pole must burn.

    Keep going Max.

    1. (@nullapax)

      He has a great talent and never to have had Pole must burn

      Haha he’s only 20 mate and he is a good driver, there is plenty of time yet.

      1. he’s only 20

        That was ages ago, @johnrkh.
        At least 2 million seconds or so.

  10. What a sore looser… This guy has serious mental issues, ashamed of nothing.

      1. @jorge-lardone

        I see you’ve found a new target for those infamous +1s

    1. Absolutely! @pyon
      He just can’t simply admit that Ricciardo was better…

    2. Who is losing? LOL

  11. I am totally certain that if he beat Ricciardo by 0.001 he wouldn’t be saying his car had problems. It only had problems because he was beaten. His attitude is terrible. For one of the few times the Red Bull is the best car and he still manages 2nd, he’s so miserable. I respect that when he isn’t colliding into things, he’s a great driver, but I just don’t think i will ever like him because of his personality.

    1. Red Bull has been the best car for a long time, the Tag heuer engine failed him.

    2. Max’s dad failed charm school also, perhaps Max had the double whammy of nature and nurture in that dept

    3. @thegianthogweed ” For one of the few times the Red Bull is the best car and he still manages 2nd, he’s so miserable.”
      This is what shows me that Ricciardo is still the more complete driver, yes Max maybe more naturally talented but when the car is there it is generally Daniel who delivers the goods.

  12. Just a fact: Max’s engineer asked him how was the balance during his first try in Q3 (when he was on pole), and Max said everything was good. When asked by journalists after qualifying: “the whole qualifying was crap”.

    1. Well he was faster in his first lap.

  13. Max needs to grow up a bit. He lost fair and square. Had the roles been reversed doubt qualifying would have been ‘crap’.

  14. Max is not a nice guy, super talented but not a nice guy.
    He over estimates who he thinks he is.
    A narcissist with talent.

  15. If Verstappen takes this attitude into the race Ricciardo could end up with another DNF courtesy of his team mate. But Hamilton may be in a worse position as he is sandwiched between Vertstappen and Vettel.

    1. LOL, go hate someone who can’t drive and win F1-races. It will make your comments a lot better! Good luck with your fake Crystal Ball..

  16. Har har Maxy, your time will come. Until then – #dannyftw

  17. In other news, a genuine volvano, Popocatepetl, appears to be on the verge of erupting and it is only 34miles from Mexico City.

    1. *volcano

    2. Don’t worry, it has been like that for the past few thousand years.

      1. I watched the race and checked a ‘YouTube live stream’ a few times over. He was sleeping luckily!

  18. Another weeping driver. Obviously, the successor of the Asturian Child.

    1. @jorge-lardone

      Another troll statement.. Now aimed at another driver who is not liked by the finger boy fanclub.

      1. Why bother wasting your time responding this guy. He doesn’t deserve credibility….

  19. I cant imagine how fast the red bulls could be next year if the Honda is back in form, which I think it will be.

    1. Why do you think that? They were behind both Renaults and a McLaren today!!!

      1. Because next year Horner said they are again going to do joint car development with torro rosso, unlike this year. And this year, the Honda engines are getting very close to mercedes and ferrari with help from genius ilmore

        1. “Because next year Horner said…” – what is it with people who automatically believe what Horner says…? lol.
          I hope the Honda PU will come good, sooner rather than later, for the benefit of F1, not to justify Horner’s PR machine…
          Still lol.

  20. I think he really wanted to knock Vettel off the youngest polesitter record, and this was realistically his last chance to do it. There’s only two races in the next 45 days (before he is older than Vettel was in Monza 08) and in neither of those the RB14 is considered a favorite over the W09 or the SF71H.

    He seems fixated on proving that he is a better driver than SV and that gets under his skin, on track and in front of the mics.

    1. Tbh i really think that one of Verstappen’s main motives! @faulty

      1. Even if the RB15 is a step up, It won’t run away with the championship and He’ll have a fierce rival in Pierre. Vettel was a champion after 2 season with the main team, I don’t see Max clinching his first title next year.

        He ought to concentrate on himself, not on Vettel.

        1. Who is Vettel? LOL

  21. Dani did an amazing drive. And deservis this pole posision and winn this qualification.
    I do not understand all this trash talk about Max. Should he not be dissapointed? Should he be happy with P2? Is that the type of racing we want to see when the best drivers in the world race? Not me. I want to see a race not a parade.
    I agree, verstappen was complaining, and he should not. Deni just did a better job this time. Also that is racing.

  22. The problem is he said the whol qualifying was crap, which is clearly nonsense. If he’d just said I had a lack of power on my final lap then fine, but what he said is something a child might say.

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