Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes, Shanghai International Circuit, 2019

F1 popular enough to consider second race in China – Wolff

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In the round-up: Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says Formula 1 should consider adding a second race in China, the world’s largest country by population:

What they say

I think we’ve achieved the first step. This is a sell-out crowd in Shanghai.

And certainly, I think it’s a big enough place. Formula E is having two races in China: One in Hainan Island [Sanya] and one in Hong Kong. Why not go to Hong Kong race downtown or go to Beijing? I would love that.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Alexander Rossi, Andretti, IndyCar, Long Beach, 2019
Alexander Rossi, Andretti, IndyCar, Long Beach, 2019

Alexander Rossi will start the IndyCar Long Beach Grand Prix from pole position for the second year in a row – and bid to score his second win in a row at the California street track.

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Comment of the day

Pierre Gasly needs to up his game quickly:

I heard rumours that the black hole picture that was revealed during the week was shot in the gap between Max and Pierre.
Joao (@Johnmilk)

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  • 8 comments on “F1 popular enough to consider second race in China – Wolff”

    1. re: Wolff’s suggestion, yes to another China race, given its popularity and the size of the country’s population, but no to more street races!! Please no. More than enough already. Find somewhere suitably hilly, tree-covered and Spa-like, even down to the seasonal rainfall.

      1. Seconded, China is the country most able to build a second track due to centralized planning and cheap labor. A second track should be down in the industrial south of the country, but exactly when a 2nd CGP would be held is more problematic.

    2. The best segments compilation is interesting but not really relevant due to the fact that finishing one segment very fast can have you arriving at the next corner too fast and loosing time there, it’s a question getting the best string of segment times, not necessarily the quickest time possible in each segment.

    3. Wow, the cars sound great in Awizul’s video! Why is it that amateurs using amateur equipment are still able to deliver far better audio than the professionals of FOM? Not to mention the long-distance shot actually gave a far better – and holistic – picture of the Q3 kerfuffle.

    4. F1 needs to come back to Long beach, been a long time since I saw Jonesy win.
      Compared to the dull FI spectacle I witnessed this morning this place screams BIG EVENT.
      Guess it might be ‘event’ over the actual racing, the packed stands emptied after Indy Qualifying and those folks missed a damn fine IMSA race, I’ve witnessed this first hand….
      @ There must be a way to extend the track ?

    5. We have enough races in totalitarian dictatorships without adding a second in China. Spare a thought for those living under Orwellian conditions in Xinjiang.

    6. Lenny (@leonardodicappucino)
      14th April 2019, 10:00

      I don’t think F1 would hold a race in Hong Kong for the foreseeable future simply because of the political nightmare of what to call such a race. It can’t be the Chinese GP, we already have it, but the Hong Kong GP could imply Hong Kong is its own country. I guess the only thing that could work is the Hong Kong, China GP or something like that.

    7. Strange given how popular F1 is in China that they still aren’t using the huge bank of stands before the final straight.

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