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Ferrari to join third season of F1 Esports

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Ferrari will join Formula 1’s other nine teams in competing in the official F1 Esports championship when its third season begins later this year.

The addition of Ferrari means the 2019 F1 Esports series will have a full complement of teams for the first time.

F1’s head of growth and Esports Julian Tan said the arrival of Ferrari is a boost for the championship. “Having Ferrari come in and complete the grid is another step forward in confirming the authenticity of what we’re doing and it helps to provide another touch point for fans of Formula 1 and gamers in a broader sense as well.”

“It further enhances the authenticity of F1 Esports,” he added. “From the very beginning the north star for the programme was to align the world of Esports, which is booming, with the magic of Formula 1, and the closer those two worlds are aligned, the more special the product we’re able to deliver.”

Over 100,000 people applied to take part in this year’s series. The prize fund for the new season has been increased from $200,000 to $500,000.

The Pro Draft for the series will take place in July, where all 10 teams will participate for the first time. The drivers will compete on F1 2019, the forthcoming new edition of the official Formula 1 game, for a chance to be selected by the teams to participate in the 12-round Pro Series.

Ferrari has confirmed it will “establish a special Ferrari Driver Academy esports Team section within the Ferrari Driver Academy” as part of its entry into the series. However its title sponsor Mission Winnow does not appear in F1 2019.

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13 comments on “Ferrari to join third season of F1 Esports”

  1. Mission Winatleastvirtually

    1. Those front and rear wings are noticeably blank, aren’t they? 😊

      1. @phylyp Not to me.

        1. @jerejj – I was referring to the absence of PMI branding :-)

  2. Hope we see healthy grids of women and there’s no discrimination. Equality for women needs to see 50,000 female F1 gamers enter.

    1. Equality in gaming? Are you kidding me? You by default don’t know if someone is a women or a men. People are really taking this equality thing to extremes. L

    2. Must be a bait?
      I doubt there’s even 50000 female F1 gamers period. Not to mention competitive. There’s not even 50000 competitive male drivers even though there are more of them.

      1. There are not many female gamers because they are discriminated against and disenfranchised.
        They need to have their own gaming series obviously.

  3. F1 eSports is unfortunately the same fakery as FE, being based on an arcade game.

    It is especially damning when F1 drivers like Verstappen and Norris are active simracers and not doing F1’s own game.

    1. @balue

      Shouldn’t people just race what they find enjoyable and exhilarating? The best E-bikes are an awesome buzz. Check out the Sur-Ron. They will be many more Electric race series that incorporate what traditionalists will class as ‘gimmicks’

      1. Dont even talk to me about ebikes! I just managed for the first time in a decade since becoming disabled, to ride a mountain bike again, lost 5 much needed it in only three weeks thanks to my ebike, but yesterday on my favourite trail, I had some aggressive pos block the trail after overtaking me, and wouldn’t let me pass ranting about how I was cheating and my bike would tear up his trail (I helped dig the thing, I should point out and it survived the downhiller craze that really does tear apart trails) and it wasn’t until he put his hand on my bike that I said a word, but he would not stop! I asked him eventually what bike I should ride, given that I’m a wheelchair user and that shut him up finally, tried to keep hold of my bike though to get a tow up the steep bit until I threatened to call the police. His friends afterwards apologised for him, I told them it was meaningless if they didn’t try to stop him.

        Gah, now that’s off my chest, I am just fed up with people with regressive points of view sticking their beaks into my life and telling me what I should and should not enjoy.

        Speaking of fakery, and elitists who don’t want you to enjoy a thing you enjoy because it’s not the way they enjoy that thing, I think the speed boost zone in Fe is fantastic and an interesting twist on the joker lap that I’m sure the elitists have no problem with.

        1. *Lost 5 much needed Kg’s

  4. is there a stream schedule available?

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