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Mercedes to get the cooler temperatures they wanted at Silvertone

2019 British Grand Prix weather

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Silverstone is set to deliver the cooler temperatures Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff said he was hoping for after the team’s first defeat of the season at a hot Red Bull Ring two weeks ago.

While the silver team’s crown slipped partly due to the high altitude in Austria as well, the team will be pleased to see race day temperatures could peak as much as 11C down on last year’s surprisingly hot race.

While Silverstone basked in three days of sunshine last year, with race day temperatures just shy of 30C, this year’s race could see temperatures fail to break the 20C threshold.

Friday practice is expected to begin with sunshine, but conditions will become cloudier and cooler as the weekend progresses. The first day of running could be somewhat blustery as well, but the wind should calm down over the rest of the weekend.

From a peak of 21C on Friday, temperatures will be similar on Saturday but possibly cooler on Sunday. The race day peak could be as low as 18C. As Pirelli has selected the hardest tyres in its range this weekend, graining could become a concern on the harder compounds.

But cooling should be less of a problem, giving the world champions good reason to expect they’ll be more competitive this weekend.

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6 comments on “Mercedes to get the cooler temperatures they wanted at Silvertone”

  1. How about instead of sprinklers around the track, we have giant heaters that raise the track temperature instead? That could be one way to bunch up the top 3.

    1. Or here’s a crazy idea, Ferrari and Red Bull make better cars??

      1. Not what the majority of people want anymore by the sound of it. I used to look forward to seeing who would emerge as top dog, admiring the skill of one of the best drivers in the business finding the sweet spot in the best car. And then the immense struggle of those behind as they threw the kitchen sink at the problem.
        I still get a kick put of watching just a few of the drivers; no matter where they are on the grid, being skilful enough to position their cars perfectly to take Barcelona T3 or the chicane on the Mistral.
        But it seems these days we have to throw as many artificial variables into it as possible so the overweight kid at the back who always comes in last now has a chance.

  2. At least its forecast to be dry all weekend! However I’m not taking chances and am off to asda and b&m bargains to find some emergency ponchos 😂

    1. Dustbin liners. Sit on them, make hole in them for your head and wear them as a raincoat, put your rubbish in them, dispose of them at the end of the day. Cheap as chips! And certainly a lot cheaper than Silverstone chips! :)

  3. 21, 21, and 20 C are the forecasted top ambient temperatures for the three days of running respectively at present. Last year the highest temperature on each day was 30 C.

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