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Ocon to join new Renault Esports event tomorrow


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Renault F1 driver Esteban Ocon will participate in a new Esports event organised by the manufacturer tomorrow.

Ocon will take on Renault Sport Academy driver Hadrien David and other in two races on Gran Turismo Sport. The event will be run by Renault’s Esports partner Team Vitality and broadcast on their Twitch channels from 7pm GMT.

Vitality’s Kevin Georges (a.k.a. Brawks) and Maxime Dambrine (Robi) will also participate along with the team’s Esports driver Nicolas Longuet. Laurent Hurgon, who holds the real-world lap records for Renault’s Megane Trophy R on the Nurburgring, Spa-Francorchamps and Suzuka, will also participate.

Neither of Renault’s current F1 drivers have participate in the official Virtual Grand Prix series, which held its second event yesterday. The team’s junior driver Christian Lundgaard finished second in yesterday’s race on the Albert Park circuit.

Another of its junior drivers, Chinese racer Guanyu Zhou, won the opening event on the Bahrain International Circuit, but was left out of the team’s line-up yesterday.

RaceFans understands Renault is rotating its seats for the races between its academy drivers and invited guests of the team’s sponsors. Ian Poulter, a professional golfer and ambassador for Renault sponsor DP World, drove alongside Zhou in Bahrain, while Lundgaard was partnered by Australian Supercars racer Andre Heimgartner yesterday.

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