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Poll: Should Alonso return to Formula 1 in 2021?

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The 2021 F1 season could be Fernando Alonso’s last chance to return to Formula 1 and bid for the third world championship which has eluded him for over a decade.

Should he take a final tilt at the title, or should he put F1 behind him for good?


When Alonso signed off his final Formula 1 campaign just one season ago he was clearly still at the peak of his powers. His dominant performance alongside Stoffel Vandoorne left little room for doubt he could still win races and challenge for the championship given a suitably competitive car.

He’s younger than the oldest competitor in the championship at present – Kimi Raikkonen – and clearly motivated to win again. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t consider a comeback.


While Alonso certainly could return, whether he should is a different matter. There will not be an opening for him at any of the ‘big three’ teams – Ferrari are full, Mercedes have ruled him out before, and Red Bull keep their driver hires within the family.

Previously, returning in 2021 meant the promise of new regulations to make the championship more competitive. But those have now been postponed. Toiling around the midfield in a Renault would be little more than what he did in his final season, and holds no appeal for him.

I say

Alonso has made it clear he has other objectives he wishes to fulfil in his life after Formula 1, such as winning the Indianapolis 500 and Dakar Rally. These are both great events and it’s fantastic that a driver who’s already achieved so much recognises the value of taking them on.

But those challenges will still be realistic options later in his career. The same is not necessarily true of Formula 1. If Alonso feels he has a chance worth taking for 2021 – and that’s a big ‘if’, it would be a terrible shame if he didn’t pursue it.

it’s entirely possible both Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel could be absent from the 2021 grid. We could end up with a championship very short of champions – another reason to root for an Alonso comeback.

You say

Do you think Alonso should return to Formula 1 in 2021? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Do you agree Fernando Alonso should return to Formula 1?

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  • Strongly disagree (35%)
  • Slightly disagree (13%)
  • Neither agree nor disagree (6%)
  • Slightly agree (18%)
  • Strongly agree (28%)

Total Voters: 333

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75 comments on “Poll: Should Alonso return to Formula 1 in 2021?”

  1. Jonesracing82
    31st May 2020, 12:11

    I say no he shouldn’t come back, simply because he won’t get a car that can get him anywhere near a podium let alone wins & a Title chance.

  2. I voted for strongly disagree. He should only return if it were for Mercedes. Not much point for him to return for lower-positions in his situation career-wise.

    1. Funny so you agree he should go back to a strong team.. I can agree to that

    2. +1 also I dont think Alonso will join F1 in any team struggling.

    3. Ferrari and Red Bull would also be good enough for a try. No chance, anyway. For Reanult and the rest of the teams, I’d say no

      1. He’ll accept even Haas if they make him an offer. Right now he’s so desesperate to return to F1 he will sell his own mother to get it!!
        Why do you think he published the sentence “I’m ready to return to F1!”. Because is his way to try to get an offer from a F1 team, because right now NO TEAM showed interest in his return. He thought he would have get an opportunity to return easily because of his “fame”. But he didn’t count with the fact that once you abandon or you’re kicked from F1 you need to do something special to return. And he hasn’t got any results in a decent category in long time. He even rejected big money and top team in the FE (electric formula). He’s scared to death to measure himself in a tought competition with mechanic equality with other drivers, because he knows the results will be hard to get. Thats why he has reject Indycar and Formula E offers.
        He’s been lot of years already out of the top drivers level, and he’s middle level as max. So he’s return to F1 its impossible, and will never happen. He’s trying to burn his last shot, which will never happen. He’s out forever!
        He’s only chance of returning to F1 will be to enrole in a F1 team as a different role, assistant, test driver, car advisor or whatever name of role. But not as a driver, just as an assistant or manager or whatever.

        1. Yes, Alonso clearly rejected Formula E because he was too terrified to go up against people like Felipe Massa and Vandoorne, who he demolished beyond belief in F1. The delusion with your comment is so strong.

          1. Yes because Massa and Vandoorne are the ones that win all races in that racing formula… Brilliant comment my friend!! In a short sentences you just put yourself in evidence and insult other types of racing. Bravo!!

        2. Your comment my friend is exactly why formula 1 these days is a good time to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon. Just listen to what the experts say about Alonso. He is one of the best in the history of the sport. Not a billionaires son with minimum talent or a avarage driver in the best car. This is a driver that is going for the the very elusive triple crown. That tackles the Dakar. One of the tuffest races of all. That was won by an old man. Mr Sainz. Alonso gave Ferrari their best shot in years. Not even Charles can come close to what Alonso did in a Ferrari. Where has the fire and ice gone in f1. This is a driver thats got nothing to proof anymore but still wants to drive drive and drive. One that’s not afraid of trail and error. A mark of a true driver. If you want to call F1 an world championship, you better need the best drivers in the world. And Alonso’s certainly one of them. Without being rude my friend, rethink what you said.

    4. @jerejj

      I also voted on strongly disagree. It’s no hiding that I’m a huge fan of Alonso.. but I just don’t see the point in having him trundling around in the midfield with Renault. He adds excitement and value to F1 when he’s fighting up front against talents like Hamilton and Verstappen.. not battling lower level talents like Magnussen for P10. It’s painful to watch a driver of his calibre just making up the numbers… so I’d have to say that he’s better off just trying his luck in other categories.

      1. Well where you have been his last 7 years? He’s been without wins and podiums for 7 years. So…
        Where you happy he returned to McLaren just for money?
        Where you happy he betrayed all his fans that supported from his first McLaren era, where they were the devil, and return to McLaren like if nothing happened?

        1. Where you happy he returned to McLaren just for money?

          Maybe if you shared your crystal ball with the rest of us, we’d be able to say he returned to Mclaren just for the money

          Where you happy he betrayed all his fans that supported from his first McLaren era, where they were the devil, and return to McLaren like if nothing happened?

          His fans follow him wherever he goes. Doesn’t make any difference if we drives for team devil or team god.

          Also please learn the difference between the words “where” and “were”

          1. 1) It was clear that McLaren wasn’t on Ferrari’s level, any fan that have seen the F1 will know that. So it was easy to know it wasn’t a performance election, it was a money election. It’s so simple you only have to see the last seasons before he joined McLaren, what was the performance of one team compared to the other. So yes my “cristal ball” :) LOL. Brilliant.

            2)His fans follow him wherever he goes, means you follow him like a sheep, if he does things you don’t like you don’t complain, you will just follow, like a brainwashing organization. I expected more quality from his fans… Well not really, with all the things he done in the past I still find amazing he has fans LOL.

  3. Hang on, before the comments start I just need to heat up the popcorn.

    1. Better grab a couple of cold ones, this is likely to be a long story with loads of “expert” opinions.
      Gonna be fun.

  4. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    31st May 2020, 12:23

    Strongly disagree. He’s unlikely to be able to have a front running drive – at least not for a couple of years, so why bother coming back and celebrating 7th place? That was basically why he left in the first place.

  5. Hands up who said “strongly disagree” based on the stories about his personality and teamwork and not on his driving performance and racing ability.

    1. Even if we say that Alonso in an angel and brings only harmony to whichever team picks him (which is clearly not true at all), why should he return? Hasn’t he spent already enough years battling in the midfield celebrating 7th places? What’s going to change if he returns with Renault or Aston Martin?

      1. @black Although I completely agree that Alonso should not return, especially to an incompetent Renault team, I do believe that there are certain differences between if he is in the midfield now versus when he was at McLaren. The main one being, McLaren kept promising him a car capable of winning, right from Ron Dennis claiming that the Honda power unit “was a piece of jewellery” and the amount of investment going in. 2015 turned out to be a huge disappointment, 2016 showed improvement, and then 2017 was supposed to be the year Honda got it all together. They adopted an engine philosophy that brought them in line with what Mercedes was doing, but 2017 was an even bigger disaster. Then 2018, with the Renault engines was supposed to be the return of McLaren to fighting for podiums. But again, it was a false dawn. At least this time, I’m certain Alonso would come into the team with the mentality that he will not be challenging for podiums from the very beginning, and success, if it ever arrives, will be a few years away, not “next year is our year” as appeared to be the philosophy of McLaren until 2018.

        1. @mashiat Alonso is 38 and has pretty much spent all his career saying he wants to challenge for titles, not even just occasional podiums and wins he had with Ferrari, titles!
          He is not Kimi or Button who never in my recollection said they want anything other than enjoy driving.
          He is not Rosberg who said all he wanted a championship and once his dream was fulfilled he retired gracefully and never bothered again.
          He is not Vettel or Hamilton either who although obviously want more championships, they stick to “we as a team want to improve and win the championship blah blah blah…” mantra, insted of Alonso’s style “I ALONE WANT A THIRD CHAMPIONSHIP FOR ME AND ONLY ME”.
          If as you say he was dissapointed that McLaren promised him titles and didn’t deliver and instead wanted honesty even if he was going to spend more years in the midfield, then he wouldn’t have left and he would just move to another ‘more honest’ midfield team and spend a few years battling to 7th place…but with more honesty.
          And even if we say that he is willing to return and spend a few years building a team with the hope that with the 2022 regs, he is again at the front of the field, then Abiteboul’s Renault is certainly not that team.

    2. I am definitely in this group, not that I was able to vote.

      Alonso managed to trounce his teammate mainly due to mind games, team shenanigans, and toxicity. Last but certainly not least there is the favorable treatment from Mr. Zak Brown, whom I suspect had his Alonso-tinted glasses helpfully removed by Sainz-Norris, and can hopefully finally see clearly.

      Whatever team Alonso joins, he poisons from within. Not something you need in the middle of a technical rules overhaul. Horner and Todt saw this clearly from the beginning, Domenicali and Arrivabene learned through experience, and it looks like Cyril has a hankering for his own dose just to see what all the hubbub is about.

      Whether we fans like it or not, being a good fit for a team is more than just turning a wheel and making it go wrooom. Alonso has made a career of making himself be the good, but difficult to justify choice, and it’s been biting him in the backside since he was kicked out of Ferrari by Arrivabene..

      Alonso has talent, or atleast he did at some point, as even he is not immune to the effects of aging. No matter how hard his fans try to ignore that fact, Alonso is not the fastest man on the grid, and likely hasn’t been for the final 3 seasons he drove.

      Please, for the love of the sport, let this horse lie and rest.

    3. I fall into that category. Hiring Alonso makes no sense for any team.

  6. I voted slightly agree without looking at Keith’s opinion. My logic is this. I don’t think it will benefit Alonso and would rather see him directly race alongside Hamilton. I think 1 season in 2007 was not enough. However I’d love to see him race against another few seasons against “young guns”.

  7. ColdFly (@)
    31st May 2020, 12:41

    This seems to be one where I have to sit on the fence. I fully agree with the listed reasons Pro and Con: Alonso is still at the top of his game and a potential race winner, but at the same time it is not clear he ‘should’ unless it is with a top team.
    But here I go with my gut feeling and disregard history and the disappointing return of Schumacher (there were some other reasons), and vote for Alonso to come back. There cannot be enough top drivers on the grid.

    1. @coldfly, I agree with you, though I narrowly fell on the other side of that, voting to slightly disagree, not wanting another year of dissatisfied Alonso – I think we might have seen all the memes and greatest drives that make one wonder what if the situation would have to offer.

      But, I like your optimism, let’s hope it is rewarded!

      1. @coldfly @bosyber It remains my opinion that we are in for a much more driver oriented series with the revolutionary new regs…drivers no longer held back in dirty air. If FA wants to come back, and is satisfied with his deal, let’s say at Renault, I think he would be thrilling to watch as he takes his car where it doesn’t belong, no longer held back in dirty air. Ie. the top teams will still be the top teams of course, but that doesn’t mean an FA in a 4th or 5th place car can’t make some waves, while having a blast, while thrilling us. If he feels he has unfinished business in F1 I think he would really enjoy the new cars.

        1. @robbie first part, fully agree, that’s where positive comes from ; 2nd part: he wasn’t in the past, if he changed mind, be mora like Kimi, fun. But I see no indication of that.

  8. Unless it’s a car that can get podiums, there’s little point. But I do understand that it’s his last chance to be in the big show, that might be enough for him. I really can’t choose one way or the other.

  9. petebaldwin (@)
    31st May 2020, 12:45

    I voted “neither agree or disagree”

    If he wants to do another season in F1 and is willing to do so in a midfield team, he should definitely come back. If he cares more about winning races than racing in F1, he shouldn’t. As I don’t know what he wants, I can’t really say either way.

  10. I really don’t see what he has to gain by returning. He won’t be in a competitive car immediately and doesn’t have the time to spend on a long term team building project. The only logical reason I can see would be to keep himself in the running in case a top seat opens up unexpectedly within the next year or two, like Hamilton announcing a shock retirement (Mercedes might have previously ruled Alonso out but if they lost Hamilton and Toto Wolf moved on then this could change).

    I think he would be better off pursuing his other racing goals while he is still at or close to the top of his game. He has a much more realistic chance of winning Indy 500, Le Mans, or full season championships in those categories than he does of claiming a third F1 title.

  11. Looking at this possible scenario i can’t understand why wouldn’t people welcome him back? He’s an exciting driver and he is great to watch. What i want to see are the best duking it out and he is one of the very best. All this nonsense about his political exploits etc etc are just fluff. It’s what he does on the track that counts…and that’s really what true followers of the sport should welcome.

  12. Alonso is fun, and interesting to observe.

    Like or hate we will talk about him.

    1. Spot on! He’s a Marmite character, people either love or hate him. He’s not boring, like the pleasant but bland Bottas.

  13. I would love nothing more than to see him on the grid, but he should not return for his sake, especially if he has to go to a Renault team led by an incompetent Cyril Abiteoul. He should return only if he can get a car capable of winning races, but he won’t. If I were him, I would focus on the triple crown and try different series, as he has achieved his success in F1, and won’t be able to achieve any more.

  14. LuisFeF1 (@schumi4ever70)
    31st May 2020, 12:52

    Strongly disagree. I am Spanish and a fan of Alonso. For my Renault it is not a valid option. I don’t want to see Fernando in F1 fighting to be 7th in a normal race. I want to see him winning races and fighting for the drivers’ title
    Today there are only 3 teams where he can do it: Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari

  15. I neither agree nor disagree. I would love to see him shine in F1 again, but likewise for his efforts outside. His own view on it i would consider most essential. For overall getting what he deserves with his skills, i’d consider succes outside of F1 more likely right now, given Renault isn’t likely to peak soon. From my perspective at least, but i’m no expert.

  16. Don’t understand why he personally would bother coming back if he didn’t have a potential race winning car. Which he won’t have in 2021. So don’t think he should come back, but who knows, maybe he just wants to race in F1 again even if it’s for the minor places (but I kind of doubt that’s the case).

  17. If he can leave his toxicity at the door, I think he can consider a comeback. But if he brings his regular attitude to a team like Renault, which already struggles to check it’s pride at the door and buckle down and acknowledge it’s failures in a bid to improve, I don’t think that will benefit either of them in improving to the head of the field.

    1. david heath
      31st May 2020, 15:31

      no one who’s worked with him thinks he is toxic. It’s fan fiction.

      1. Mercedes engines – Spygate 2007
        Renault engines – Crashgate 2008
        Honda engines – “GP2 engine” in their home grand prix 2015
        The only engine manufacturer who hasn’t been involved in scandal with Alonso is Ferrari, who by the end of 2014 were sick of him demoralizing the team constantly
        Team principals left and right say he “difficult to manage” which is PR for “toxic”.

        Wolff in 2019 on whether it was ‘unthinkable’ to consider a Mercedes dream team of Hamilton and Alonso said :
        “Yes, because we don’t want to repeat certain stories from when the two were together with McLaren. Sometimes it’s not enough to be good at driving, you also need to have the right circumstances.”

        Horner in 2018 :
        “I have got huge respect for Fernando, he’s a great driver, a fantastic driver. But I think it’s very difficult to see… he tends to cause a bit of chaos wherever he’s gone. I’m not sure it would be the healthiest thing for the team for Fernando to join the team.”

        Since 2015 there have been so many openings every year in the big 3 teams an none, NOT ONE, even considered him for the job, not because they think he isn’t quick, veryone knows he is, but because he is toxic and completely messes with the team harmony.

        So it’s far from fan fiction

        1. david heath
          31st May 2020, 22:55

          Horner and Wolff never worked with Alonso.

          Here’s the view of someone who actually did work with him: https://www.crash.net/f1/news/209845/1/smedley-alonso-not-a-disruptive-character

          The reason why he was not hired by a big 3 team is the same reason why Ricciardo and Vettel will not drive for a big 3 team in 2021.

          1. Mr Montezemolo, who of course, worked with Alonso, said that Alonso was distant with the team when the team was not winning. Massa also said that Alonso has a lot of power within the team when he was there and uses it to put pressure on people.

  18. Fernando who?
    Really, does that dinosaur still race?
    Just joking. If he is able to fight the young ones he is welcome.
    Let’s hope his PR support is on par to.

    1. He old AF, toxic, and divisive. His time is over. Give some new exiting talent a chance.

      1. Agree with the last part of your comment. I am a fan of Alonso, but would rather have the next Verstappen or Leclerc enter the sport.

  19. proud_asturian
    31st May 2020, 13:44

    Why do you keep feeding into the ego of this has-been?
    Stop writing about him. He’s yesterday’s news.

    1. COTD

  20. Despite not being a major Alonso far as the driver i rate him highest out of all the drivers on the grid right now which makes it a strongly agree he should be in F1. At worst he would be a top 5 driver so having him in F1 is a no brainer.

    The real debate is if its worth it not to be in a race winning car. The hope for him as to be that development freeze does what in history it has done and brought more cars closer to the front. Renault is in the hunt by 2021 then the 2022 car is at the front with the rule change potential.

  21. Toxic Alonso in a Renault. A weak team which his disruptive egotistical behaviour will wreck even more easily than he managed at McLaren twice,

    If his personality were not sufficient then I am sure his equally toxic manager will help with excessive demands.

  22. He’ll end up in a Merc with Lewis again, it’s Bottas who’ll end up at Renault… ;)

  23. I voted strongly agree. If FA wants to come back to F1 and can work a deal that he is happy going along with, then I don’t see a downside. He’d be great to have back. One thing that really struck me was that he is younger than Kimi, who is still in F1.

    As to competitiveness? FA will have to be the one to satisfy himself as to what potential there will be of podiums and wins with whomever he might join, but a big point for me about the new reg changes coming is that it is going to be a more driver oriented F1 with cars no longer stuck ad infinitum in dirty air behind another car…even a slower one. I think it would be an utter thrill to see FA in a 4th or 5th place car driving it into podium-land by using his talent to take his car where it doesn’t belong, only without dirty air holding him back.

    1. Kimi has a good attitude, and blatantly enjoys what he’s doing. Thats why he is the most popular driver on the grid, and globally respected. Does anyone hate Kimi?
      Alonso just wants to race so he can one day be proven the greatest of all time. Thats why he is unemployable in f1, and the majority of F1 fans are embarassed, and wish he would just get on with his life already.

      Its sad, really.

  24. Neil (@neilosjames)
    31st May 2020, 15:08

    Strongly agree that he should, as I want to see the very best drivers and he’s still one of those.

    But also strongly disagree, because I only want him back in a good car and I see no possibility of that happening.

  25. Self-obsessed conspirator? Not at the expense of a seat for the Landos and the Albons of this world.

    They offer a better ratio of live entertainment to back page drama.

  26. I like to see him back in F1. He still is one of the best drivers and to see him get the best out of any piece of equipment is worth it to me.

  27. I think if Alonso wants to win the Indy 500 he needs to be running in it now. As his previous two attempts have shown, it is not always up to driver performance to win. Many factors play into a win at Indy. Even if he is the most talented driver in the grid, a win is not guaranteed. See Andretti curse. Mario was the most talented driver in the grid for years and yet never won again after his first 500. His son, Michael, was also usually the fastest driver on the grid but never won the 500 as a driver.

    Since the 500 typically falls on the same weekend as Monaco, I doubt Renault or any other team would let a driver of his magnitude skip out of Monaco due to its importance with sponsors, press, etc.

  28. I’d very much like seeing him return. Renault may not be the best option but who knows what is going to happen in the next few years in F1? He should grab the opportunity, should there be one.

  29. Only Facts!
    31st May 2020, 16:32

    There’s a lot for us to gain if he comes back. He’s fierce on the track, speaks his mind with fine irony (I want a Red Bull / GP2 engine / now we can fight / :-)), and Renault could afford keping the 20mi from RIC’s contract to him. At least before last weeks news.

    Would be entertaining seeing the dinamyc between him and OCO (PER have a say there), and he probably could get Ciryl fired after a season.

    What’s not to love?

    1. Ciryl fired, I am in!
      Go Alonso.

  30. I like and admire Alonso but I am really not very sure he should return. I voted for slightly disagree.

    I have little doubt he would still be competitive in the right car but what team is he going to drive for? If it were going to be Red Bull or Mercedes this would be very exciting and he would I think have chances of winning races again or getting podium finishes. But let’s face it, his drive is likely to be at Renault. OK he does seem to fit in very well at this team but he’s still going to be off the pace of the fastest cars and scrabbling for 6th or 7th place at best in most races.

    I think a return now might be quite a frustrating experience for all involved. Alonso himself, the team and his fans. I hope whatever he decides though works out for him.

  31. Dan (@canon1753)
    31st May 2020, 16:40

    If Vettel isn’t available, I’d look at Alonso.

  32. Jose Lopes da Silva
    31st May 2020, 16:55

    I think the grid should, ideally, always have the best drivers in the world.
    The point is that, over the last 13 years, we came to the point where we are: Alonso has nowhere to go and he won’t return unless some of the existing, strong and solid circumstances disappears. We are always discussing abstract things that won’t happen.

    Mercedes could have tried to hire him in 2010, in 2013, and 2017. They didn’t and they won’t and we know why.
    Red Bull doesn’t hire someone outside from its ranks since 2007. Why would they do it now?
    Are we seriously considering that Ferrari would hire Alonso to partner Leclerc?
    Alonso wants to challenge for titles, so he can only go to Renault if he believes in a Brawn-type 2022. Does he? Do we?
    He could go to Panthera or Aston Martin too, for that matter.

    We must acknowledge that in these decades we’ve had several examples of top teams mimicking the hiring that McLaren did for 1988: to hire a potential number one to partner a number one. McLaren did it again for 2007. Mercedes did it for 2013. Ferrari did it for 2019. And Red Bull always does it: did it for 2009, 2014 and 2016 post-Kvyat (seems odd that a team where usually the hired driver overturns the table of the established one gets so much criticism about driver handling, but that’s how it is). Teams can gamble to have two “number ones” given the circumstances. So, it’s out to us to consider why Alonso can’t fit in.

  33. I voted strongly disagree. The whole debate about whether or not he should even try without a drive at the top 3 teams just shows how the guy reeks of his sense of entitlement. After winning their respective title(s), Schumacher went from Benetton to the ailing Ferrari, Hill fought against all odds to turn around the fortunes at Arrows and Jordan, and Villeneuve engaged in a long-time project with BAR. They had balls of steel, took the risk and did their best to prove themselves away from their comfort zone. Alonso can salvage his reputation if he does the same with Indy and Dakar, but will lose whatever little respect he still has if he comes back around F1 with surreal expectations about deserving a car dominant enough to lap the entire field.

    1. Jose Lopes da Silva
      31st May 2020, 18:08

      I enjoyed a lot your comment, as I loved the 1996 season. And yes, you got me thinking that what did the latest champions after leaving the team with which they won. Hakkinen went into a sabbatical; Schumacher, of course, took a second gamble, now with Mercedes; Raikkonen went rallying – and then came back into the uncertainty of Lotus; and Hamilton took a huge gamble, for which he was heavily criticized in 2012. Vettel went to Ferrari; critics could say he was fleeing Ricciardo, but no driver says no Ferrari (unless its 1991 to 1993); Rosberg went into retirement.

      I slightly disagree with you. Alonso reminds me of Prost and Senna between 1990 to 1993: craving for the best car available. Senna complained a lot about this during 1992, in a way that today would be considered demeaning for his own team. Every sport behaves this way, right? The best players search for the best teams, and vice-versa. Seldom there was such an open market as between 1990 and 1993, in my view, either because Schumacher was firm as a rock at Ferrari for 11 seasons, either because Vettel and Webber, and then Hamilton, were also firm in their winning cars. Alonso drove enough, in my view, between 2015 and 2018, to earn such a spot.

      The thing is, there’s enough talent out there for teams not having to rely on Alonso. For the Daimler board not to consider him ever again. So, in the end, Alonso has some surreal expectations, yes.

  34. Cathy Martin
    31st May 2020, 17:04

    He is only capable of success when the car is a success. His time has come and gone.

  35. If he wants too.
    If someone is willing to pay him good money, and he is good at it (dah he is one of the best), then he should return. It is better to have choices from a strong position than to be outside waiting for the perfect opportunity. Dont let perfection be the enemy of good enough or having fun.

  36. It doesn’t matter. He won’t be in a winning car, the Renault will be somewhere back in the midfield. We will have another season of Alonso moaning before, during and after the races, and he’ll pick up another huge wage from a team that claims it can’t afford to race. There could be fun times ahead.

  37. Jockey Ewing
    31st May 2020, 18:48

    No, as there are youngsters like Russell who should be kept in F1, and signing the F1 retiree aged Fernando is against the need of making F1 costs lower. I’m not against Alonso, I learnt to respect and admire him way before he retired, but he’s not the future, and there is no need to have him in a midfield or backmarker car that could be used to introduce rookies.

  38. I’m not sure having a champion in a midfield car would do anything for the sport. We might be better of with a young promising driving in that seat instead.

  39. For formula 1 and the spectators, ofc he should return, for himself I don’t think so, he’s a strong driver and good to have on the grid, but f1 can’t give him the car he deserves.

  40. hellothere
    1st June 2020, 1:28

    nah, he should focus on indy 500 and dakar… i think that those titles will bring him much joy more than being in a midfield team

  41. Yes, he should come back and have Kimi as a teammate. Renault is targeting the elderly and geriatric market. They would be the perfect pair for their marketing campaign.

  42. Strongly agree. How anyone would not want a legendary talent like Alonso on the grid is beyond me. For those more concerned with personality than driving skills, he’s anyway sure to be on his best behaviour now that he wants to vow top teams for a last possible chance for a good car.

  43. I voted strongly agree too. Though that is based entirely on him as a driver. Off track, I don’t know if this is so good for Renault in terms of team dynamics and overall development. Where I’d really like to see him is at Red Bull against Verstappen, sadly never going to happen.

  44. From his perspective – hell no. He’ll endure a frustrating midfield drive with even a podium out of reach no matter how many flashes of genius he can produce. It will be a repeat of his time at McLaren, or perhaps worse – Abiteboul has shown his indelicate touch in driver management, and it could all end acrimoniously sooner or later yet again.

    But from our perspective as fans – absolutely! Alonso’s flair and sheer talent make him a delight to watch, and he’s one of the few drivers unafraid to speak his mind in the paddock too, rather than churning out the same stock phrases that some do. I’m not an Alonso fan, but he has my utmost respect and attention for as long as he sees fit to grace our sport.

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