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Zanardi’s condition remains stable following second surgery

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The hospital where Alex Zanardi is being treated reported he remains in a serious but stable condition after undergoing a second neurological operation yesterday.

Zanardi was admitted to the Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital 11 days ago with head and facial injuries following a collision with a truck during a handbike event.

“The patient, around 24 hours after the operation, presents stationary clinical conditions and a stable course from the neurological point of view,” said the hospital in a statement, adding Zanardi’s condition “remains serious.”

“Alex Zanardi is hospitalised in the intensive care unit, where he remains sedated and intubated, and the prognosis remains confidential.”

Zanardi has been in intensive care since first receiving surgery following his admission to the hospital on June 19th. The family of the two-times CART IndyCar champion and foour-times Paralympic gold medal winner has agreed with the hospital to limit further statements about his condition.

“In agreement with the family, no other medical bulletins will be issued in the absence of significant developments,” the statement added.

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2020 F1 season

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  • 6 comments on “Zanardi’s condition remains stable following second surgery”

    1. Well, let us hope this surgery helped get him out of a downward spiral. I guess the fact it was felt worth it to do something at least means that hope is not lost for him.

      Alex Zanardi, good luck, keep strong. I hope to see you building up again.

    2. I don’t really understand the redundant usage of the phrase ”the prognosis remains confidential.”
      – The first time should’ve been enough. It wasn’t used on the previous occasion, though.

      1. It remains confidential because it was before and remains so, they said they would only offer updates if something changed, and it did. The prognosis remains confidential. It isn’t that weird

        1. @broke1984 You seem to have misunderstood my point. My point is solely about stating something that has already been stated over and over again, which isn’t really necessary as people already became aware of that from the first time it was stated. Saying something that has already been said over and over again becomes redundant over time and this applies to everything in general. I’ve on more than a handful of occasions reminded people of my knowledge of a matter if they tell me something I already had been aware of before.
          @toiago – No one asked about it, though. No one directly attempted to discover that info in the first place, so the first time stating that should’ve been enough (for the hospital) to make people aware of it so that they wouldn’t attempt to ask about it later.

          1. @jerejj Not everybody religiously follows F1 new like us though. Maybe someone thinks to try and find out how he is doing and will be redirected via Google to one of many articles, there they’ll see that the prognosis is confidential which they may have not known. Its not redundant.

      2. @jerejj – I guess they say it from time to time to prevent journalists/people in general from asking the same thing all the time. It must already be extremely frustrating for everyone involved as it is; to have to deal with the same tiresome questions every single time is just an unnecessary burden.

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