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Rain likely to stay away again as F1 remains at Red Bull Ring

2021 Austrian Grand Prix weather

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In 2020 the Red Bull Ring saw very different conditions over its two consecutive races. But that seems unlikely this year.

A largely dry season-opener in Austria 12 months ago was followed one week later by a deluge which disrupted Saturday’s running so badly it seemed as one stage that the results of second practice might decide the grid.

But the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix is likely to see similar conditions to last weekend’s Styrian Grand Prix (last year’s nomenclature having been reversed).

Last weekend there was a constant threat of rain, with thunderstorms promised in the afternoon or evening each day of running. Virtually none materialised during the track action: Second practice on Friday saw a few spots and a shower two days later, a quarter of an hour after Max Verstappen took the chequered flag first.

A similar scenario is not unlikely this weekend. Thunderstorms are possible on Friday and Sunday afternoons but the chances are no higher this weekend than last.

Ambient temperatures are set to be similar, too, consistently across the mid-20s.

Cloud cover will be significant, as last weekend. Track temperatures were substantially lowered by cloudy weather during the overcast sessions, which look set to be all of them apart from final practice and qualifying.

This will have an important effect on tyre management as teams will use rubber which is one stage softer than last week. Friday running will be under heavy cloud cover and Saturday will see more regular sunny breaks. But Sunday is the most significant day in this respect, and how the forecast develops between now and then will be closely monitored by teams.

As it stands, while air temperatures will be similar from Saturday to Sunday, the race is set to start under thick cloud. This will following a sunny morning, so track temperatures could be falling by the time the F1 cars take to the grid.

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10 comments on “Rain likely to stay away again as F1 remains at Red Bull Ring”

  1. Just having a look at the ECMWF forecast seems like some rain forecast for the Sunday, however if these are thunderstormy in nature I fear a repeat of last weekend as mentioned here. Really hoping for some rain though! Wishful thinking :)

  2. Source? Windy is predicting rain on Sunday

  3. It will be cooler then last and the chance of rain is much higher but will it fall on the circuit or in the surrounding hills is everyone gues… Looks like Mercedes advantage with these cooler temps.

  4. Not 100% sure if this is the same site that the teams use?
    But a most excellent site!

  5. Really don’t need rain anymore to create unpredictable races unlike previous years now that it’s so close. Likely its randomness will detract from the racing more than add to it.

    1. Err, I think the vast majority would have taken a drop or two last week no?

  6. Is this like reverse psychology? It was meant to rain last weekend but didn’t so now we’re playing down the chance of rain despite it being widely forecast on Sunday?

    I hope it works!

    1. Ahah, yes, seems clever.

  7. playstation361
    2nd July 2021, 14:53

    People like seeing when things change.

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