Honda “disappointed” to miss last chance to race in front of home crowd

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Honda has reacted with disappointment to the news this year’s Japanese Grand Prix will not go ahead.

The Japanese manufacturer will leave Formula 1 at the end of the year. The Red Bull team it powers has won six races already this year and is locked in a close championship fight with Mercedes.

The race, which was due to take place in October at Suzuka, is sponsored by Honda through its Mobilityland company. Last year’s race was also cancelled due to the pandemic.

“It is unfortunate that, for a second consecutive year, it has not been possible to hold the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix at Suzuka,” said the manufacturer in a statement.

“As Honda, we are particularly disappointed, because this is the final year of our Formula 1 project and we know that so many fans were looking forward to attending the event.”

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“The 2021 season is now heading for an exciting climax and we will be giving our all, fighting hard all the way to achieve our goal of winning the championships as this Honda Formula 1 project comes to an end and we hope our fans will continue to support us.

“Lastly, as the title sponsor of the event, we would like to thank Mobilityland and Formula 1 for working so hard right up to the very last moment, to try and stage the grand prix.”

Formula 1 is yet to confirm a replacement for the race, or November’s Australian Grand Prix which has also been cancelled. However the series has indicated it intends to hold 23 rounds as announced at the beginning of the year.

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2021 F1 season

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  • 20 comments on “Honda “disappointed” to miss last chance to race in front of home crowd”

    1. A pity, but not the world’s end.

      1. It is for businesses and supply chains that reply on big events like F1 coming into town. The blasé attitude surrounding these cancellations is deeply ignorant to the devastation they cause. two years in a row will be three, and then four, and then that’ll be done forever.

    2. It was expected nothing shocking.

      1. I knew what you said yesterday…

    3. Olympics got the green light for Tokyo but not F1..

      1. follow the money…

        1. It’s not money, rather Host country being held hostage by IOC to hold the games.

      2. Olympics was pushed by a state degree (as they couldn’t canceled it again!) as the whole world watched is losing face not a option and while F1 is big it’s not big enough for the same exception.

      3. Olympics was shoved down the Japanese Govt’s throat by IOC even after strong opposition from people. Host country has no power to cancel Olympics, rather terms of hosting Olympics are seriously restrictive.

        1. This.
          The IOC decided that a global pandemic was no longer a good enough reason to delay again or cancel completely.
          The only way Japan was getting out of it was to break contract. Not an option, given the penalties associated for doing so…

      4. As @chaitanya mentions, after the Olympics were granted it was the IOC’s call about going ahead @qeki, @macleod, @lancer033. I am sure that if it were left to Liberty, we would have an F1 race in Japan as well (indeed both the IOC and Liberty are the ones who want/need the income), despite a large part of the population not being too keen on either this year.

    4. One of the real nice tracks, a pity.

    5. Although it’s one of the best tracks… It has been very much a Mercedes stronghold. So for the championship it might make things more interesting… Just curious for the replacement. Malaysia or China?

      1. Well Honda shouldnt feel too bad. Its a tainted season anyway. Lets just get it over with so we can kick off 2022.

        1. What’s tainted about it? Max not having everything his way? If he can’t overcome adversity he’ll never be a WDC anyway.

          1. No, nothing to do with Max, rather with the Mercs taking 36-52 points out of the fight and having their way again (tyres). Hollow championship it has become. On to the next.

            1. Mercedes winning more points recently is part of racing. As is Red Bull losing points. Nothing tainted at all. Just because you’re disappointed doesn’t mean the rest of us are. In fact it’s going to be a great second half. Enjoy it.

            2. I don’t know, let’s see. Hope you’re right

    6. Dear Honda, that’s what we feel everytime you quit from F1 when you’re at the verge of something big.

    7. I knew it wouldn’t go ahead.

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