Caption Competition 182: McLaren’s one-man army

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Daniel Ricciardo’s absence due to illness left Lando Norris as McLaren’s only representative in the pre-season photoshoot before testing began at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 71 comments on “Caption Competition 182: McLaren’s one-man army”

    1. Theonetruehax
      13th March 2022, 13:05

      *sniffs air*

      “Damn, Daniel, did you fart again?…

      … Daniel?”

      1. LOL, good one!

    2. Riccardo makes the mistake of leaving a gap

      1. Winner for me! I just believe you forgot the second I in Ricciardo.

    3. Lando Norris standing next to Alonso’s third title.

    4. Ricciardo takes his weight loss regime to an extreme level

    5. Lando realised that he had a massive advantage in the new Le Mans-style start procedure.

    6. In a team with a man from Brussels
      He was five foot four and ready to tussle
      I said, “Do you speak-a my language?”
      He just smiled and gave me a Marmite sandwich
      And he said:
      Do you come from a land down under
      Where beer does flow and men chunder
      Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder
      You better rest, you better recover.

      1. RandomMallard
        13th March 2022, 13:35

        Ok this is the winner.

      2. johnandtonic
        13th March 2022, 14:56

        Good One….But it is Vegimite not Marmite….

        Perhaps an alternative Aussie song given Dannys mixed heritage……

        What’sa matter you?
        Gotta no respect?
        Whadda you t’ink you do?
        Why you look-a so sad?
        It’s-a not so bad,
        It’s-a nice-a place
        Ah, shaddap you face

        1. The change was deliberate as Norris is providing the sandwich

      3. Any reference to that song is an automatic winner, surely. Bravo.

      4. Was it not SIX foot four? five is so small for Belgium standards….

        1. RocketTankski
          14th March 2022, 13:52

          Lando is closer to 5 foot 4, and is half-Belgian (his mum is from Brussels)

    7. Derek Edwards
      13th March 2022, 13:31

      The rumour said that Kevin was last seen trying to negotiate his way out of the Haas contract.

    8. RocketTankski
      13th March 2022, 13:37

      Sometimes Verstappen’s pranks went a bit too far

    9. I’ll be out in a tick Lando, can’t seem to find my shoey in here.

    10. I thought it was only Kimi that needed to take a dump at the last minute.

    11. Ronaldo Perreira Dos Poutsos
      13th March 2022, 14:03

      Danny, get out of that sidepod man

    12. Are we still doing social distancing wondered Lando

    13. Checo – “He will know it was you what did it Max. No point staring at the clouds!”

      1. Nice one!

    14. LN: Danial? Danial?

      Max: I knew it. They’ve got a launch control device.

    15. Got no friends? Join “Landos Lonely Hearts” today!

    16. Danial was hoping for a rapid test…just not THAT kind of rapid test.

    17. Danny was literally JUST here? Where could he have disappeared to?

    18. Norris starts the 22 season as sole McLaren driver…
      …as he did the previous year.

    19. Lando Norris stares at McLaren’s trippy livery for too long, falling into trance-like state that can only be broken by the smell of overheated brakes.

    20. Max (thinking): “Oo, I’m sure that’s a lesser-spotted crested grebe.”


    21. McLaren had perhaps gone a bit too far in trying to get down to the 2022 weight limit.

    22. After Mattia Binotto claimed earlier today that there will be “No number one driver at Ferrari this season”, McLaren followed suit making it clear that there is no number two at the team currently.

    23. For the 2022 pre-season photoshoot, driver teammates are scaled based on their points contributions in 2021.

    24. McLaren is looking for a new driver after Denial Ricciardo didn’t show up.

    25. RocketTankski
      13th March 2022, 16:26

      Wait a minute, has it always said “D..K TRACE” on the back of my car??

    26. “Daniel, please stop your Southern-Hemisphere-upside-down joke and get out from under the car!”

    27. What did Andreas say in the briefing today: Take it easy on the BREAKS! … or BRAKES???

    28. Lando Norris (thinking): What did Andreas say in the briefing today: Take it easy on the BREAKS! … or BRAKES???

    29. Mr Scallywag
      13th March 2022, 17:12

      Typical Dan, missing again.

    30. I told you the invisible man look wouldn’t go over well! — Lando

    31. Checo to Max:
      “Hey Max … i think Daniel is kidnapped by aliens… i saw a flash and suddenly he’s disappeared.”
      “Don’t be stupid Checo there are no such things as aliens, i don’t see any spaceship up there.
      Look lando where he’s looking, Daniel is the Ant-Man!

    32. Lando’s wish for a positive test didn’t quite turn out as expected.

      1. Coventry Climax
        13th March 2022, 20:38


      2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        14th March 2022, 9:43

        Nice one. The monkey’s paw.

    33. Lando – “OK Danny Ric you can get out of the car now, there’s a photoshoot going on!”
      Then (Alan Partridge style) “Dan! Dan! Dan!”

    34. Hmmm! A possible “shoeie- in” for Piastri this Friday… :-)

    35. Lewis missing for two months.. I can do better.

    36. McLaren’s new sponsor, Test & Trace, found an ingenious way to get their logo in the shot.

    37. All of McLaren’s 2022 podium finishers in one picture ;)

    38. Only the leading driver can’t be seen in anyone’s mirror

    39. “Hey… it’s a single seat race car. I’m single….and available. Let it rain.”

    40. One driver was suspiciously absent as the others noticed the glue in their helmets.

    41. Max: Is that a shoe filled with champagne?
      Lando: Don’t look or you’ll have to drink it!

    42. Daniel Ricciardo failed to appear after contracting a virus linked to footwear and champagne.

    43. You think Yuki’s small? I can’t even see my teammate!

    44. David Sexton
      13th March 2022, 21:53

      um, he’s sick.

    45. A secret meeting to outlast Lewis’ tricks

    46. Lando baffled as he realizes the car isn’t the only one taking a brake.

    47. Lando thought bubble:
      I thought he said “I’m was going to be No2”, maybe he said doing?

    48. Lando starts questioning his reality after watching “Fight Club”

      1. Rui (@colinmcrui)
        15th March 2022, 23:21

        Great reference!

    49. “See how big our sidepods are compared to Mercedes?”

    50. I don’t know where he is either Max. I did see Zak talking to Nicholas’ dad down at Williams Garage.Perhaps he is with them.

    51. RocketTankski
      14th March 2022, 9:37

      Hey Max, is it true what they say about the Red Bull curse? That once you leave this team you start to disappear into the background?

    52. Lando sizing up Ricciardo’s reputation.

    53. “All by myself!”

    54. There where a strict “no smile” policy for the photoshoot.

    55. Lando : Daniel ?
      Max : Look up in the sky Its a Bird? It’s a Plane? Its Daniel Riccardo !!
      Dressed as a Mild Mannered F1 driver by day ……….

    56. Lando: Daniel – you had to go to Outback. I wanted Shrimp on the Barbie too.

    57. With all the talk around Team Norris, Ricciardo feels invisible

    58. The road is long
      With many a winding turn
      That leads us to who knows where?
      Who knows where?
      But I’m strong
      Strong enough to carry him
      He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

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