Callum Ilott, Juncos Hollinger, Indianapolis 500 testing, 2022

Pictures: Dixon leads Daly and Ilott as Indy 500 testing begins


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Testing for next month’s Indianapolis 500 began yesterday with 32 drivers in action at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Seven rookies are among this year’s field: Romain Grosjean, Callum Ilott, Christian Lundgaard, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Kirkwood, David Mulkas and Devlin DeFrancesco.

The 2008 race-winner, six times IndyCar champion Scott Dixon, headed the first two tests on Wednesday. He averaged 365.622kph (227.187mph) on his fastest run to lead the times ahead of Conor Daly and Callum Ilott.

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Pictures: Indianapolis 500 testing begins

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2 comments on “Pictures: Dixon leads Daly and Ilott as Indy 500 testing begins”

  1. Probably more important to note than headline times was that the session was ended early after a succession of increasingly bizarre and dangerous incidents involving Rossi, then Castroneves, then Power spinning in or out of the warm up lane. The last of which, causing Herta to take evasive action resulting in a crash of his own.

  2. Some crazy incidents yesterday. It will be interesting to see how today goes.

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