Silverstone – spectators’ experiences

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David Coulthard, Red Bull-Ferrari, 2006Tell us about your experiences of visiting Silverstone.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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569 comments on “Silverstone – spectators’ experiences”

  1. Graham Clayton
    17th May 2007, 12:24

    Visited for British GP 2006
    Watched from Copse Corner Bronze Plus
    Very easy to get to – well signposted and special traffic system implemented for the GP
    Bit of the pit straight, right through copse & up the road – could see into the pits
    Support Races were GP2 & Porsche Supercup – Hamilton won the GP2 :-)
    Everything was nice – people were relaxed & friendly – high prices on food
    Ticket was £120 for 3 days – I found that to be exceptional value

    The fantastic weather had to a lot to do with my overall enjoyment but it was an excellent weekend

    1. Where were your seats located in the stands and how did you like that location? I’ve found that the higher in the stand the better. Up against the back railing seemed perfect.

  2. I went to Silverstone for Saturday’s qualifying session in 2002 (the first year of the improved access road, but before the bypass was fully opened).

    I watched qualifying from Club’s general admission area, which faced Stowe. The area between the exit of Stowe to the entrance of Abbey was visible (the third quarter of the circuit).

    It was easy to get to – had a fan belt not broken on the car, we would have got from near Sheffield to Silverstone in just over two hours. Getting out was another matter – it took three-and-a-half hours, not including a break at a motorway service station.

    Support races were a little sparse, with only an F3000 race (plenty of daring, maniac driving) and the qualifying for the historic race for pre-1965 F1 cars (lovely cars, lovely driving… though it might have helped if people other than Stirling Moss had remembered the correct route!)

    I liked the helpful staff – when a purse went missing, they found it again quickly and without fuss. The layout of the shops was also good – you could get a burger from just about anywhere, and the routes were accessible. There was a great ambience, with friendly and enthusiastic supporters of most teams and drivers everywhere.

    Dislikes included baffling parking arrangements (I found myself in the wrong car park, complicating leaving the venue), the insects (try not to wear anything yellow!) and the prices of the food.

    The value question is a little difficult for me to answer. Having received the ticket from a friend who had herself received a set of tickets for the weekend but didn’t want to go on the Saturday, I don’t know how much the ticket originally cost. I did enjoy myself though, and that’s the main thing!

  3. Scott Joslin
    5th July 2007, 22:57

    I am going to the Grand Prix this weekend, and the last time I went for the full weekend was in 2005. It is easy to critise Silverstone, but to understand where they have come from to where they are now requires some consideration.

    In the 90’s it uses to take hours and hours to get to the track and that is not to mention the fields in which the car parks were based in. Now access is much better and the car parks are…well not concrete, but an improvement. The access in and around the track in wide and clearly labelled and organised.

    Race day is busy, so I would always advice to get to the track early, very early! If you have a grandstand seat then you can afford to arrive later, but if you are standing, on race day the flag mad fans set up early, especially around luffield.

    Best places to watch. The grandstand at wodcote – where it starts to spell “Silverstone” gives a good clear sight of the cars accelerating past you.

    The exit to copes is good – real impression of speed.

    The entry to Becketts is also a special place, mental change of direction.

    I agree with the comment above, the exit to Club is good, as you see the cars for a long time.

    If the weather holds out, you can have a great time, if the silverstone rain turns up it can make it a very different experience.

    I hope everyone going this year has a good one and gets behind the Brits!

    1. eamonn carter
      7th July 2010, 19:23

      Hi I live about 10 miles from SStone and this is my 1st time at the curcuit. I am in a fortunate position to have a choice of Grandstand seats at either Copse E or Woodcote B. I am trying frantically to get some feedback on which would offer best experience. I know it is personal choice but I have never been before Any comments from anyone would help Many Thanks

  4. It has been a few years since I visited Silverstone for the GP, and I am sure the place is a lot more built-up now. But the atmosphere and the fans are what stands out to me now. I agree about the viewing at Woodcote-lots of folks there, all with an opinion-and not too far to travel to get beer refills during a session. My crew was able to walk all around the outside of the circuit on Friday, so we saw every corner. Lots of stuff I am sure is not there now; the ramps to the hangers on the Hanger straight, the unique sling seats in the stands at Stowe, and watching the replay telecast-complete with Murray W., on TV in my hotel that night. As far as the food goes, eat an order of fish and chips and you are not hungry for the rest of the day!
    I know there were and are lots of complaints about ingress and egress, but I took the bus in from the train station and encountered no delay-I had an entire bus to myself exiting the track after the race-sitting up top with the driver going like mad down empty lanes.
    Oh, yes, the year? It was 1987-Mansell vs. Piquet. Motor racing history-and I managed to be there. Worth the journey from the States.

  5. paul havell
    5th May 2008, 10:25

    Been going to the British GP at Silverstone for 9 years continuous now 99 to 08 but 23 years on and off, strated going in 85, on the plus side nowadays the facilities are light years better than they were in the old days, on the down side you can’t get anywhere as near nowadays to the drivers as you used to be able to. As far as cost is conserned I believe it’s great value if you buy at the right time, I buy my ticket as soon as they come out, normally around sept of the year before the race 2008 ticket i bought at the circuit during the le mans series at a cost of £139 for 3 day ticket with a grandstand seat at stowe for the race itself. you cant buy 3 good premiership football tickets for that price…This year I’ve got the usual 4/5 mates coming with me which makes it a great weekend and tthe cost of the camping £300 for 6 days, I get there wed and leave mon to avoid the sunday afternoon rush,£300 for 6 days =£50 a piece…. bargain. merchandise is dear in the circuit but just over the foot bridge fronm the main entrance is a little tented sort of shopping village and it’s a lot cheaper for the same gear, you’ve just got to be bothered to walk. Anyway I’ve never had a bad one not even 1999 when it absolutely teemed it down and the race was in april. Anyone going this year 2008 I hope you have a good one… support williams in their 30th year and pray we keep the independant teams and dont go down the customer route.

  6. Harry Wells
    12th June 2008, 21:05

    I went the Renault World Series last Sunday, we watched from a Paddock Suite – it was amazing, you are so close to the pit lane entrance, you can see the drivers faces in the cars as they came pass and the noise and smell, it is so different from being in the grandstand. The start of the race was actualy really interesting cause you can see what they are all doing. – its intense.

    I’ve paid £179 for F1 Fri Practice and its worth every penny – I’m gonna eat, drink and watch from the comfort of the cosy terrace any day. I would definetly recommend – a real class act.

  7. Christian Briddon
    25th June 2008, 14:14

    My wife and I went to Silverstone in 2007 for the first time and loved it.

    We had general admission tickets and watched the race from Club. It was great. You could see all the way from Stowe and up to Abbey!

    This year we decided to treat ourselves and we are sat in Pit Straight B. I hope it is worth the extra cash! :-)

  8. I’ve been to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on five occasions.

    In 1998 I camped at a farm just outside the Becketts curve which was excellent for getting in and out of the circuit. Campaign is definitely worth considering if you’re going on a General Admission ticket and want to be there early to get a good viewing spot.

    Of course that year it lashed with rain which made for a good race but I was soaked and freezing afterwards. We were in a stand at Copse, the first turn, and although it was covered we were sat at the end and still very exposed.

    I was back five years later for what turned out to be a cracking race. A friend and I got late ticekts overlooking Luffield and the start of the start/finish straight. There was an excellent atmosphere and the race was a thriller.

    It was blisteringly hot in 2005 and the race organisers were handing out free sun cream which was a wise move. Before the race journalist Bob MacKenzie had to run a semi-naked lap of the track having bet Ron Dennis in 2004 McLaren wouldn’t win a race that year. It wasn’t the best race however. My brother and I went on General Admission tickets and squeezed in with the crowd at Luffield for which we had to get up very early indeed!

    In 2006 Lewis Hamilton’s exploits in GP2 made up for a really quite terrible Grand Prix. The crowd cheered louder for Hamilton’s three-abreast pass at Becketts than anything that went on during the F1 race. I was sat at the end of the Hangar straight and saw loads of good racing during the GP2 race. This was also the year of the world cup and the organisers made sure fans had plenty of places to watch England’s game on the Saturday after qualifying.

    My most recent visit was in 2006 when I got a set at Bridge which is an excellent place to watch from. Bridge itself is an excellent corner, very quick, and you could see Priory, Brooklands and Luffield as well, plus a video wall in the middle of the track.

  9. dean clements
    1st July 2008, 1:53

    me and my mate are going down for the fourth year in a row this weekend. we have chosen the ‘cheap’ seats this year after the luxury of the pit straight stands for 2 years and becketts stand last will find us at copse this year.
    the only access problem is if you miss the turn on the motorway you dont get a second chance and have to turn around!! excellent otherwise!
    the gp2 races are well worth watching for the audacious moves and the future f1 drivers (bruno senna next year??).not sure if the porsche supercup is on this year but frankly….
    food and beer are available everywhere and you will be overcharged but we expect it! the merchandise shops are excellent,every team gets there own stand to ensure every fan is catered for.the williams stand is obviously the busiest!!
    camping is strongly recommended.its half the buzz of going to silverstone and adds to an already festival like atmosphere.the local convenience stores are fairly priced and very welcoming,although you may need to queue just to get in!!
    the race its self is amazing,the sound,the sheer speed and the smell.i would like to see a wet race this year though.
    if your going for the 1st time this year,i think you will be back!!

  10. Can someone help I have a work thing at the GP on sun 6th with all the exec’s!!! I dont have a clue what the dress code or anything

    1. i am going to silverstone motor bike racing next week and have not got a clue on what to wear. my partner has a sponsors shirt as he sponsors the event but I have no idea. could you advise me?

  11. Lisa – Well that’s a first! I would imagine it’s going to be formal. Do let us know if you meet anyone famous…

  12. I would say whatever you would wear to an in-house executive meeting, plus ear protection, a coat (try a packable camping-type one if you need to stow it away during dry spells), wellingtons (leave in the car if it looks like it will be dry when you get there) and suncream. Though having never been to an executive meeting before, you’d be well-advised to ask whoever gave you the invitation for advice.

  13. Erm thanks but that is just a typical male answer!!camping jacket, wellingtons????no thanks

  14. Lisa, I was in the paddock today. Dress code was smart casual, no denim jeans or tracksuits.

  15. F1 Race Fan from America here. Planning trip to U.K. for ’09 British g.P.. Any support/ advise appreciated. Willing to meet with any helpful F1 fans for G.P.

  16. Which Grandstand is the best to watch from – we’re thinking of Pit Straight B?

  17. FAO Christian Briddon – was Pit Stright B worth the extra cash?

  18. Is Pit Straight B a good Grandstand to watch from Christian B or is Luffield A or Woodcote B better? About the book tickets for 2009 and this being first time to see F1, want to make sure I get the biggest bang for my buck!!

  19. Christian Briddon
    10th July 2008, 16:42

    Hi all,

    To answer your questions about pit straight b, yes, it it well worth the extra money.

    We watched Friday practice 2 from Luffield A and Qualifying from Luffield B (for a bit of variety) and I was thinking that maybe they were the tickets to have as you see more of the track and more importantly some curves! :-) However, come Sunday we both thought that pit straight B was the best place. We were sat directly opposite Webber’s car and got the full force of the atmosphere!!! We saw the start, the finish and the podium. We also saw the pit stops which was amazing.

    The only bad thing about Pit Straight B was that you just saw the cars drive past rather then doing anything else like turning, but this was not really an issue.

    I have actually just booked tickets for next year this morning and once again gone for Pit Straight B.

    It is well worth the extra!

  20. Hi Christian,

    Another Q about Pit Straight B – where you were sat, was it right at the back? Only it states it is covered, but the only covered part, looking at the pictures anyway, is right at the back/highest point of that Grandstand? The front section I’m assuming is Pit Straight A? Any idea of seat numbering? Is A down at front and Z at back for example?

  21. Christian Briddon
    10th July 2008, 22:34

    The seating confused us as well. Looking at the circuit maps it appears as if Pit Straight B is at the fron of the grandstand but it is actually the read covered part.

    The seating has row’s starting with A at the front and as we were on row G and about in the middle I guess they go back to row P, Q or R (or something).

    As for seat numbers, we were sat in seats 86 and 87 and I was exactly opposite Webbers rear wing. The higher number seats were to my left so if I was in seat 95 (guessing) I would be at the fron of his car/back of Kovi’s car.

    Oh yes, and if it rains don’t expect to be dry just because you are in a covered grandstand. The wind blows the rain into the stand and even when it stopped the GP” cars went past, throwing up loads of spray which was then blown directly in to the stand. Not that it really mattered to be honest!! :-) Just still remember to take waterproofs with you just in case!!

    I hope this helps! I spent most of last year trying to work out where our seats were going to be for the same reason as you!


  22. Oh yes, and if it rains don’t expect to be dry just because you are in a covered grandstand. The wind blows the rain into the stand and even when it stopped the GP cars went past, throwing up loads of spray which was then blown directly in to the stand.

    Yeah I can vouch for that. I was there in ’98 and I’m still not completely dry.

  23. Christian Briddon
    10th July 2008, 23:31

    Give me a day or so and I will have some pictures posted on Flickr. It is taking me a while to sort them though as I managed to take 920 over the 3 days!! I have managed to whittle them down to about 200 though. :-)

    I did a panorama of the pit straigh from our seats while it was empty should give you a better idea of what Pit Straight B is like.

    I’ll post the link when the pics are up….

  24. Christian Briddon
    12th July 2008, 13:20

    Hi all,

    I have finally uploaded all my pictures from this years GP. The race day ones are all taken from Pit Straight B.

    I also have a few videos including one of the start from the same seat.

    Enjoy! :-)

  25. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for sharing your photo’s and video of the start! Most impressive! We have also now booked tickets, for GP ’09 and have also gone for Pit Straight B – hubby’s overall choice! – so see you there!! Fingers crossed for better weather!! ;-)

  26. I’m thinking of buying tickets for the 2009 grand prix for ym boyfriend’s birthday, it being the last at silverstone and all that, and am trying to work out which would be best (without costing tooo much!)

    He says the Complex is the best, which I think is in Luffield, correct? The general admission ones are a tempting price, but do you get a good view from where you can sit? Alternatively the bronze luffield ones seem to involve standing, which sounds a bit tiring to me…

    Any advice much appreciated!

  27. Hi Elin – it depends what you’re after:

    The complex (Bridge/Priory/Brooklands/Luffied/Woodcote) is the slowest part of the track. You’ll see more of the cars for a longer amount of time, so in that sense it’s not bad value. And you’ll probably be able to see the pit lane entrance which will give you a good idea who’s pitted and who hasn’t.

    But it’s not a place that sees much overtaking and it’s quite slow so it’s not very spectacular either.

    If you want to sit somewhere where you can see the cars attacking a high-speed corner, try Copse (also, the first corner, which has its advantages) or Becketts (hugely quick). Bridge, at the entrance to the complex, is also good for this, but it’s a bit hard to see from some of the grandstands.

    Or if you’re hoping to see passing, the entry to Stowe, Vale/Club and Abbey are your best bets.

    Hope that helps!

  28. Christian Briddon
    19th September 2008, 9:28

    We always walk around the circuit and sit in every stand so that we know where we would like to sit next year. :-)

    I thought Becketts and Stowe were a bit far from the track and Stowe had a LOT of fencing and lighting poles to block your view.

    We are in Pit Straight B again for 2009 but if not I would be buying tickets for Copse or Luffield.

    Remember also that General Admission tickets are all standing, generally on a grass bank. You have to get to the circuit very early to get a good place to watch the race. If you go for these take some camping chairs with you! In 2007 we had General Admission tickets and watched from Club which was brilliant!

    Whatever tickets you buy you will have a great time!


  29. What are anyones views on seats in Pit Straight A?

  30. Christian Briddon
    6th November 2008, 10:44

    Hi Donna,

    Pit Straight A is great. You will be able to see the start gird although chances are you will be towards the back of the grid.

    You will also be able to see the pits and the podium.

    Hope this helps.


  31. Can anyone tell me if B22-23 would be a good seat to sit in on Pit straight A Grandstand?

  32. marshaled my 1st GP in 08 at Silverstone. I was on the insdie on the straight between Club and Abbey. Was a good view as yuo could see them accelerating out of Club and then the braking into Abbey. We had a couple of GP2 cars hit the Armco by us and could see when Massa span.

  33. I was there for the 2008 GP. Luffield B but had roaming for Friday and Saturday. If I was going to go back I would consider either Luffield A or Pits Straight. Tried most of the Grandstands out over the course of the weekend without trying my seat until Race day and was slightly disappointed as had a significant concrete area ahead of me and the top of the security fence as well as a communications mast with gyropes.

    On the upside, you could see the cars as they come up from Bridge right through to the Pit Straight so got to enjoy Massa’s spins everytime! I think Luffield A would have got a better view of them though!

  34. Brilliant Circuit. Went in Bronze Stand this year so my son could see a bit better. Complete Rip Off. Cost me a hundred quid each and it was scarcely better than a normal admission. Organisers have completely disregarded the fact that without British Fans there would be no worldwide F1 circus. The point of sport is sport… not for corporate sponsors to make money and effectively ignore the real fans. No infield viewing without a corporate pass, too many people to fit in to the venue. Got in and out absolutely no problem. The entry system is fantastic and policed well. This was the only good bit. Rubbish and won’t go to British GP again. Foreign tracks are now better, you can probably see more and they represent better value for money. Oh and the weather was rubbish as well. Only Lewis Hamilton winning could raise our spirits !

  35. HELP!!!!!
    I’ve been bought a general admission ticket for the british grand prix 09 qualifying and race day and cant wait! However, I’ve never been before so would like some advice as to were the best place to watch it from is. I’m camping so will obviously be there really early. Also are you allowed to take in your own chairs? or do you have to stand if you have a general admission ticket? I would be extremely grateful if someone could answer my questions and maybe give me a few tips as its my first time.

    1. You can take in chairs, but the smaller the better (not just because of concerns about obstruction, but because it will be easier to carry). If you can find one of those rucksacks that has an integrated seat, that would be ideal. If you don’t bring a seat, you will be standing. While there are places where it is theoretically possible to sit, it would be on a grass bank and thus only appropriate if it’s sunny, you bring a towel or something like that and you get there extremely early.

      I know from experience that Club’s a good place to go if you have a general admission ticket because you can see a lot of the circuit. That said, if I’ve heard correctly, there are no truly bad places to watch the race from as long as you get there early – it depends on what you want to see (check Keith’s advice a few posts up from this one).

      There are a number of giant screens around the circuit and if your budget doesn’t stretch to a Kangaroo, try to get in viewing range of one.

      Other hints? Take sunscreen and wellington boots – Silverstone can do pretty much anything except snow at this time of year. Bring your own snacks because the catering, although good, is prone to queues and is not cheap.

      Hope you enjoy yourself!

  36. I’m travelling to Silverstone on Sunday 21st from Norwich, allowing 3 hours to get there. When is the best time to arrive at the circuit? We’re parking on site and have allocated grandstand seats, but I still don’t want to miss a thing because of traffic and general not-knowing-where-to go confusions. I’m looking into staying at hotels in Kettering or Bedford and driving a one hour journey on race day morning rather than 3 hours.

    Any help, advice and recommendations are welcome!

    1. I have a few people staying at my place going to Sundays Grand Prix. I still have some more accomodation available, one double and one double on suite. I am based in Towcester.

      1. Hi Grant,

        We may be interesed in your double en suite
        Can u mail me further details to please


  37. Hi Cheryl,

    On race day last year we were staying in Northampton and got up at 05:30, left the hotel at 06:00 and got to Silverstone for about 07:15. If you leave it any later you will get stuck in HUGE amounts of traffic.

    If you get up REALLY early you won’t regret it.


  38. Thanks for the reply Christian. Staying nearby in a hotel is the only way to go then I guess. I don’t fancy leaving Norwich at 3am in the morning….lol.
    I just wanted someone to confirm what I already suspected. So, many thanks!

  39. Hi, going to Silverstone 2009 and as this will be my first want to make the most of it. Flying down to Luton from Glasgow on the Friday night although only going to race day. Thinking of staying in a hotel near the airport so wondering about journey time from there and when to leave, we have tickets for pit straight A. Prob more of a concern after the race, would a half 6 flight be too optimistic? Was going to hire a car but are there any special buses etc put on and if so where can i find out about them? Thanks

  40. Hi,I have bronze tickets in copse A but this is the first Grand Prix I’ve been to! Is it ok to stay in a hotel and get to the track on each day as long as you leave early enough each morning? I’m taking my girlfriend who has always wanted to go (even more than me!) so she would prefer a hotel to camping. Any tips would be appreciated!


    1. If you’ve got a seat booked, yes. If not, you’ll have to get up very early. Arrive at the track at 6am on Sunday morning and you’ll be lucky to get a good spot.

  41. Hi people
    Been reading a lot of your notes. I am returning to silverstone this year for the 4th year running. we are going in the copse C terrace which i think are fantastic seats. As regards to getting there in the morning we went there the first year and just traveled up just for race day. we were stuck in traffic for about 4 hours. it was stupid and we ended up getin to the track late and getting quite rubbish places as we only had general admission. I would advise anybody to either camp or get a hotel that is near to the track. i am stayin in whittlebury park grounds which is a 5 min walk from the copse corner which is brilliant and they also have their own private path into the stadium i would advise anyone to go there. they have bars, disco, resturant etc on site which wil be nice. jsut hope the weather is better than last year. any more questions ask me

  42. Hi,
    2009 will be the seventh year I have been the Silverstone for the F1, and we have camped there all but the first year. I really enjoy the camping part of it, theres a growing group of us who descend upon Litchlake Farm campsite each year – its right near the Luffield stands, which was pretty darn convenient when we had seats in those stands for a couple of years. Have seats in Club for 2009, is the third year we have been there – i think it is my favourite of all the places i have sat at for the race – prices for seats there shot up this year big time though! Is worth it for the overtaking though – have always managed to see a fair amount from there. In previous years it had been really quite good value there – we paid £140 a couple of years ago to sit there, but I think they have made it a gold stand now when it used to be silver, plus the price hike for the fact it is the last at Silverstone makes it quite expensive to sit there now – but it is our favourite so we parted with our pennies!

    As for other places to sit – is really good to watch the cars at Maggots/Becketts, although i dont rate the stand there – its quite far back. Luffield was good, we’ve sat in two of them – seen a decent amount of stuff go on there. Were at Stowe last year – was good, but a lot more seemed to happen at Club which we could just see disappearing off into the distance. Sat in the Pit Straight the very first year we went, right by the back end of the grid. Wasnt my favourite place to sit, but it wasnt bad – I enjoyed seeing the start and the pit lane stuff.

    Getting out of the circuit on the Sunday has always been quite slow, even after hanging around at the track for a bit after, and then going back, dismantling the tents and casually packing up, we still managed to take roughly an hour and a half/two hours to do a journey which would usually take an hour. I havent actually experienced the drive in on Sunday morning to comment.

  43. Hi have booked tickets in stowe a and camping at whittlebury golf club.We were wondering are you allowed to return to camp site once you are in curcit.Is it a case of once you enter silverstone you are there for the day.

  44. You can leave the ciruit as many times as you want during the day, you just get a stamp on your hand at the gate when you leave the first time. We usually nip back in between the track action to use the showers and stuff because you dont have to queue like you do first thing in the morning or in the afternoon when everyone gets back.

    1. Many thanks for that clare

  45. 2009 will be my 6th year at Silverstone.

    have done general admittance, Stowe x 2, Pit straight A and Club. Back at Club agin for 2009. Club was fantasic in the wet in 2008, and probably just edges Stowe as my favourite. Have sat in pretty much every spot throughhout the course of the weekends.

    Pit straights are good on race day for all the build up, start, pit stops, & podium etc, but no real chance of seeing much action in the race. They do come past very much as a blur.

    Copse good for the start, and occasionally during the races. Spoilt IMO by the tarmacing the run off which means you can get away with running wide with very little penalty.

    Maggots, Becketts – grandstand is miles away from the track – separated by a large path, general addmitance banking, safety fences, grass run off etc. The GA banking at the exit is very good though seeing the cars coming towards you really shows off the ability of them to change direction quickly.

    Stowe & Club are my favourites, plenty of action and you can follow an individual car for 30+ seconds.

    Not a fan of Abbey / Bridge / Farm areas.

    The rest of the complex is good for getting pictures as the cars are going slower, and you have the backdrop of the BRDC club house & pitlane entry. Also its covered. Ideal for watching qually on a Saturday in the rain!

    Been to many other races in Europe & Silverstone is tops for the variety of food & drink available, and the off track entertainment (bands & competitions in the e-zones) and the after race GP Party where you see Tony Jardine hosting a load of drivers and other “known names” being much less guarded than they ever are on TV or in the press, plus a good band after.

    Have stayed in hotels twice – OK transport wise, but lacks the atmosphere of camping. Have always camped at Whittlebury in the past (kind of “posh camping”) good shower facilities and permanent buildings (Golf Club) with bars / restuarants etc. Also a chance to get a few autographs if you are into that sort of thing as many drivers stay at the Whittlebury Hall Hotel which is on the same site.

    Couldn’t get a good plot for 2009 though (They have golf course plots – nice and flat but all sold out, or farm plots – not such good ground) so am off to Silverstone Golf Club Camping down between Stowe & Club. Seems similar to Whittlebury but on a smaller scale. If anyone has first hand experience of it, I’d love to hear!

  46. Andrew White
    12th March 2009, 21:55

    Has anybody had any experiences of Woodcote A?

    I’ve just bought a last-minute ticket for that grandstand after my original plan to go to Valencia fell through. It was the only decent seat left really.

    Thanks :)

  47. Anyone know, given past experience, how soon before the race weekend, we can expect our tickets for Silverstone? Thanks

    1. I think we usually get ours about a month before. It has been as late as two weeks before though.

    2. I got my tickets yesterday via first-class delivery. If you ordered more than about a week ago and you haven’t got your tickets by, say, Wednesday, I suggest you ring the circuit to find out what’s going on.

      If you ordered tickets more recently, it may be slightly longer while the circuit sorts through the vast number of tickets it needs to send out. Even then, expect tickets by the end of next week.

  48. Hi, I’ll be going to Silverstone for the first time (for quali’s saturday ’09). It’s general admission, so where is the best spot to head for??

    Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.

    1. Maggots/Becketts section is good for general admission. Reckon the GA there is better than the grandstand – its a lot closer! And near Club is my favourite place to watch from geberally, we usually find ourselves there for qualifying, and its where our race seats are as well this year. Luffield sections will have a good atmosphere – especially if there is a last dash for pole – was really good sat there the other year when Jenson was going for pole (was the year of single lap qualifying both on the saturday, and they thought it was going to rain, so a whole bunch of them went slowest in the first session so they would be first out in the second – Jenson didnt so he was last to run for pole – was ace!) and he had the fastest two first sector times – he didnt quite get it in the end, but the cheering and all that was real fun!

  49. I will be attending my first GP this year and we have tickets for Luffield A, which seems to get mixed reviews.

    Can anyone provide some advice on camping, I was looking to book into Whittlebury park but they only have lakeside plots left, is it still worth camping there? The other concern is Whittlebury park is the opposite side to Luffield and I know its quite a race to get the best spots on race day, should I consider another campsite. Im looking for good atmosphere, clean toilets and showers, and bands n beers.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Litchlake Farm Campsite is right by Luffield entrance – we have camped there fore the last five years. It is rather expensive at £20 per person per night, but would be extremely convenient for Luffield. Best to be there by Thursday evening-ish as its first come first served – we arrive on Wednesday afternoon and are among the first there – we like to guarantee a nice short walk and a nice flat pitch – some of them can be on a bit of a slope – not really a huge slope though, but its annoying in a tent! the atmosphere is good there, its right next to the fun fair thing, with the beer tent and music and all that – so good if you dont mind a bit of noise late into the evening – you just hop over the fence to get to that. And there are enough toilets and showers not to be a major problem, although the later on in the weekend it gets, the higher the chance of them being a little cold and maybe muddy. (I’ve been relatively lucky, in all five years only had a cold shower once – so its not that bad!) I would recommend Litchlake – the only real downside is the cost unfortunately. It used to be £20 per car!

      1. could you tell me what the dress code is or is it just wear what you want going general admission for three nights camping at whittlebury park

  50. Hello All

    Really excited to be going this year to silverstone . i was thinking if i leave london around 5am it should be ok with no traffic . the when do the gates open ?


    1. nottherealthef1fanatic
      22nd May 2009, 20:15

      When I go to the grand prix i wake up at 4 and leave at around 4:30. The gates open at 5.

  51. Have got GA tickets for this years race. Am going to spend Friday wandering round the circuit getting some photos, will probably find somewhere to stay put on the saturday – any suggestions of good places?

    I’ve read elsewhere of people beginning to queue up outside the gates at 3am on race morning to ensure they get a good spot – is that really needed!?

    1. Hi Alex,

      I have found most places to stay in the local area get booked up months in advance, and can be very expensive.

      I am coming up from the south coast and staying over on Saturday night at a travel inn – only 19.50 for the night, with a 1 hour drive to the venue on race day.

      3am sounds a bit early, but if you want the best spots then you may well have to set your alarm for a very early start.

  52. I booked a hotel in April for the Saturday night as we’d be travelling from Norwich and I didn’t fancy a really early start then traffic near the event.
    We’re staying in the Toddington Travelodge on the M1. It was £76 for a double room for one night. A bit pricey, but it’s what you pay for convenience. This hotel is approximately 45 minutes away from Towcester. Travelodge have never let me down, all their hotels are pretty uniform and a good standard.

    1. I have some accommodation available in Towcester for the night if you are interested. It is a self contained double on suite.

      1. Tell me more please Grant..

  53. Thanks for the info. We’re booked into Whittlebury Park campsite next to the track. When I said saty put I put watch from the same place all day, rather than wander round. Sorry for the confusion!

    I’m still not sure of where is the best place to watch from with a general admission ticket, or what time we need to get into the track to get a good spot, so any info is much appreciated :-)

  54. Christopher
    19th May 2009, 14:31

    Does anyone know the easiest way to get from London to the track via public transport? Bus, train, doesn’t matter…flying into London & landing the morning of June 18, figure to make my way straight to the track. Thanks for any help…

  55. I have tickets to the British GP. Copse A Terrece.

    What sort of time would you recommend getting to the track on Sunday. Also, with these tickets, are you able to wonder around the track, so gage other views etc?

    We are stating at Hamilton Fields, which I believe is a 20 min walk from the Copse entrance. Anyone stayed there before?

  56. nottherealthef1fanatic
    22nd May 2009, 20:24

    I visited the F1 in 2008 and sat at Copse. I learnt two things. Firstly if you are going to Hinton in the Hedges park and ride, don’t go by junction eleven because that’s where all the traffic is, so take junction 10 instead. I did that last time (after getting lost) and saved me around twenty minutes. Secondly take your own chair because it saves you a lot of money (it costs £15). Finally get there early otherwise you won’t get a good view.

    Copse has many TVs to watch and has banked viewing. It is very well signposted. However I’ve been told that Luffield is the best because it is a slow corner.

    There were many salon races, GP2 and historic car challenges. I didn’t like the weather but the food is very good value. It cost £100 for me which is not bad. However I am going this year and I am staying at a hotel and I have a three day ticket. It is much better value costing £200.

    1. no, get off at junction 11 but go via kings sutton ;)