Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Sixth win gives Nico Rosberg more victories than Keke

2014 Austrian Grand Prix stats and facts

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014Nico Rosberg’s Austrian Grand Prix victory means he has now won more races than his championship-winning father.

His Red Bull Ring victory was the sixth of his 155-race career, giving him one more than Keke Rosberg managed in his 114 starts.

The elder Rosberg can at least point out that he has a better win rate – and a world championship title. Though his son could equal both those achievements before the season is over.

The latest win for Rosberg saw the initiative swing towards him and away from his team mate Lewis Hamilton. Heading into the weekend Hamilton had the better average qualifying position and had led the most laps this year, but Rosberg surpassed him on both measures in Austria.

Rosberg also became the 11th diver in F1 history to score eight podium finishes in a row. The only drivers to do so without winning a world championship are Juan Pablo Montoya and Carlos Reutemann.

The all-time record is held by Rosberg’s former team mate Michael Schumacher, who reached 19. Rosberg is closer to beating his current team mate’s tally: Hamilton racked up nine in a row in his first nine F1 starts.

For the first time this season there was no Mercedes on the front row of the grid. Felipe Massa claimed his first pole position since the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix. It was the 16th of his career which puts him level with Kimi Raikkonen and Stirling Moss.

The last pole position for Williams was Pastor Maldonado’s at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix. With Valtteri Bottas joining Massa on the front row, it was the first time Williams had claimed the foremost spots on the grid since the 2003 German Grand Prix, when Juan Pablo Montoya took pole position ahead of Ralf Schumacher.

Mark Webber, Williams, Monaco, 2005Following his career-best qualifying performance Bottas went on to lead an F1 race for the first time and take his first podium finish. Massa came in fourth fourth, giving Williams their best two-car result since Nick Heidfeld and Mark Webber finished second and third at Monaco in 2005. Appropriately, Webber was on-hand to conduct the podium proceedings yesterday.

Remarkably, of the nine Finnish drivers to have competed in Formula One, Bottas is the seventh to score a podium finish. Raikkonen leads the way on 77 and Mika Hakkinen has 51. Keke Rosberg, Heikki Kovalainen, Mika Salo and JJ Lehto also add to Finland’s podium haul (Nico Rosberg races under a German licence). The only Finns who participated in F1 but never scored podiums are one-time race starter Leo Kinnunen and two-time non-qualifier Mikko Kozarowitzky.

While Williams are on the up, Sauber are enduring one of the worst spells in their history. They’ve failed to score for the last eight races in a row, which is their longest point-less streak since 1998. At that time they went from the Spanish to the Hungarian Grand Prix without a top-six points-scoring finish, but did pick up four sevenths, two eighths and two tenths, all of which would count for points today.

If Sauber fail to get a car in the top ten at Silverstone they will equal their longest ever point-less streak, which race for nine races between the 1995 European and 1996 San Marino Grands Prix.

In a largely forgettable home race for Red Bull, Daniil Kvyat of ‘junior team’ Toro Rosso at least managed to achieve his best qualifying position to date with seventh place.

A double retirement for Toro Rosso means they have the worst reliability rate so far this year. The STR9 has broken down eight times in races compared to Lotus’s seven.

F1’s return to the Red Bull Ring was the 26th world championship race held at the circuit which was originally called the Osterreichring, and subsequently the A1 Ring. In addition to the one-off race held at the Zeltweg aerodrome in 1964, this was Austria’s 27th round of the championship.

It also marked the 200th race start for Kimi Raikkonen . During that time he has won 20 races (10%), set 40 fastest laps (20%) and 16 pole positions (8%).

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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57 comments on “Sixth win gives Nico Rosberg more victories than Keke”

  1. I believe this is the first time in 2014 that a race was won by the championship leader at the time.

    1. Also – the first time in 2014 that someone other than Mercedes or Red Bull qualified in the top three (Bottas started the Bahrain GP from third, but only after Ricciardo’s penalty).

      1. Also first front row without either a Red Bull or Merc since Brazil 2012, a span of 28 races.

    2. And first time since 1961 that the first 4 cars were part owned by the same man.

  2. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
    23rd June 2014, 12:49

    Why was DRS enabled lap 5 yesterday rather than lap 3? That must be a first.

    1. I noticed that too, was wondering the same thing

      1. I doubt it was, just that the on screen message was delayed, it sometimes is, to a varying degree.

    2. Because Vet was in one of the DRS zones going slowly I’d guess.

    3. I think it was already deployed, and then there was a yellow flag, maybe they took drs off accidently like thinking it was a safety car, or maybe the tv just had a delay.

  3. It’s a bit of a null stat considering how the points system has changed in recent years, but yesterday marked Williams’ largest points haul from a Grand Prix.

    3rd and 4th gave them 27 points, more than the 25 they got for winning in Spain 2012. And it’s obviously more than the pre-2010 points system could have ever offered.

  4. Massa and Bottas is the 11th williams teammates starting at least once in the first row

    since the German GP 2003 Williams did not start 1-2

    62nd pole position 1-2 for Williams

    first time the Austrian GP is carried out in June

    First pole for car # 19 since the Italian GP 1986

    five different drivers not led a race since the Spanish GP in 2013

    Force India surpassed sauber and became the team with the most points (423) without a single win in F1

    Massa on pole again after 94 races. this is the second longest interval between two poles.
    Fisichella has the most with 107 races

    the sum of drivers’ numbers who’ve been on the podium (6, 44, 77) is the highest since German GP 1952

    The Austrian GP is the first in the F1 history that has three races in a row with different scoring system. (2002, 2003, 2014)

    1. That last one is a brilliant stat!

      1. Actually not correct: 1959, 1960 and 1961 had each different scoring systems.

        1. @ bleu great observation.
          although the GP Austíaco not be the first a long time it did not happen

          1. @erivaldonin

            since the German GP 2003 Williams did not start 1-2
            Yes they did, I believe.

    2. Last fact very sad, because we have more fantastic old circuits. And Austria GP proved, that the old circiuts is better then 9 of 10 new “Tilkes” circiuts. Yet, Austria Gp is the most interesting races in this year. Adelaide, Donington, Brands Hatch, Fuji, Zandvoort, Imola, Magny-Cours, some circuit, which should be in f1 calendar.

      1. omarr-pepper
        24th June 2014, 0:52

        @vytis do you really miss Magny Cours? I remember it as a race where you could see half a race without overtaking, almost Monaco level.

      2. Funny, given that the Red Bull Ring was actually redesigned (in its A1-Ring incarnation) in 1996 by, yep, Hermann Tilke

  5. And with 62 front row lockouts, Williams equals McLaren’s record.

    1. No true , 63 front row for McLaren

    2. @kaiie .. and Williams drivers need at least two wins to get rid of Pastor Maldonado name in future stats and facts arcticle

  6. Sebastian retired in Round 8 for 3 times in a row
    2012 – Valencia
    2013 – Silverstone
    2014 – Austria

    1. That one’s interesting / curious!

      1. @bascb
        Another stat : When ever Rosberg won a Race Sebastian retired from that and when ever Sebastian is on Podium Rosberg finished P2

  7. Sergio Perez is third driver to record 1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest laps of his career for three different teams. Tony Brooks had them for Vanwall, Ferrari and BRM, Mario Andretti for Ferrari, Parnelli and Lotus while Perez had his for Sauber, McLaren and Force India.

  8. Every race that Mark Webber has turned up to this season, Sebastian Vettel has retired from the race.

    First time this season that just one McLaren has scored points and the first time that Kevin Magnussen has finished ahead of Button since Australia.

    In the 6 races that both Force Indias have been classified in, it’s 3-3 between the two drivers, but Hulkenberg has over twice the number of points.

    Raikkonen finished 10th twice in a row. It’s the first time he has done this and the first time since Germany/Hungary last year that he has finished two races consecutively in the same position.

    Pastor Maldonado elevates himself from bottom of the table with a twelfth place finish. He moves ahead of Gutierrez, Chilton and Kobayashi.

    Alonso, Hulkenberg and Rosberg continue their trend of scoring in every race. Rosberg is yet to finish outside of the top 2, Alonso out of the top 9 and Hulkenberg the top 10.

    1. @craig-o These stats really interest me but how do you know something like “Raikkonen finished 10th twice in a row. It’s the first time he has done this and the first time since Germany/Hungary last year that he has finished two races consecutively in the same position. “

      1. @xtwl I don’t know stuff like that off the top of my head, I have career results to hand to assist me for that.

        1. @craig-o Yeah but like you see Kimi finished tenth twice and you go like ‘hey maybe this is the first time ever’, look it up and write it here?

          Anyway, these are always fun to read.

          1. @xtwl Yep, occasionally on Twitter too.

  9. When Mark is on the track this year, Seb retires :D

    Also, is Massa’s gap between consecutive poles the biggest one? :)

    1. @sigman1998 Regarding Massa not as big as Fisichella.

  10. When was the last time no world champions in top 3 of qualifying?

    1. This race. :)

      1. I believe Ryan G was asking previous before that race, in which case answer should be Brazil 2010: Hülkenberg, Vettel (not champion yet) and Webber.

        1. And if we discount that as well (due to Vettel), Brazil 2009 is the previous one from that (Barrichello, Webber, Sutil making up the top three).

          1. Sutil might still win a championship though ;)

      2. Brazil 2010. At the time neither Vettel, Webber, nor Hulkenberg were champions.

    2. More interesting would be: what was the last time no world champion was on the podium?

      1. This almost happened this year in the Australian Grand Prix when ROS, RIC and MAG took podium (Incidentally, that was the only podium in which every podium driver’s teammate was a WDC while the driver himself was not a champion).

        But alas, RIC got disqualified.

      2. @austus
        2010 Malaysian Grand Prix in the recent times and its the only GP where top 5 doesn’t consist any WDC
        TOP 5
        Sebastian Vettel
        Mark Webber
        Nico Rosberg
        Robert Kubica
        Adrian Sutil

  11. In two consecutive races a German driver had his car on fire when leaving from his pit stop (2003 M. Schumacher [fuel], 2014 N. Rosberg [front right brake]).

    1. @lheela Umm…that was Lewis Hamilton’s car in this race.

      1. I was pretty shure it was Rosberg, just rewatched it and you are totally right. So then two consecutive races at the same track with a car on fire in the pits. :)

  12. This is the first race this season that Hamilton has failed to win through fault of his own.

    1. hmm interesting stat. although you could say brake issues prevented him from pushing at the end. but what about monaco? you could say a issue out of his hands robbed him of pole (and thus victory)

      1. Yep, seems Nico has the rub of the green at the moment. It can’t last for ever, but he is making mistakes. I am still mightily impressed with Nico though.

      2. I would dispute that Monaco was no fault of his own. Hamilton’s first qualifying lap in Q3 was slower than Rosberg’s. Yes, his second flier was impeded, but it would be wrong to say simply that it wasn’t within his power to take pole position that day. If he had nailed his first lap it would have been him on pole.

  13. Thanks to F1 Rejects, I found out that this was first race where no driver of “2010 new teams” never held last position of the race. Grosjean was last on lap 1, Vettel from 2 onwards until lap 34 (retirement). Gutierrez was last from that point to the finish.

    1. nice stat from them there!

    2. Does this mean they have graduated from being total rejects? :)

  14. Four different teams got the fastest lap in the last four races, before that it was all Mercedes

  15. A possible reason for Raikkonen not quitting yet – his career points total is 988.

    Alonso’s spell in the lead means that he has led at least 1 lap every year since 2003, and Ferrari have led at least 1 lap every year since 1993.

    And some from

    Williams scored the last pole at the Osterreichring, the first at the A-1 Ring, and the first at the Red Bull Ring.

    3rd time this year that Vettel has missed Q3 – 1 more than in 2010-2013 combined.

    First time since their return in 2010 that Mercedes have won a race in which neither of their cars started on pole.

    All-Mercedes top 4 – only previous occurrence was Britain 1955.

    3rd fastest lap for Perez and 3rd for Force India, but Perez’s first with Force India.

    First season in which Vettel has had 3 mechanical DNFs.

    1. Kimi really doesn’t care about statistics.

  16. Keke has always been a lucky champion, i cant think of many who won title with his talent. Ros is better than his dad thats for sure.

  17. Felipe wins pole for the first time since Brazil 2008, a span of 94 races in which he participated (102 if you include the races he missed in 2009). Is that the longest stint in history between poles?

    Only driver I can think of in recent memory that is close would be Michael Schumacher at the 2006 French Grand Prix and then 2012 Monaco (a string of 103 races)- which is double asterisked because he took three years off in the middle and he was demoted 5 grid places at at Monaco and didn’t officially start from pole.

    1. Nevermind, missed this already posted from @erivaldonin

      Massa on pole again after 94 races. this is the second longest interval between two poles. Fisichella has the most with 107 races

      I was thinking of Fisi’s Renault to Force India stint not being long enough rather than from his early Benetton days.

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